REVV Amplification launches Pro Series Generator MK III Amps

Mar 15, 2021 | Guitar Products, News, Products

Pro Series Generator MKIII Amplifiers
All-Tube Amplifiers with World Class I.R. Loading Technology

With the release of the new MKIII models, the celebrated Pro Series of Generator amplifiers from Revv Amplification are now available worldwide. These new models are much more than just a simple upgrade, redefining these award-winning Canadian high-gain titans took 4 years of research and development, based on feedback from world-class touring artists, session guitarists and audio engineers.

Delivering on Revv Amplification’s mission for the ultimate guitar experience, the Generator MKIII Pro Series marries pure tonal excellence with the most complete amplifier experience available. MKIII also adds the world’s first stereo-out reactive load and impulse response amplifiers, powered by Two Notes Torpedo-embedded technology. This includes full stereo reverbs and a Twin Tracker stereo doubler, as well as near-infinite virtual cabinet and microphone combinations. All MKIII Pro amps also include a variable threshold noise gate and amp reverb which can be recalled (or totally bypassed) per channel, giving you perfect performance every time.

Pro Series Generator MK III Main Features:

  • High Gain, All-Tube design guitar amplifier heads
  • 120 (or 100) Watts output power, with 10 Watt settings
  • Multiple separate channels, with individual 3 band EQs 
  • Built in digital reverb and noise gate
  • Master volume (Foot switchable)
  • Internal Reactive Load – automatically engages when no cabinet is detected
  • Two Notes Torpedo Embedded with Stereo XLR Outputs and Bluetooth control via mobile App
  • Virtual Cabinet Selector
  • Headphone Output – for silent practicing
  • MIDI capabilities as well as CC control of all functions and OMNI functionality for easy MIDI programming control
  • Footswitches and Covers included
  • Illuminated colour changing acrylic badge and port to illuminate the badge in Revv’s Pro cabinets
  • Transparent serial effects loop
  • Handcrafted in Canada

Available: April 2021



The Generator 120 MKIII is Revv’s most complete amplifier experience available, providing everything from the most aggressive modern high gain, to organic touch-sensitive Nashville clean and crunch tones. Generator 100P MKIII is the Canadian, all-tube, metal guitarist’s dream, based on Revv’s Purple Channel sound famous with artists and engineers worldwide for its razor-sharp high gain clarity. While the Generator 100R MKIII features a totally-reworked high gain Red channel that is known for its thick saturation, perfect for everything from modern hard rock chugs, to touch-sensitive old school distortion.

Revv Amplification’s MKIII series not only brings an entire new class of amplifier to the table, but a new voice of high gain. Go direct to front of house or a recording interface via XLR with the world’s first stereo-out reactive load and impulse response amplifier. This includes near-infinite virtual cabinet and microphone combinations. You can even use the headphone outputs for silent practicing – a full real tube amp experience with absolutely no cabinet required!


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