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AllPedal is a boutique guitar pedal brand born out of the renowned American manufacturer of guitar and bass drivers, Warehouse Guitar Speakers (WGS).

With a legacy spanning over 35 years, as well as using their technical expertise experience in circuit, product design and manufacturing as a contract manufacturer to other major pedal companies, the AllPedal brand represents WGS’s own entry into the world of effects pedals.

Priding itself on creating professional-grade gear that is handmade with care in the USA, AllPedal effects are designed to help guitar enthusiasts unleash their instruments’ full potential, while delivering top-notch tone and versatility. With great attention to detail, AllPedal takes particular care of their enclosure’s aesthetics with sophisticated, embossed artwork and anodized knobs being part of the branding.

Leading the pack, the brand has worked with genre defining metal player Jeff Loomis to create his Signature pedal – DEVIL’S TRIAD. This single pedal dishes up amp-tightening Overdrive to Distortion, paired with a high-gain Boost and a separately switchable Reverb and Delay Section that’s ready for any signal-routing situation.

The AllPedal range also includes the ALCMENE that offers Klon-Style Overdrive to Germanium distortion for clean to gritty tones, while the SLAMURAI delivers full-on Clean Boost to Amp-Like Overdrive and Crunch. In the realms of Fuzz, the brand offers the LOVE MACHINE, their tribute to vintage Fuzz with an octave up that drips chewy and organic fuzz tones.

But gain isn’t where it ends with AllPedal, their MACRODOSE takes envelope filtering to a whole new level. With 11 staggering wave shapes and envelope modes, tap tempo and clean blend, this psychedelic device is prepared to alter the minds of guitarists, bass players and synth wizards alike.

DEVIL’S TRIAD – Jeff Loomis Signature

Designed in collaboration with Jeff Loomis (from Nevermore and Arch Enemy) in order to be an all-in-one solution for his live and studio performances, the DEVIL’S TRIAD offers particularly crafted high-gain / lead toners which Jeff fine-tuned over his career. The DEVIL’S TRIAD is an overdrive / distortion pedal that features a boost, a delay and a reverb, as well as a complete routing system that can adapt to every configuration types, from beginners to professionals.

The DEVIL’S TRIAD is a power house of pedal tones in a single package, with the Drive section feeding into the Boost, which then cascades into Reverb and Delay.

To give you the most flexibility possible, the DEVIL’S TRIAD was designed with separate IN and OUT jacks for the Drive and Reverb/Delay sections. This allows routing the Reverb and Delay effects to your amplifiers effects loop while still allowing you to use the Drive and Boost to shape the tone and gain at the front end of your amplifier’s signal path – just like Jeff Loomis does – or in many other configurations!

SLAMURAI – Bushidō Drive

With the SLAMURAI, Allpedal have dug even further to unveil the potential of a pedal to replicate the natural overdrive of an amplifier. Extremely dynamic, responsive and harmonically rich, it produces a magnificently textured overdrive ranging from clean boost to modern drive.

It also boasts a highly tunable 3-band EQ section, designed specifically for guitar. With rugged construction, unparalleled touch sensitivity, amp-like dynamics, and versatile tone shaping onboard, the SLAMURAI will align your tone with the way of the warrior.

The SLAMURAI Parlor Edition was designed in collaboration with Parlor Beverages the leading root beer company in the music industry. Parlor Beverages is owned by Josh Balz(ex-Motionless in White, Strange Kids), and Aaron Bruch (Breaking Benjamin).

After two successful launches over the past couple of years as limited runs, we are proud to now be able to offer this pedal as a permanent fixture in our pedal lineup.

ALCMENE – Klon-Style Overdrive

Meet ALCMENE: a mini pedal loaded with all the authentic and famous qualities of the Klon Centaur, such as Germanium clipping diodes, gold plated circuit board, active treble control, buffer and more! Giving you more gain than the classic Klon pedal, ALCMENE will offer this sought after sound going from a light transparent overdrive to a full Germanium saturation for a more rock style.

According to Greek mythology, Zeus and Alcmene had an affair from which Heracles, the slayer of centaurs was born.

Staying true to form, we used only NOS 1N34A Germanium Clipping diodes in the circuit. Turn up the Gain and you turn up True Germanium Distortion!

MACRODOSE – Advanced Envelope Filter

The MACRODOSE is an envelope filter that digitally drives a purely analog circuit. With no less than 11 operation modes and 7 LFO shapes, it is capable of sculpting classic envelope filter sounds in great details, as well as creating limitless and original groove effects.

Created in collaboration with Brian Marshall of Subdecay, the MACRODOSE is your consciousness expanded. It’s an analog filter with digital control, BLEND and VOLUME, and limitless freedom to explore your mind. Includes auto-wah with selectable waveforms, sample/hold functions, step filter, random sample/hold, and even a pixelated filter function.

With MACRODOSE you can dial in just the right amount of mind-altering filter fun. It works with many instruments including electric guitar, synthesizers, and bass.

LOVE MACHINE – Octave-Up Fuzz

The Love Machine is Allpedal’s tribute to one of the most sought after, classic fuzz circuits from the rich tonal history of fuzz, in impeccable build quality. The Love Machine is dripping with vintage, chewy, organic fuzz tones, and a blendable octave up for cutting through the mix.

Audio Distribution Group is proud to be UK and Scandinavian distributor for Allpedal effects pedals.

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