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Darkglass Electronics

Premium handmade bass gear

Designed, Engineered and manufactured in Finland

Today, you really can’t say ‘premium bass gear’ without mentioning ‘Darkglass Electronics‘ in the same sentence.

This is all due to founder Douglas Castro, his brilliant team and the hard work they’ve put in since 2011 to push the boundaries of the low-end to new soaring heights, with their extremely high-quality pedals, pre-amps and amplifiers.

What started out as a pursuit to make the pedals that could create the tones Castro had in his head, quickly morphed into a rapidly growing business, as bass players around the world began to hear about the powerful punchy tones that was coming out of the Darkglass factory in Helsinki, Finland.

The Microtubes series has set a new golden standard for what a great bass preamp pedal should sound like. From modern to vintage, all are available in multiple flavours to help you reach your own tone gains, including the latest Microtubes X series that splits the distortion into different frequency bands. While the Alpha·Omega series take the Darkglass concept even further, with probably the most flexible pedals among the Darkglass renowned designs. Along the way, Darkglass also have introduced the innovative Hyper Luminal compressor pedals.

Each pedal has successfully accomplished and exceeded its design goal, offering top-notch tube emulation, dynamic and expressive fuzz and transparent yet powerful compression.

However, the introduction of the Microtubes 900 bass amp really turned the world of bass on its head in 2016 with its sleek design, innovative features and supreme sound. This has been continued with the very latest models Microtubes 900 v2 and Alpha Omega 900, both offering so much more than mere upgrades. 

Rounding up the amplification range is the DN Series of stunning lightweight Bass Cabinets, so your carefully crafted tone can be felt and heard in the best way possible.

When you see the Darkglass creations you’ll be stunned by their beauty. When you hear them, you’ll be blown away by their earthshakingly awesome tones!


Headphone Amp and Cabinet Simulator

With a uniquely innovative approach, the Element incorporates cutting edge design and technology into a seemingly simple device. On the surface, this useful headphone amp is designed to handle the very core task of every musician – practice. But the Element goes much further than that, making it a crafted tool to expand your musical reach.

Inspired by the touch sensor technology used in our Hyper Luminal·Compressor, this non-conventional pedal is completely minimalistic with a plain surface and zero knobs. Element utilises three fully- tactile slider potentiometers, each with positioning LEDs. These not only render the Element visually appealing, it also makes it extremely intuitive to use.

Out of the box, Element offers a bank of 5 cabinet simulations and the ability to add many more through the Darkglass Suite, via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth. In addition to a continuously increasing database of Impulse Responses, the Darkglass Suite also has the potential to load any custom IR that you may have, from different sources. Plus, as time goes on, there will be future upgrades that further increases the functionality of the device.

Fully compatible with bass, electric guitars or indeed any kind of instrument, this headphone amplifier is the complete device for instrumentalists wanting/requiring silent practice at home or as the end of a pedalboard signal chain. You even can even hook it up to an amplifier output (with a separate load or speaker cabinet connected) and send the signal out to the PA or to recording systems via the XLR DI output.

Add in the latest Bluetooth A2DP technology to listen to backing tracks from your smartphone or tablet while playing, rehearsing or studying, two headphone outputs to allow interaction with other players and the Element becomes one of the most helpful tools you will have to help you make music!


Universal Tone-crafting Machines

Darkglass’ initial forays into the bass world revolved around a series of distortion and overdrive pedals under the Microtubes banner. Essentially there are two main analog designs that now constitute the cornerstone of the Darkglass range, in addition to an all new multiband distortion range with the new Microtubes X series.

The Vintage Microtubes is a tribute to some of the most legendary sounds in rock history, fitting four decades of legendary tones into a pedal that will easily fit in your gig bag. It provides warm tube-like tones, with a natural dynamic response to echo the sought-after organic compression of old tube amps and reel-to-reel tape machines. The Vintage Deluxe model keeps the same vibe, but adds a 4-band active EQ, parallel output and balanced line driver.

With the Microtubes B3K, Darkglass went for a grittier, sharper and more scooped overdrive tone more like a modern tube amplifier, all of which delivers defined and powerful saturation in an intuitive format. Microtubes B7K takes that powerful dynamic saturation circuit from the B3K and then adds a 4-band active EQ, parallel output and balanced line driver. The latest v2 versions of these now iconic pedals have essentially exactly the same vibe as the pedals that started it all, but with additional tone sculpting features for even greater versatility.

Both flavours of the classic Microtubes drive pedals are also available in Ultra variants that add a dedicated foot switch to engage the overdrive section independently, still allowing you to shape the tone of the bypassed signal so you can use either as a clean preamp. The Master volume controls the overall unit level, plus a three-way toggle switch gives even more control for each mid-range section. The latest Ultra versions add a dedicated headphone output and balanced direct output with switchable digital impulse-response cabinet emulation. This can be loaded and changed via USB with the free Darkglass suite software, making the pedals perfect for both studio and live use and takes your direct sound to a whole new level.

With the new Microtubes Xand Microtubes X7multiband pedals, Darkglass once again have reinvented bass distortion, which has always been a very challenging engineering endeavour, by developing unique solutions to the issue, but all in a compact format and just right for a pedalboard or any bass rig.

In order to achieve an even more punchy and aggressive distortion, that is also full and fat-sounding, you really need to balance two contradicting conditions. The tightness comes from attenuating bass frequencies before saturation, which will also result in a very thin signal, however boosting the lows can also result in additional, unwanted fuzz. To solve this paradox, audio engineers have been using multiband distortions in the studio for many years.

In the X series, the audio is split by two variable low-pass and high-pass filters at the very start of the signal chain. The high-pass signal (mostly the mid and treble tones) is distorted using CMOS circuitry, just like the other Microtubes pedal circuits. While the low pass-signal (all bass) is passed through. This lets the high frequencies be all crunch, attack and full of rich harmonics, while mixing back in the undistorted lows to add gargantuan size to the overall mix. The result is virtually unlimited fullness, size, aggression and definition, regardless of how old the strings are or even if the instrument is just boomy or thin sounding.

Whatever your taste or tone goals, the Darkglass Microtubes series are universal tone-crafting machines.

Alpha · Omega Series

The Beginning & The End

Besides being a great composer, producer and bassist, Jon Stockman from Australian rock band Karnivool, is well known at crafting some of the most devastating bass tones in the world. Darkglass got together with Jon in their Helsinki headquarters in 2015 and after endless tweaking and tens of prototypes, were finally proud to announce the brand’s first co-designed creation at NAMM 2017 – Alpha · Omega.

This pedal differed greatly from Darkglass’ previous Microtubes designs and two distinct and brand-new distortion engines were developed from the ground up specifically for it. Alpha is punchy, tight with a lot of definition, whereas Omega is just brutal and raw. The distortion is fully operational-amplifier based and the two distinct drive circuits can be selected or blended using the Mod knob. This unusual control, in conjunction the on-board 3 active band equalizer and toggle switches (to control the amount of bass (Growl) and high-mids (Bite) being saturated) makes for an incredibly versatile box of tricks to develop your own tone.

The Alpha•Omega Ultra takes this concept up a notch to the next level and beyond! By adding a six-band active graphic EQ, dedicated headphone output and a balanced direct output with switchable digital impulse-response cabinet emulation (which can be loaded and changed via USB with the free Darkglass suite software) all helps inmaking the pedal an incredibly complete tool for the modern bass player, live or in the studio.

While Alpha • Omicron delivers the same harmonically rich, varied textures that its bigger brothers can, but for those who just need the double distortion engine (Alpha and Omega) you can add this to your own rig, yet all at a fraction of the size and cost.

Whichever model fits your needs, the Alpha · Omega series are some of the most flexible pedals among Darkglass’ renowned designs.

Hyper Luminal · Hybrid Compressor

A new era in hybrid compression

Darkglass’ original and highly acclaimed Super Symmetry compressor pedal offered all the transparency and precision of a modern compressor, with the desirability of old classic designs and their inherent envelope effects. Sadly, due to component shortages, it has now had to be discontinued. However, Darkglass Electronics never sits still and the company has made it their mission to combine their analog expertise and signature sound with cutting-edge, digital technologies. Not to replace, but to enhance the sonic possibilities and intuitiveness of the next generation of Darkglass products.

The Hyper Luminal · Hybrid Compressor embodies this like no other pedal in the industry. By digitally modelling the side-chain circuits in some of the most legendary compressors in history, including their own, they were able to capture their essence and characteristic behaviour, all while keeping the completely pure and authentic analog signal path that Darkglass Electronics is rightly famous for.

Designed for both studio and live use, Hyper Luminal · Hybrid Compressor takes compression to a whole new (smoothed out) level.

Main Features

  • Hybrid Analog/Digital Compression
  • Pure Analog Signal Path with internal doubling of supply voltage to 18V for increased headroom
  • Blend control
  • Touch-Through metal sensors
  • 3 built in yet distinct modes of advanced modelled compression
  • Connect to your PC/Mac to edit and load more models via Micro-USB and free ‘Darkglass Suite’ software

Microtubes 900 v2 – Alpha·Omega 900

Be Heard

In 2016, Darkglass Electronics released their very first bass amplifier, the award winning Microtubes 900. An uncompromising model, incredibly versatile and unapologetically loud, its features and design embodied the Darkglass ethos like none of the brand’s previous products. Now with the launch of the Microtubes 900 v2 and Alpha·Omega 900, Darkglass take their next steps in their bass amplification evolution.

Microtubes 900 v2 features both of Darkglass’ celebrated Microtubes engines. From the powerful dynamic saturation circuit from the B3K, to the classic overdriven tone from the Vintage Microtubes, clean, classic and metal tones are only a step away. While the Alpha·Omega 900 takes the drive circuit to a new dimension. Alpha is punchy, tight with a lot of definition, whereas Omega is simply brutal and raw, to make a monstrous 900-watt amplifier with earth-shattering tone.

Either of Darkglass’ signature drive engines add incredible girth and size to the overdriven signal, but the studio-grade VCA compressor adds an extra layer of control and the ultra-quiet 6-band graphic equalizer can help sculpt the tone from aggressive and overdriven, to crystal clear clean. Whatever your tone needs may be, both models feature all the options the modern, professional bassist needs in a compact, sleek and powerful format.

However, that’s not all. The MIDI programmability and impulse response cabinet simulation, with up to three different storable virtual cabinets, make the Microtubes 900 v2 and Alpha·Omega 900 not only most complete amplifiers for the touring musician, but combined with the auxiliary input and headphone output, the ideal tools for silent practicing too.

The included and matching Intelligent Footswitch is an intuitive yet versatile accessory with both models. One tap will engage and disengage either the Microtubes or Alpha·Omega engines, while holding for 3 seconds will Mute the amplifier.

However, the optional Super Intelligent Footswitch is the perfect match to allow for easy access to the wide tonal options each amplifier offers – all are just now a stomp away.

Both footswitches are connected to the head via nothing more than a standard 1/4″ cable and are powered by a microcontroller that sends commands to the head, using a proprietary communication protocol. No special cables are required, especially handy if you loose one at a gig!

Main Features

  • 900 W RMS Class D Power Output
  • Selectable anlog drive circuits: B3K and VMT (Microtubes 900 v2) or Alpha and Omega (Alpha·Omega 900)
  • Dual 1⁄4”/Speakon jacks
  • Dual XLR Out – Pre AND Post
  • Built-in Adjustable studio-grade VCA compression
  • Auxiliary In and Headphone Jack with separate volume control
  • Memory for 3 Impulse response via the Cab Select switch
  • MIDI for remote switching, configurable with the Darkglass Suite
  • USB connector to load IRs, MIDI learning and more
  • Ultra-quiet 6-band graphic EQ
  • 8/4/2 Ohm load compatible
  • Supplied with matching Intelligent Footswitch (Super Intelligent Footswitch sold separately)

DN Series

Lightweight Bass Cabinets

Historically, it has always been a battle when it comes to bass cabinets. On one hand, the modern musician wants them as lightweight as possible and on the other, they want the very best tone. Well that era of compromise is now over.

With the new range of DN Cabinets from Darkglass Electronics, flexibility, amazing tone, power-handling and portability give the best of both worlds – all in one product! The result also is the perfect match for Darkglass’ award-winning amplifier line.

Darkglass teamed up with driver experts Eminence® to make custom Neodymium speakers for this new series, providing the same massive and present tone, performance and reliability the brand is known for.

In addition, the cabinets are manufactured with Paulownia, a sustainable hardwood. This has the benefits of being lightweight, yet also is extremely strong. Plus, it has resonant qualities not found in simple basswood, as in many other competing cabs. It is a perfect wood for a super low-weight cabinet solution, while the Baltic Birch Front Baffle adds rigidity to your tone where it counts. Furthermore, cabinets are finished in a custom hard-wearing “carbon-fiber-style Tolex” covering, to not only carry on the distinctive Darkglass look, but take the rigours of the road for years to come.

But that’s not all! The range embodies four models 1×12, 2×10, 2×12 and 4×10. Plus, cabinets can be mixed and matched in either in the vertical or horizontal plane and stack with the other models in the range with ease for additional sonic possibilities and enhanced portability.

D410N Main Features

  • Lightweight 410 Bass Cabinet (22.20 kg)
  • Custom 10” Eminence Neodymium speakers, with 1” Horn Compression Driver
  • Dual Parallel Speakon/1/4” Combo Connectors
  • Custom Crossover @ 2 kHz
  • HF-Control (L-Pad) – allows you to tame the HF to taste
  • Baltic Birch Front Baffle
  • Modern look, with hard-wearing ‘carbon-fibre-style Tolex’ finish and removable cloth grill
  • 1000w RMS Power Handling
  • 4 Ohm Impedance

D212N Main Features

  • Lightweight 212 Bass Cabinet (19.70 kg)
  • Custom 12” Eminence Neodymium speakers, with 1” Horn Compression Driver
  • Dual Parallel Speakon/1/4” Combo Connectors
  • Custom Crossover @ 2 kHz
  • HF-Control (L-Pad) – allows you to tame the HF to taste
  • Baltic Birch Front Baffle
  • Modern look, with hard-wearing ‘carbon-fibre-style Tolex’ finish and removable cloth grill
  • 1000w RMS Power Handling
  • 4 Ohm Impedance

D210N Main Features

  • Lightweight 210 Bass Cabinet (12.2 kg)
  • Custom 10” Eminence Neodymium speakers, with 1” Horn Compression Driver
  • Feet on bottom and side for horizontal or vertical stacking
  • Dual Parallel Speakon/1/4” Combo Connectors
  • Custom Crossover @ 2 kHz
  • HF-Control (L-Pad) – allows you to tame the HF to taste
  • Baltic Birch Front Baffle
  • Modern look, with hard-wearing ‘carbon-fibre-style Tolex’ finish and removable cloth grill
  • 500w RMS Power Handling
  • 8 Ohm Impedance

D112N Main Features

  • Lightweight 112 Bass Cabinet (12.50 kg)
  • Custom 12” Eminence Neodymium speaker, with 1” Horn Compression Driver
  • Dual Parallel Speakon/1/4” Combo Connectors
  • Custom Crossover @ 2 kHz
  • HF-Control (L-Pad) – allows you to tame the HF to taste
  • Baltic Birch Front Baffle
  • Modern look, with hard-wearing ‘carbon-fibre-style Tolex’ finish and removable cloth grill
  • 500w RMS Power Handling
  • 8 Ohm Impedance

Darkglass Electronics

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