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Innovative and versatile effects pedals

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, creator, designer and builder Greg Djerrahian founded SolidGoldFX in 2006.

The brand’s goal is to offer a sonic experience like no other, by blending the warmth and feel of Greg’s favourite vintage effects with the clarity, response and tone expected from modern day electronics.

Wanting to push the limits of pedal design, Greg has developed innovative new features such as introducing tap tempo controllers to help you redefine the boundaries of your music. These boxes aren’t toys, but powerful tools designed to inspire and create art. SolidGoldFX pedals are individually handmade, using nothing but the finest parts available and are rigorously tested using live (which means real world and LOUD) amplifiers.

The results of years of testing, tweaking and always wanting better tone, more definition, less noise and creating versatile products is what makes SolidGoldFX a real special gem in the pedal category. From ripping fuzz to earth-shaking filters to secret-tonal-weapon utilities, all SolidGoldFX pedals are built entirely in their Montreal workshop and are individually tested, inspected and approved by Greg himself before making their way onto your pedalboard.

Whether it is one of the range of Fuzzes, Overdrive, Delay and Reverb or Modulation & Filter devices, there is sure to be a SolidGoldFX pedal that will fit your board and add a unique, yet inspirational quality to your music!

Latest SGFX News

SolidGoldFX launches AURRAS - Optical Vibraphase

SolidGoldFX launches AURRAS – Optical Vibraphase

The AURRAS - Optical Vibraphase is a powerful 2-stage Phase Shifter effects pedal built around two micro processor-controlled opto-isolators, each with their own LFO for and adjustable Offset, for creating rich and lush liquid soundscapes ...


Home is where the fuzz is. That’s how the saying goes, right? Well, that’s definitely how it goes for the certified fuzz experts at SolidGoldFX who just keep finding new ways to make fuzz as fresh and exciting as the very day it was invented.

From the absolutely crushing octa-fuzz tones of the 76 Fuzz MKII (trust us when we say, this is the best octave fuzz ever made), the one-stomp solutions for legendary Hendrix or Zeppelin tones in the If 6 was 9 MKII and all the way to their recent endeavors into the world of synth-sounds with their 76 Plus Octave Fuzz & Filter. Imperial MKII provides vintage Muff-style gated fuzzy goodness with impeccable modern day manners and adds cool retro looks. LYSIS MKII pushes the envelope even further with a polyphonic octave fuzz and a sweeping modulated synth filter.

Whether you want tried and true classic dirt tones or are looking for a futuristic fuzz device to truly push your creativity to new places, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for among SolidGoldFX’s stellar selection of fuzz devices.


SolidGoldFX Commodore offers a fresh spin on an old-school heavyweight by mating a specially tuned, low to mid-gain BB style drive circuit with the super sculpting output section of their Imperial MkII. Carefully selected component values and asymmetric clipping offer an organic and natural sounding drive ranging from sweet and mellow to hot and spicy, while the Tone and Con-tour sliders allow you to dial in anything from black panel spank to Vox-ey chime and British growl.

Modulation & Filters

SolidGoldFX create some of the most warm and musical modulation devices and filters in the business.

The Supa Funk is pushing envelope filtering to a whole new level with dual blendable lowpass filters and a tuneable envelope generator, as well as selectable direction of the filter sweep an ultra-compact and intuitive envelope filter, giving you those instant fast funk vibes, as it delivers both classic quaky envelope filters as well as LFO-based sweeps for your psychedelic solo explorations.

While the latest otherworldly modulation device, the NU-33 Vinyl Engine has been masterfully spun and fine-tuned to provide lush warbly Chorus and Vibrato modulation, seasoned with stacks of lo-fi charm and switchable vinyl noise, crackle and pop, the Oblivion Quad Flanger boasts three modes and a whopping four individual offset modulating delay lines for massive swooshing tsunamis of ominous textures.

So, if you want to put some motion in your sonic ocean, then these beautiful modulation devices will definitely deliver.

Reverb & Delay

If you’re looking for ambience devices with a ridiculously inspiring and inviting vintage vibe, packed full of innovative features and topped off with an intuitive control set, then SolidGoldFX has you covered.

The EM-III Multi-Head Octave Echo stands out as a the smallest, most powerful and by far the most versatile SolidGoldFX delay pedal to date, serving up unbelievably gooey and warm repeats, while its Warp and Glitch Feature, make it perfect for everything from warm analog-voiced echos, precise and modern delay, as well as experimental and futuristic sound designs.

Not merely the companion reverb to their EM-III delay, the SGFX Ether – Modulated Reverberator is compact and packed to the brim with a myriad of options. In true SolidGoldFX-style, well-known features are put together in an intuitive, yet innovative way to give the resulting modulated reverb a unique twist. 

The Surf Rider IV beautifully captures the classic splashy spring tones of vintage amps, and combines it with a switchable boost for when you really want your drippy lead lines to stand out.  Jam-packed with 3 distinct expertly crafted spring tank emulations in compact enclosure and featuring expanded controls as well as the addition of adjustable flutter-style modulation and modern amenities, this latest iteration of SGFX’ classic pedal is more pedalboard-friendly and feature-laden than ever.

So don’t be afraid to dip your tones in these ambient waters – your inspiration will thank you immediately!

Audio Distribution Group is proud to be the UK and European distributor for SolidGoldFX.

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