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Reverb, Chorus, Delay and Cab Sim of the highest standard

Neunaber Audio Effects is a family-run company from Orange, California started by Brian Neunaber in 2009. The brand designs and manufactures effects pedals for the discerning musician with simple yet surprisingly versatile and beautiful sounding reverb and chorus pedals.

Previously the DSP Architect at QSC Audio, Brian Neunaber has been designing audio products professionally since 1994. While at QSC, he helped to develop and implement several key processing technologies found in QSC’s K Series and other products. Prior to QSC Brian designed effects processors and a digital modelling guitar amplifier for St. Louis Music, who marketed products under the Crate and Ampeg brands.

Today Neunaber state they are not a mass-producer, nor do they see themselves as “boutique”, however the company strives to practice the best from each approach preferring to remain small and agile and designing using modern assembly techniques for maximum value and consistency using the best parts and practices, but only when it results in a noticeable improvement in sound, appearance, or longevity.

With such well received and desirable pedals like the Immerse reverb, the Expanse and Elements series that includes the Wet reverb, Chroma Chorus and the Echelon Echo, to the Iconoclast Speaker Emulator, Neunaber believe that making great products is the best marketing strategy and they rely primarily on happy customers to spread the word.

Expanse and Elements series

Neunaber’s Elements Series contains the beautiful-sounding plug-and-play pedals that started the Neunaber legacy.

The stunning and widely renowned WET Reverb, its angelic ambient brother the Seraphim Shimmer Reverb, the lush and wide tones of the Chroma Chorus and the divine delays of the Echelon Echo all offer unique sonic soundscapes for you to play with.

On the other hand, the Expanse Series is a direct digital portal to all of the iconic Neunaber algorithms and adds a ton of new algorithms as well to the party. This lets you load whatever sound you want into these blank-canvas-pedals.

Want that classic WET Reverb? You got it! Or how about a lush Tri-Chorus? Or maybe a Tremolo, Flanger or Phaser? It’s all there and then some and all easily ported to the pedal via the free Expanse Editor.

Plus, with the separate EXP controller, these pedals are quickly turned into tiny but powerful 8 preset multi-fx units that’ll take any pedalboard to next level.

Immerse Reverberator Pedal

The Immerse Reverberator houses eight stellar stereo reverbs — Wet, hall, plate & spring reverbs, two shimmers, Wet+echo, and Wet+detune. Each effect has been painstakingly crafted: there are no fillers here.

Delivering unrivaled sound quality and no-nonsense flexibility in a compact footprint, the Immerse can be used with instruments of all stripes.

  • Five controls: Effect Select, Effect Level, Reverb Depth, Tone (or Echo Time), Effect Adjust (depends on effect)
  • High-quality buffered bypass with external Trails switch
  • External Kill Dry switch for parallel effect loops
  • Inputs/outputs can be used mono or stereo
  • Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency
  • Small footprint
  • Requires standard 9V or 12V PSU
  • Designed and manufactured in California USA

Iconoclast Speaker Emulator

Iconoclast dynamically shapes your tone as a speaker cabinet would yet outputs directly to headphones, powered speakers, a mixer or recording interface. When paired with the drive pedal or preamp of your choice, Iconoclast delivers consistent amp tone at any volume—and in virtually any setting—often without needing to bring anything more than your pedal board.

Intuitive controls make it easy to dial in a wide range of tones on-the-fly, whether or not you know anything about how different speaker cabs sound. The Low, Mid and High controls work pretty much like they appear. It doesn’t need to get any more complicated than this.

For you tone nerds, however, there’s a lot more going on under the hood:

  • Low adjusts the virtual cabinet type and size
  • Mid captures the speaker’s dynamic interaction with the amplifier
  • High shifts the frequency cut off, reproducing a wide range of speaker types

Iconoclast advances the state of the art in guitar cabinet emulation by using proprietary filters that parameterize the speaker cabinet response, allowing you to easily and intuitively dial in the sound you’ve been looking for. In addition to capturing both the reactive and resonant components of the speaker load response, Iconoclast emulates the dynamic response of a heated, hard-driven speaker. And it’s ultra-low latency (315 microseconds) preserves your rig’s feel.

Audio Distribution Group is proud be to be responsible for sales management in the UK, Scandinavia and Italy for Neunaber and are pleased to help support and bring the brand to these markets under our Strategic Alliance with Filling Distribution.

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