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Fairfield Circuitry from Hull, Quebec in Canada are responsible for making some of the most unique pedals currently on the market.

Made by hand in their small-batch shop since 2008, Fairfield have sought to create left-field effects for truly creative people since day one. Hence their beautiful creations are as elaborate and rainbow-coloured on the inside as they’re simple and rugged on the outside.

From the beautiful and organic runaway Meet Maude delay that’ll bring tons of texture to your sound, to other-worldly fuzz generators and other noise machines, Fairfield does it all as long as it can infuse some drama into your tone.

The proof to this is that they actually went ahead and created a Ring Modulator that’s an absolute pleasure and inspiration to play. Just plug in their Randy’s Revenge and get ready to fall in love with this otherwise historically unfriendly effect.

So if you like to find the bright beauty hidden inside the weird and wonderful, then Fairfield Circuitry will fit right into your setup.

Meet Maude Delay

Imparting a dark and tape-like quality to your sound, this analog delay pedal offers a rich and distinct character for you to wallow in luxury, self-righteousness and filth.

Using the tone and feedback controls, you can shape your repeats to be much more than simple reproductions of the input. Play right on the threshold of feedback, which you can mould as a low thundering growl or screeching wail, or let your echo slowly die out as the dynamic output filter gets darker every repeat.

A random delay time modulation adds a true tape feel to the delay, like a reel-to-reel motor spinning not quite perfectly. Full CV capabilities allow you to control delay time and/or feedback with any external source, like an expression pedal.

Modulation FX

Fairfield Circuitry currently have two of the worlds most interesting modulation effects on the market.

Randy’s Revenge is the Ring Modulator that will convert the Ring Mod naysayers to believers. Its stunning all-analog design serves up everything from lush swaying tremolo and vibe, to glitchy, lo-fi synth-like effects and all the way to the classic bell-like tones and gnarly tuned intervals that you usually code together with Ring Mods. Yes, it can be frantic and out of control, but only if you want it. Finally a Ring Modulator that can be tamed and find a purpose in any genre.

Shallow Water K-Field Modulator is unlike any chorus/vibrato you’ve ever heard before. Its unique K-Field design uses shifting delay lines to recreate the random unpredictable pitch fluctuations, and grainy lo-fi sounds normally associated with old tapes and vinyls that are beginning to get bent out of shape. So if you want to stray from the beaten path of clean and pristine 80s modulation, and instead seek to shoot some serious character into your modulated tones, then the Shallow Water is the perfect place to dip your toes.

Distortions, Drives, Fuzzes and Compression

Fairfield Circuitry aren’t just providers of scratchy and warbly lo-fi tones. They also make some of the most harmonically rich Overdrives and Fuzz pedals out there, alongside a truly special and compact compressor.

The Barbershop Drive was one of Fairfield’s first pedals and with its gorgeous and rich transparent overdrive tones it still stands as one of the top pedals in the Fairfield lineup. It actually sounds so good that they’ve made an always-on version of it, the Modéle B. Why bypass anything that just makes your tone better?

The Accountant Compressor, although diminutive in size, delivers an abundance of sounds. From clean boost to subtle always-on compression and all the way to ultra-squishy, almost imploding, comp tones, this is one tiny tonal giant!

On the fuzzy side of the line there’s the sputtery and gated insanity of The Unpleasant Surprise, which will appeal to all the dirty experimentalists out there, and the Four Eyes Crossover Fuzz, which is hands-down one of the most versatile all-purpose fuzz pedals currently on the market.

Audio Distribution Group is proud be to be responsible for sales management in the UK, Italy, Germany and Scandinavia for Fairfield Circuitry and are pleased to help support and bring the brand to market under our Strategic Alliance with Filling Distribution.