About Us

Audio Distribution Group’s purpose is to serve as a Pan-European distributor of premium pro-audio and musician related equipment from one source in Europe, representing brands with potential to premium retailers and facilitators and bridging the gap between our markets and those brands.

Or as we like to say “Building Brands Together”.

Three partners (Bruce Davidson, Steve Russell and Peter Bager) founded the company in 2015 and drawing on their significant previous experience in many facets of the industry, all three partners have a clear vision for the company.

With a rapidly changing marketplace in Europe for both MI and Professional products, it has become evident that manufacturers and retailers require a more efficient flow of communication and harmonised distribution conditions across European territories. To this extent, the founders believe that their concept behind Audio Distribution Group makes perfect sense as sales structures, marketing campaigns and other related activities can be streamlined in such a way as to ensure the best possible customer experience for all parties across the continent and from a single source.

Previously, brands have had the option of either developing their own distribution model as a part of their business or choosing a mix of distributors who either covered one or a standard mix of countries.

We offer our brands an effective, efficient and reliable route to market in the EU. We seek to provide additional value to the standard distribution model and build strategic partnerships with both our associated brands, retailers and audio professionals across Europe.

Based in Denmark, but with staff based across the UK and Europe we maintain a strong focus on developing strategic partnerships and maximising efficiency, profitability and market share for both our dealers and brand partners.

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