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Caroline Guitar Company

Hand-made pedals from Columbia, SC

Insanely Inspiring Noise Toys and Ambient Devices

Caroline Guitar Company from Columbia, South Carolina USA is the sonic brain child of former pro-musician and certified gear head, Philippe Herndon.

Founded in 2010 to alleviate all of the pedal pain points that he experienced during his touring days, Philippe dares to dream differently to bring musicians the effects he wished he had when he played the big stages.

This sees his pedals perfectly merge his vast knowledge of classic tried-and-true circuit designs with his love for the unconventional and uncontrollable. Sounds that may scare others are usually where Philippe finds his biggest moments of inspiration, which is why you can always expect Caroline pedals to bring the unexpected… In the best way possible of course!

From their unique perspective on Delay and Reverb pedals, to a line of killer Fuzz, Distortions and Drive pedals if you’re looking for pedals that are as beautiful and unique on the inside as they are on the outside, then these mesmerising noise toys are an absolute must-have.

Reverb and Delay Pedals

Caroline Guitar Company’s Kilobyte Lo-Fi Delay and Météore Lo-Fi Reverb currently stand as two of the most exciting ambient devices on the market today.

Built around a delay chip commonly found in old karaoke machines and toy pianos from the 80s, the Kilobyte Lo-Fi Delay offers some of the most stunning delay tones ever heard. Warm, round and supremely lush analog-voiced delays envelope your notes. Now blend in some of the on-board modulation and analog overdrive and you’re suddenly in tape-delay land. And with the unique HAVOC switch, you can instantly send your delays into gorgeous and surprisingly musical self-oscillation on your command.

The Météore Lo-Fi Reverb is a one-of-kind reverb that seeks to emulate the wild and crashing ambience found in the tunnels of the French Metro line. Sure, you can get sweet and subtle spring-like tones, but blend in some of the analog distortion and crank the feedback, and you’re suddenly deep in the metro tunnels, right next to the high-speeding trains. And with the HAVOC switch you can create everything from subtle oscillating reverb pads to full-on ambient chaos.

Distortions, Drives and Fuzzes

Caroline Guitar Company don’t just make drive pedals, they make THE BEST drive pedals.

Go for the Haymaker and you’ll get a true do-it-all drive masterpiece. It holds everything from classic TS tones to Clean Boosts over Dumble-esque sounds and all the way to screaming and thrashing distortions and fuzz tones.

Go for the Shigeharu Fuzz and you’ll get one of the most versatile and perfectly voiced fuzz pedals on the market. Offering everything from old-school drive tones to high-gain Muff-style fuzz tones that’ll cut through a mix like a hot knife through butter, and momentary Octave-Fuzz and Kill-Switch possibilities, this truly is a fuzz unlike anything else available.

Finally there’s their mighty flagship distortion, the Wave Cannon MKII. Packing a wast gain range and a super sculptable EQ section, this red rocking beast can unleash everything from tight low-gain crunch tones to massive roaring fuzz-stortion. And when you hit that HAVOC switch? Oh, boy! A world of mind-bending and infinitely sustaining tones awaits. Truly in a league of its own.

Audio Distribution Group is proud be to be responsible for sales management in the UK, Italy, Germany and Scandinavia for Caroline Guitar Company and are pleased to help support and bring the brand to market under our Strategic Alliance with Filling Distribution.