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“Made in Japan” and “Boutique” are not terms normally associated with each other, yet that is exactly what Providence combines in their broad line of pedals, cables and routing systems

Providence, who celebrates their 21st anniversary in 2017, states that their main goal is to create products that enable musicians to deliver their artistic vision and energy, without taking anything away from the focus of a performance.

Leading international artists and engineers are involved from initial development, right through to final evaluation, ensuring that each product not only delivers uncompromised performance, but also with a critical ear and attention paid to musicality – after all, the sound is what matters most.

From the the myriad of compact drive, delay and modulation pedal range, the line of professional cables to the series of audio-routers/switching/looper pedals available, all Providence products are created through years of painstaking research to provide first class solutions to those situations musicians, recording engineers and tour staff encounter in their work.

Professional Pedals

A combination of simple design and near-indestructible build quality (which is very important on the road) is what sets Providence pedals apart from a lot of the competition. However, it is always the sound the that matters and that is why so many professionals rely on the undeniably killer sound of Providence pedals in their set-ups.

A listen-and-play (you’ve got to experience it yourself) of pedals such as the Stampede Overdrive and Flame Drive should convince you.

But there are other gems in their catalogue, such as the smooth yet punchy Velvet Compressor, the sparkly and clean Chrono Delay to the now legendary Anadime Chorus, as used by guitarist royalty such as Guthrie Govan, Larry Carlton and Steve Lukather to name but a few.

Bass players are not left out either. With a number of pedals and preamps designed to not get in the way of a superior low end, all Providence effects pedals are created to provide solutions to situations musicians, recording engineers and tour staff encounter in their work.

Musicians often go to great lengths to archive a specific sound, combining multiple effects units and amplifiers in complex configurations in order to realise their artistic vision and Providence is a key part in helping many artists achieve their vision.

Professional Cables

Designed specifically to meet the needs of aspiring musicians and leading artists alike, both on stage and in the studio, Providence have developed a highly renowned range of cables where the brand’s know-how through extensive experience in the field, has been exhaustively and effectively applied.

Just as there are a wide variety of musical genres, each player has a unique personal sonic preference. Providence creates cables to meet the widest possible range of musical needs while continuously working on new technology and innovations that will forge the sounds of the future.

When developing a new cable, Providence always thoroughly tests a variety of plug and solder combinations and select the one that best suits the sound they are trying to achieve. Connector plating also affects the sound, so gold or nickel plating is selected according to the specific tonality they are aiming for.

Audio Routers

These days most creative players have a pedalboard, to be honest it’s hard to be a gigging guitarist or bass player without one. Unfortunately, the art of ‘tap-dancing’ on your pedals to get your next tone is still a problem a lot of musicians suffer with. So having a programmable audio router (looper/switcher) is the answer to a lot of performers pedalboard tap dancing fears.

Like all Providence products, the Providence range of Audio Routers focus on the three key elements to a musician’s gigging life. Durability, simplicity but most of all undisputed audio quality. You work hard on getting the best sound possible, so why sacrifice your tone with a router that has less than stellar performance?

The top of the line PEC-2 accommodates up to 8 effect units (5 series-connected loops and 3 separate loops) When a series loop is OFF the corresponding SEND output is muted so that no signal is sent to the connected effect unit. This eliminates the possibility of unwanted oscillation due to crosstalk when high-gain effects are used. The separate loops can be used as latched switches for amp channel switching and up to 84 on/off combinations of these 8 loops can be memorized and instantly recalled as required (7 programs x 12 banks) all via MIDI too.

For those with less complex set ups, then the PEC-4V has four programmable effect loops (3 series + 1 separate) plus 4x regulated DC 9V power connections in a compact unit. While the new BFX-1 Bass FX Console adds a 4 band EQ/preamp and a pro level DI output for more tonal versatility.

Both of these units enables selecting your favorite pedals with one action without interrupting technical performance. They also have built in Vitalizer circuits. This can solidify the relatively weak guitar or bass signal without changing the signal level, so that it is less susceptible to degradation.

Rounding out the range, are a selection simple but extremely high quality A/B, loop and true bypass Routing Boxes, all with the same top notch quality that is highly acclaimed by professional musicians worldwide.

Audio Distribution Group is proud be to be responsible for sales management in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Scandinavia and Italy for Providence and are pleased to help support and bring the brand to these markets under our Strategic Alliance with Filling Distribution.

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