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From Montreal, Canada

Innovative and versatile effects pedals

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, creator, designer and builder Greg Djerrahian founded SolidGoldFX in 2006.

The brand’s goal is to offer a sonic experience like no other, by blending the warmth and feel of Greg’s favourite vintage effects with the clarity, response and tone expected from modern day electronics.

Wanting to push the limits of pedal design, Greg has developed innovative new features such as introducing tap tempo controllers to help you redefine the boundaries of your music. These boxes aren’t toys, but powerful tools designed to inspire and create art. SolidGoldFX pedals are individually handmade, using nothing but the finest parts available and are rigorously tested using live (which means real world and LOUD) amplifiers.

The results of years of testing, tweaking and always wanting better tone, more definition, less noise and creating versatile products is what makes SolidGoldFX a real special gem in the pedal category. From ripping fuzz to earth-shaking filters to secret-tonal-weapon utilities, all SolidGoldFX pedals are built entirely in their Montreal workshop and are individually tested, inspected and approved by Greg himself before making their way onto your pedalboard.

76 Plus

Octa-Fuzz and Filter

Taking the deep love that SolidGoldFX has for vintage fuzz and futuristic filtered textures, the 76 Plus delivers it all in a killer yet compact package. Sporting a tweaked version of their gnarly 76 octa-fuzz on one side and a custom filter section on the other, the two blocks can be either used individually or stacked together for realms of ripping dirt tones, funky filter sounds or vast worlds of epic synth sounds.


  • Octa-Fuzz and Wah-like Filter in one pedal – can be used individually or together
  • 3 different Clipping and Color modes – for easy and precise tone sculpting
  • 9 different Filter types – from classic wah to synthy sequenced filters
  • Expression input – for hands-free control over the filter frequency or filter speed
  • Internal DIP switches – make the filter more resonant or more round
  • Made by hand in Montreal, Canada
  • Powered by 9V DC PSU (9V DC, centre -, 2.1mm, ~31mA current draw)

Let’s start with the basics. The 76 Plus takes inspiration from the lauded Univox Super Fuzz, Shin-Ei Companion and Ibanez Standard Fuzz pedals. It’s a powerful, cutting fuzz with a baked-in octave up that’s especially apparent the higher you go up the fretboard. Do you like fuzz? Then you’ll especially like this fuzz. Promise! Featuring a simple control set that consists of a Clip and Color toggle (to adjust the amount of high-frequency content and compression) and a Fuzz, Texture and Volume knob (to set the amount of dirt, output and mid frequency content) you’re always sure to find the right dirt sound for your mix.

 But what really makes this pedal special is the inclusion of an independent wah-like filter that’s as tasty as it is useable – yes, this is the elusive Plus part of the pedal. The filter section of the 76 Plus offers a mind-boggling number of ways to add movement to your sound via its Mode and Shape toggles, plus Level and Speed knobs. From smooth and vocal triangle waves, pulsating sawtooths to 2, 3 and 4-step synth-like sequences, it’s all there to take you from tried and true wah tones to synthesized sound excursions.  

76 Plus also features an expression input, which gives you hands-free control over the Filter section’s Speed dial. This enables you to either manually sweep the filter, for perfectly timed wah tones or manually increase the speed of the LFOs, seeing you pull unique rising and fall synth sequences out of thin air.

So whether you want to sonically transport yourself back to 1976 with a barrage of classic fuzz and wah sounds, or want to explore a deep suite of synthesized textures and tones, then the 76 Plus is there to keep your creativity firing on all cylinders from the second you plug into it.

Communication Breakdown

Dual Fuzz Machine

Sporting two different modernised takes on the legendary Tone Bender circuit in one box, Communication Breakdown is an unabashed sonic love letter to the glorious fuzz tones of yesteryear.

This pedal is ready to reveal the stairway to tone heaven through its wide gain range, intuitive tone controls and the ability to use the two channels individually or together. From clear and refined low-gain grime, crushing walls of sound to beautifully compressed and singing lead tones, Communication Breakdown is sure to bring all of the good times and none of the bad.


  • Two channel Fuzz pedal – inspired by the legendary fuzz tones of the 60s and 70s
  • Switchable fuzz circuits – Switch between Fuzz A and Fuzz B or stack them together
  • Bias control – regulate the voltage sent to the pedal for a wide tonal pallet
  • Input control – makes the pedal work with any Wah pedal in front of it
  • True bypass switching
  • Hand-made in Montreal, Canada
  • Powered by 9V DC PSU (9V DC, centre -, 2.1mm, ~10mA current draw)

With the Communication Breakdown you just won the fuzz lottery. Adding not one, but two amazing fuzz pedals to your collection, all in one compact box of gainy goodness. Fuzz A is born out of the fire and flames of the rare Tone Bender MK1.5, but brings it into the modern era by using hotter silicon transistors than the original. This results in a wide range of extremely powerful yet refined fuzz tones.

On the other hand, Fuzz B takes a page (see what we did there) from the book of the classic Tonebender MKII, and preserves everythinggood and great about that snarling, saturated and compressed box of fuzzy wonder. But as an extra bonus, SolidGoldFX added their ownJFET pre-amp to the equation in order to breathe more stability and tonal clarity into this legendary circuit.

But the really cool part is of course that you can use the two channels either individually or together, seeing you jump from a hairy rhythm tone to a soaring lead in seconds, or lets you sculpt unique dirt tone never heard before.

Each channel sports the same super intuitive controls, so you won’t be left dazed and confused exploring its vast fuzzy playground. Besides the ubiquitous Fuzz and Volume controls, both sides has its own Bias knob, which lets you vary the voltage sent to the circuits. Clock-wise will give you beefy and bold dirt tones, whereas counter-clockwise sees it unleash a more lean, choppy and gated fuzz tone.

In addition, you can further sculpt the overall tone of each side via the simple three-way Color toggles, for everything from bright and biting full-range tones to smooth and dark, while the Input toggles let you adjust the input attenuation of the pedal, making sure that it plays wellwith any wah you want to put in front of it.

So whether you’re a classic fuzz connoisseur looking to nail history defining dirt tones or simply searching for a versatile fuzz pedal to jump-start your creativity, then the Communication Breakdown is sure to deliver.

Audio Distribution Group is proud to be the UK and European distributor for SolidGoldFX.

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