Powerball EP645

High Gain Distortion

from ENGL

ENGL tube amplifiers easily represent the finest of European high-gain tone, delivering heavy sounds with definition and authoritative punch that studio players and top international touring guitarists rely on, night after night.

Based on the Lead2 channel of the Powerball II, ENGL’s most popular and iconic amp to date, the Powerball EP645 Pre-Amp Pedal is set to bring the same monstrously powerful and precise distortion tones directly to your pedalboard.

By meticulously recreating the gain stages, the Powerball pedal captures the true nuances of playing an actual Powerball amp – that wide gain range that goes from classic crunch to colossal earth-shaking chugs and epic screaming leads.

It retains all of the iconic gain character of the Powerball II, which is bold, saturated and raunchy, yet the pedal retains string clarity and dynamic articulation. But most importantly the feel is all there, delivering the same impeccable dynamic responsiveness as you would expect from a real tube amp.

On top of that, the pedal is equipped with a powerful 3-band active EQ, which lets you boost or cut your Bass, Mids and Treble with up to 7.5 dB, making the Powerball pedal a versatile sonic weapon for classic rockers, shred-heads, doomers or modern progressive metal masters alike.

All of this sonic fierceness is encapsulated inside a super compact and rugged enclosure with true bypass switching, zero loss reverse polarity protection circuit and a super handy second DC jack, which lets you power additional pedals via your Powerball EP645. All features that make the Powerball equally suited for the road or the home studio.


Main Features:

  • Recreation of the Powerball II Lead2 Channel in a pedal format •Wide gain range – from Crunch to blistering High-Gain
  • Active 3-band EQ – 7.5 dB Cut or Boost
  • 100% analog circuit
  • Zero loss reverse polarity protection circuit
  • Additional DC outlet socket – for flexible power distribution •True bypass switching
  • Made in Germany
  • Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU
    (centre -, 2.1 mm, ~18 mA current draw)

Available: Now


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is available through Audio Distribution Group in
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the UK