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Rev Up Your Tone

GTC Sound Innovations is currently one of the most ambitious group of people in the music industry today. Based in Haifa, Israel, and spearheaded by passionate pro musicians and engineers, GTC’s vision for the future of music started to unfurl back in 2008 when the foundation for what was to become the REVPAD was put in place.

Mixing widely used touch technology with beautifully crafted effects algorithms, the REVPAD ushers in a new era for the musicians who like to use effects as a vehicle for their creativity. Easily attached to a guitar, or any instrument for that matter, the REVPAD gives players the ability to seamlessly and wirelessly activate, blend or momentarily trigger the built-in effects as well as external effect units in and out of the mix, creating an all new creative environment and way for musicians to express themselves with their instrument.

Where other multi-fx units like to claim that they’ll take your sound to the next level, the REVPAD is currently the only effects unit in existence that will truly take your performance and sound there – and beyond!

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Rev Up Your Tone

You say you want a revolution. Well, it’s here!

Containing a plethora of timeless tones, limitless creative potential and complete wireless control, the REVPAD is the epitome of the word GAME CHANGER.

Instantly go from wailing walls of distortion to beautiful atmospheric ambience with a single tap on the touchpad, or gradually fade effects in and out of the mix with a swift swipe… OR momentarily trigger unique Freeze, Arpeggiator and Harmonizer effects, plus a ton of other futuristic tones with a simple pad press, and blow peoples minds mid-note.

With the REVPAD you truly have the whole sonic world in your hands!

The REVPAD system consists of a base unit, which performs the sound processing and a control unit that wirelessly communicates with the base acting as a remote control with its touchpad and 3 control buttons.

• Innovative wireless touchpad-controlled multi-fx unit – unleash your creativity anywhere on stage

• Over 30 different effect types to choose from

• Up to 8 simultaneous effects per preset with 200 presets available

• Analog drive, distortion and fuzz – warm, organic tones with unprecedented digital control

• Expression out and MIDI – for wireless control of 3rd party pedals and software

• High headroom – works with any instrument

• Rechargable wireless unit easy to attach to any instrument

• Super intuitive to use – ready to rock straight out of the box

FX on steroids – and then some

The REVPAD base unit contains more than 30 effect types ranging from classic bread-and-butter effects like delay, reverb, wah, chorus, flanger to super-innovative and never-heard-before effects like EZ-Tap and EZ-Arp that makes it easier than ever before to reproduce perfectly in key synth arpeggios and blazing tapped guitar lines. The REVPAD also has the fastest activated wah in the word. You can play a wah riff for a fraction of a second and then seamlessly activate simultaneously both the wah and whammy effects or any other effects in your sonic arsenal.

On top, the unit sports an all-analog drive section, letting musicians get all the warm and harmonically rich saturated drive, distortion and fuzz tones their hearts could possibly desire, with more on-the-fly control than ever before.

Most players have their own existing gear such as stomp boxes, pedals, MIDI devices or VST plugins. We appreciate that each musician has their irreplaceable favourite effects units than can make a crucial part of their tone. This is why we have designed the REVPAD to easily integrate with your complete audio environment whether it’s a pedal-board, computer VST plugins or MIDI devices etc. via the integrated loop. You can either place REVPAD in your pedal board in a standard serial connection just like any other pedal, but the cool thing is that you can hook up your effects to the REVPAD base unit’s external connection/loop and have a wireless and much more flexible control over your pedal board and sound processing.

All of these effects can then be put together in whatever order you like and can be activated, bypassed or smoothly faded in and out of the mix via the touchpad. The touchpad can also act as an expression unit, letting you seamlessly increase speed, depth, feedback or whatever you like of any given effect in the unit. Plus, with the innovative expression output and its extensive MIDI capabilities, you can easily implement and control external pedals and VST software you already own, seeing your old gear gain new life.

Wireless control sets you free from the floor

What sets REVPAD apart from all other FX on the market, is its rechargeable wireless controller. This really is a total game-changer and totally addictive once you’ve tried it! The controller simply attaches to your guitar/bass or any other amplified instrument with the supplied non-surface-damaging self-adhesive fasteners and helps you get ready to unleash creativity you didn’t even know you had in you, no matter where you find yourself on stage.

The beauty of this product is in its intuitive nature. There are loads of cool things that can be done with the REVPAD without any effort or practice, but this is a bottomless-pit-tool and one that will inspire any creative guitarist to come up with crazy new sounds and playing techniques.

Imagine triggering a loop from your DAW while cross fading between clean and distortion with just one tap or swipe? The possibilities are endless!

Easy Fix and Charge

The package comes with 3 sets of super-slim (0.6 mm) hook/loop fastener dots that stick on your instrument wherever you wish, which are then easily removed if needed. The REVPAD controller attaches to the dots firmly enough to endure even the most vigorous live performances and is still easy to remove as required. Your guitar stays clean and unharmed, regardless of the finish used.

If you lose your pad or have more instruments, you can also purchase optional additional REVPAD controllers. The base unit can have unlimited controllers paired, with one active at a time.

Also included is a USB cable that connects the REVPAD controller to the base unit. When connected it operates as both a charger as well as a direct interface to the base unit. Battery life depends on usage, but you should get at least a minimum of 3 hours constant use without taking your fingers off the controller, which, unless you are wearing platform shoes and playing funky disco style wah-wah all night (even if that is your thing, who are we to judge) is very unlikely.

Recharges are speedy, but there is also the option of staying connected via USB, when wireless control is not a necessity, such as recording in the studio or simply practicing at home.

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