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Mechanisms of Music

launchpads for sonic exploration and aural innovation

Catalinbread Mechanisms of Music from Portland, Oregon USA, exists in order to make an impact on the world by manifesting truly remarkably musical devices.

The late Nicholas Harris founded the brand in 2003 due to his profound love for guitar tones and deep desire to earn a living by following his own paths and callings. Now spearheaded by a creativity-centric group of individuals who share a deep mutual appreciation of music, Catalinbread has over 200 years of combined experience creating, appreciating, and living music and come together everyday in order to make an impact on the world by creating and delivering remarkably musical devices.

Sadly, Nicholas died far too early in March 2016, but his wishes of “I just wanna make cool stuff” and the torch is being continued by the family and company with this award winning line of desirable effect pedals.

From the Dirty Little Secret MK3 overdrive, to the Belle Epoch stunning recreation of a classic tape echo-delay, each Catalinbread pedal is a device that not only can enhance a musician’s performance but also can turn off their mind, inviting us all to surrender to wherever creativity takes them.

Reverb and Delay Pedals

Catalinbread have specialized in perfectly recreating the most iconic delay and reverb units known to mankind.

Hence you’ll find the legendary tape delay tones of the Maestro Echoplex in their Belle Epoch and Belle Epoch Deluxe, and the sweet, swirling drum-delays of the Binson Echorec in their EchoRec Delay. Their Adineko Delay distills the haunting and murky oil-can delays of yesteryear, whereas the Talisman Reverb takes on the famous studio plate reverbs of the EMT140 and the Topanga Reverb nails the dripping wet ambience of a classic spring tank reverb.

But Catalinbread also have their own unique delay designs for the true sonic experimentalists out there. The CSIDMAN recreates the glitchy, stuttery delays of a skipping CD whereas the Bicycle Delay is probably best described as a sonic LSD trip with its pitch-shifting echoes that slowly spirals into new psychedelic otherworldly textures never heard before.

Modulation FX

Catalinbread also go all in when it comes to recreating those vintage modulation tones that we all know and love.

Their Valcoder Tremolo serves up classic Valco-style amp tremolo that stays completely true to the gritty and percussive nature of this much sought after sound. This lets you yield everything from warm and clean pulses to choppy square-wave tones and edge-of-breakup crunch.

The super unique Zero Point Flanger is the only Flanger pedal in existence that perfectly captures the wild and unpredictable sound of real-time reel-to-reel tape flange manipulation, letting you instantly manipulate the flange effect with its intuitive two-button design.

Finally there’s the Callisto Chorus/Vibrato, which offers up 100% analog bucket-brigade modulation tones. Warm, present and shimmery chorus tones to wild and warbly true-pitch vibrato effects that are chock-full of character, the Callisto and its intuitive control set lets you cop your favorite modulation tones from the 80s in an instant.

Distortions, Drives and Fuzzes

Catalinbread’s first pedal was the Super Chili Picoso Booster, and since its release back in 2003, the company’s dirt development has gone into serious overdrive (pun very much intended).

Looking for classic amp and artist tones? Catalinbread’s got you covered with the touch-responsive tweed drive tones of the Formula No.55, the ripping and raunchy Marshall distortion of the Dirty Little Secret as well as iconic Iommi Laney-tones from the Sabbra Cadabra, soaring Brian May VOX-sounds with the Galileo and punchy Jimmy Page Hiwatt-tones from the RAH.

Wanna get fuzzy? Then Catalinbread can serve up classic Tone Bender and Rat tones with the Katzenkönig and legendary Harmonic Percolater dirt with the Karma Suture, as well as transport your sound to otherworldly drive dimensions with the one-of-a-kind distortion/tremolo/space-dolphin device, the Antichthon.

So whether you want vintage, modern or futuristic dirt tones, Catalinbread is the place to go.

Audio Distribution Group is proud be to be responsible for sales management in Germany, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Finland for Catalinbread and are pleased to help support and bring the brand to this market under our Strategic Alliance with Filling Distribution.

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