REVV Amplification launch G20 Lunchbox Amp

Jan 9, 2020 | Guitar Products, News

REVV Amplification is launching a new product today ahead of next week’s NAMM Show.

The G20 Lunchbox Amp will be on show on the REVV booth at NAMM (D5647) and will be shipping from Audio Distribution Group in February. 

Signature high gain in a
lunchbox head

Following on from the successful D20 launch in 2019, the world’s first amplifier to feature built in Two notes Torpedo cab simulation and switchable internal reactive load, meet the G20 – the next evolution of REVV’s lunchbox tube amp line.

The D20 became an instant hit with guitarists worldwide for its organic tone & ability to play, record, and perform direct without a cabinet.

But, REVV also heard guitarists loud & clear – you want signature REVV high gain in an affordable, compact, Torpedo-embedded head. It’s here.

Incorporating REVV’s signature clear high-gain tube-driven purple channel, with three Aggression levels and a wide switch to shape tone, G20 is a no-compromise solution for players who demand perfect tone every time. Plus, the ability to switch channel, voices and the Two notes settings via MIDI (or optional preset footswitch) makes this amp the complete rig to drop into any live or studio situation. 

G20 hosts the world’s finest virtual cabinets, virtual mics, speakers, EQ, and reverb wholly on-board for direct recording, silent playing with headphones and live performance to a front of house PA mix.  Plus, in reactive load direct mode, the “Pre/Post” switch selects whether the power amp is in the signal chain. This is so you can also take advantage of Two notes’ power amp simulations and dramatically change the character of the D20 with virtual tubes, such as EL84 etc., for even more tonal variation.

REVV set out to build an amp that not only has this new modern feature set, but still sounded incredible on its own as a standalone amplifier into a cab if the need arises. The 20w output plays well with a variety of cabinets, but can also be switched into a 4-watt mode – great for low-volume practicing.

The result is a complete amp package that is convenient, yet truly great sounding and all at a great price.




Main Features:

  • REVV’s signature clear high gain tube purple channel
  • Clean channel with shared EQ
  • 3-band EQ, Volume & Gain controls, 3 Aggression levels & wide switch to shape tone
  • Clean channel with shared EQ
  • 3-band EQ, Volume & Gain controls
  • All tube (2x 6V6 and 2x 12AX7) – switchable from 20 to 4 watts output
  • Embedded Two notes Torpedo Reactive Load & Virtual Cabinets/Mics/EQ/Reverb
  • Buffered Series FX Loop
  • Switchable 4/8 Ohm speaker jack
  • XLR Balanced DI, USB and Ground Lift
  • 6 Pre-Loaded Virtual Cabinets selectable via front knob – all customisable. 
  • Up to 128 Torpedo presets via MIDI
  • Reactive Load auto engages when speaker is not detected – preserves amp tubes
  • Headphone Out with adjustable level
  • Easily-accessible Rear-Bias test ports
  • Durable, lightweight aluminium ‘lunchbox style’ enclosure
  • High-Quality Transformers
  • Foldable carry handle
  • Includes carry case
  • Made in Canada

Available: February 2020


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REVV Amplification

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