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Daredevil Pedals

From Chicago, IL, USA

Versatile, hand-made effects pedals

Hailing from Chicago Illinois, Daredevil was founded by guitar player and builder Johnny Wator in 2012.

With necessity being the mother of all invention, this statement also rings true for Daredevil Pedals. The brand’s genesis was in Johnny’s touring, recording and spending his last pennies on strings and more gear than he could fit in his apartment. When unable to find a pedal that gave him the tone he desired, he started ripping apart circuits and turned his quest for tone into a new-found obsession.

Daredevil Pedals are 100% built by hand in Chicago, IL. Inspired by vintage circuits from the 60s and 70s and themed after muscle cars and rock ’n roll, almost all Daredevil Pedals are circuits of original design. Based on classic tones, these pedals have been nurtured from sonic ideas into finished products, all while striving to recreate the legendary tones of yesteryear for the modern age.

Ranging from great Fuzzes, Overdrives and Distortions, as well as Filter effects and Delay, Daredevil Pedal’s approach has resulted in a deep range of affordable hand-built effects that sound great and are made to inspire.

Latest Daredevil News

Announcing exclusive European and UK Distribution of Daredevil Pedals - Handmade Effects Pedals

Announcing exclusive European and UK Distribution of Daredevil Pedals – Handmade Effects Pedals

Audio Distribution Group announces the addition of Daredevil Pedals to their catalogue of distributed products and launch of the Daredevil Pedals ACES - Hybrid Amplifier ...

Overdrive and Distortion

Drive is where for most guitar players is where the bread and butter is and also where Daredevil Pedals feels right at home. From the vintage-inspired warm and bluesy full-stack crunch the Premium Transistor Overdrive offers to two flavours of Op-amp distortion found in the Drive-Bi that cover anything from medium to high gain amp-style drive. Daredevil’s got you covered.


When it comes to Fuzz, Daredevil Pedals are firmly rooted in the classics. With individual takes on legendary circuits like the Real Cool Fuzz that heavily moods the ear piercing treble of the Fuzzrite as well as original circuit designs such as the Northern Creeper which offers a solid all-around fuzz tone that’s balanced and sweet, yet gritty and offers loads of sustain, as well as the Almighty Bass – an original design aggressive but warm fuzz, not exclusively for the low registers – Daredevil offers tons of vintage tones with modern build quality.

On top of that, the Daisho – in collaboration with guitar legend Earl Slick – takes dynamic Octave Fuzz to the next level with an added optional noise gate for more clarity.

Boost and Preamp

In the early days of Boost, there was the Range Master treble boost that sweetened up dark british amps. Daredevil’s take on this legendary circuit – the Silver Solo – offers a stable, silicon version with even sharper bite and tighter low end.

Want it simpler? The Hype obliges – with a no-nonsense no-knob design this FET-based gain boost gives you a slightly coloured volume bump that’s bound to make your guitar solos better.

Wah and Filters

Many players use their wah as a static filter for landing that sweet, sweet squawky tone right at the wah-wah’s elusive sweet spot. But putting and keeping the foot treadle at just the right angle often is a pain in live settings. Daredevil ingenious take on this problem puts all that makes a wah great, makes it quieter and adds a gain boost and puts it into a pedal enclosure – with the Atomic Cocked.

It’s not an auto-wah, it’s not a dynamic touch wah – it is a variable sweep filter with a lot of gain on tap. If you are craving even more gain on your cocked wah sounds, the Cocked & Fearless delivers just that. Pairing the Atomic Cocked’s circuit with Daredevils very own Fearless dual distortion it gives you Marshall / Blackface Fender style gain.


When it comes to delay, the Princeton 2399 IC is a staple that the Bootleg Dirty Delay V2 takes to new unseen territory. If vintage lo-fi dirty tape machine tones are your thing – this is for you. Don’t expect pristine clarity, because Daredevil is all about good old home-grown driven fun. 

Daredevil Pedals

Audio Distribution Group is proud to be the exclusive UK and European distributor for Daredevil Pedals.

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