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Old Blood Noise Endeavors

From Oklahoma, U.S.A.

inspirational sounding reverb, delay, drive and modulation pedals

Based in Oklahoma U.S.A., Old Blood Noise Endeavors is a ground-breaking company established by Brady Smith and Seth McCarroll in a humble garage in 2014.

After spending some time working for and helping to build up other established pedal companies, including Walrus Audio and Keeley Electronics to name but two, they saw a need to go their own way, in order to make the effects and sounds that they could see and hear so vividly in their heads.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors vision is based on a fearlessly artistic take on effects pedals, which has managed to give them a unique position in an otherwise super-crowded marketplace.

Each pedal showcases the artwork of a local artist, so they look as good on the outside as they sound too. With this stunning visual presentation accompanying the spectacular and innovative sounds on the inside, OBNE have in just 4 years managed to create an immense catalogue of inspiring effects pedals that can be used for everything from standard pop/rock licks and indie riffs, to full on experimental textures and ambient mixes.

From the gorgeous textural echoes of their delays, to the dreamy stretchy and extra creative soundscapy reverbs , followed by a foundation of fuzz and dirt, rounded off by their unique modulation creations, there’s something there for everybody who wants to make their creative flame burn brighter than ever before!

Plus with a range of useful utility products Old Blood Noise is sure to find a spot on your pedalboard, no matter your style.

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Latest OBNE News

Old Blood Noise Endeavors launches Expression Ramper X3 and SCOOCH Tap Tempo

Old Blood Noise Endeavors launches Expression Ramper X3 and SCOOCH Tap Tempo

Complementing their range of affordable and high-quality utility pedals, Old Blood Noise Endeavors introduces two new devices to their Utility Series ...

Overdrive, Fuzz and Distortion

Fling dirt around your sound at heart’s content – the circuits Old Blood Noise Endeavors conjures up will make you feel pure love for grit and gnarl.

With fuzz tones ranging from restrained and nuanced to granular and biting gated saw sounds, Haunt summons up many textures and character traits of beastly fuzz

Its brother, the Alpha Haunt provides you with copious control, complete with 3-band EQ sliders. A uniquely versatile fuzz machine that bridges the dirt spectrum from open overdrives to squashed sputters – it’s all in there!

Fault V2 on the other hand breaks open the dirt below your feet. This stellar Overdrive/Distortion combo features a second gain stage along with slider EQ controls and a ‘Crush’ post EQ clipping stage to go from clean boost to all out distortion.

If this isn’t overly abundant mangling of tone enough for you, Excess V2 gives you everything you need – especially for your next ripping session in 1985 and beyond. Pairing High Gain Distortion with Delay-based Modulation section featuring a lush chorus and slap back delay, as well as harmonic fitfth pitch-shifting, all in a selectable series or parallel switching configuration.


You are looking for ambient sounds, aside from your run of the mill Spring Reverbs and Tape Echos? Oh boy, have Old Blood Noise Endeavors got you covered!

A reverb at its heart, the voice of the Dark Star Pad Reverb is mashed through additional ambient effects, creating long reverberated pads – it is the distant noises underneath the lead and the mood setter.

As an evolution on this concept, Sunlight Dynamic Freeze Reverb – the bright side of the force? – is an envelope triggered multi-mode reverb with the ability to dynamically freeze and sustain your notes forever, letting you create truly mesmerising sunlit soundscapes.

A strange mix of haunting reverb and three modulation settings, the Procession aims at inspiring something new, something fringe and something risky and is what we would use to create a science fiction soundtrack.

With the Black Fountain V3, Old Blood Noise Endeavors take their iconic oil-can delay emulation and greatly expand on it. Heavily increased delay time, Tap Tempo, subdivisions, programmable expression control and momentary infinite feedback, elevate this pedal’s warm and drippy vintage repeats.

Mondegreen is a digital delay, totally hellbent on giving you something different than what you feed into it. It’s delay, into modulation and we make no bones about it – it’s weird!

Inspired by the foundational features of OBNE’s last ambient smash-hit, the Rêver, Minim is set to instantly transport you even further to new atmospheric worlds, through its organic control set.


With some of the most inspiring modulation devices on the market, Old Blood Noise Endeavors walk a thin line apart from well-trodden paths.

Reflector V3 is a dense, lush chorus sliced and shifted at the flip of a toggle. This is a chorus with a bent, an ephemeral voice drifting between infinite aural dimensions. A filter, a pitch-shifter or a blissful reverb. 

Aiming to be something else, Flat Light explores choral pitch shifted flanging, from octave down to a shimmering octave up and all the odd nooks and double-tones in between. Cascading lines form a lush resonant modulation to reverb-like delays that turn a stereotypical jet plane flange into more of an exploratory space mission.

Dweller remembers and it remembers far too much. From familiar phase and vibe sounds to resonant random step filtering, warm delays, and previously unheard in-betweens, the Dweller is capable of countless sonic textures.

Constantly pulling, pushing, stretching and weaving in and out of each other, the sounds of the Visitor Parallel Multi Modulator are in constant flux, seamlessly moving from familiar modulated airwaves to clouds of irregular haunting motions. 

Combining a simple analog tremolo and a multi-shape digital tap tremolo, the Whitecap lets you find new asynchronously chopping, undulating textures by combining the two sounds in series or parallel.

Blackcap is like the Whitecap, but different. Retaining the analog tremolo side of the original, Blackcap takes the digital tap side into the realm of harmonic tremolo for a completely new aural experience.

Vocal Effects

Both a microphone audio workstation and a poetic tool, the MAW is a fully functional pedal for any application that involves a dynamic microphone. Featuring a high-quality microphone preamp fed into three foot-switchable effect engines and an effects loop for integrating your own favourite external effects.

Utility Devices

In their never-ending exploration of the morbid and weird tonal universe, many of Old Blood Noise Endeavors’ creations have been a discovery born out of necessity.

Split | Meld is a practical non-destructive way to manage parallel dual-mono and stereo signal paths as a routing solution that splits two sets of stereo TRS to dual mono TS signal paths (and vice versa), this little passive box of tricks is an ideal route for parallel signal paths in a myriad of creative ways.

Signal Blender is here to help with your signal flow and find new sounds, letting you be more original with your own tone. Use it in a variety of creative ways, like as a parallel effect blender, an active ABY in both directions, 3-to-1 mixer, 1-to-3 splitter, volume level setter and so much more.

Simplicity is the heart of innovation. This is exactly what the Expression Ramper from Old Blood Noise Endeavors offers – a super simple, yet highly innovative way to automate expression control, letting you conjure sounds you never thought possible from any pedal with an expression input.

While Expression Slider is a portable fader for use with any pedal or device that has a regular expression input. No power is needed, simply use a TRS cable to plug the Expression Slider into the Expression input and use the slider as you would a knob or expression pedal. 

Designed for their own OBNE demo boards, the Utility 1: Headphone Amp is every bedroom player’s dream – a high-quality way to not annoy those around them that just sounds great.

Their Utility 2: AB/Y Switcher is not magic, it’s not revolutionary – but a simple, yet reliable and compact tool that does what it says it does.

Adding the Utility 3: EQ + Buffer to your rig is no exception and will improve your tone if you use many instrument cables or have an otherworldly complex pedalboard, making sure your amp is getting hit with the right amount of signal. You’ve also got a foot-switchable Three-Band-Equalizer – two utilities in one package.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors

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