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Red Panda Raster 2 - Pitch and Frequency Shifting Digital Delay - NOW SHIPPING!

Red Panda Raster 2 – Pitch and Frequency Shifting Digital Delay – NOW SHIPPING!

Initially previewed by the brand in 2020, Raster 2 is inspired by the magic of classic rack mount digital delay units. This update to the original Raster delay pedal adds even more new performance-friendly features ... Read More

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SolidGoldFX - Ether - Modulated Reverberator

SolidGoldFX launches Ether – Modulated Reverberator

Ether creates a dark cavernous realm full of endless shimmering trails or eerie reflections modulated by Vibrato, Tremolo and Harmonic-Tremolo ... Read More
EarthQuaker Devices - Hizumitas Banner

EarthQuaker Devices launch Hizumitas – Fuzz Sustainar

Hizumitas, a faithful recreation of the Elk BM Sustainar - a Japanese variant of the very well-known "Triangle" BMP - was designed for the one and only Wata from the legendary experimental band Boris, one of the heaviest bands ever to come out of Japan ... Read More
Nobels ODR-1 Ltd.

Nobels launches ODR-1Ltd. – Limited Edition Green Sparkle Natural Overdrive

This limited-edition of their highly sought-after pedal in a very special green sparkle finish, makes the pedal look as stunning as it sounds! ... Read More
Maxon OD-9 Blackdrive

Maxon launches OD-9 Blackdrive – Limited Edition Black Semi-Gloss Overdrive

With the OD-9 Blackdrive, Maxon offers the world-famous unique gain and natural overdrive from the analog circuit of the original Tube Screamer® design, 100% made in Japan, in a Limited Edition classy semi-gloss black enclosure made exclusively for the European market ... Read More
REVV Amplification launch G8 Noise Gate

REVV Amplification launch G8 Noise Gate

Revv G8 Noise GateHear the SilenceIntroducing the new Revv G8 Noise Gate. From slight noise cancellation to ultra-tight high gain, it’s never been more effortless to have fine-tune your sound.Completely natural, unaltered pick attack, separate Hold and Release controls for maximum decay shaping, and a transparent threshold that allows your ... Read More
SolidGoldFX launch Supa Funk - Envelope Bi-Filter

SolidGoldFX launch Supa Funk – Envelope Bi-Filter

Building on SGFX’s Funkzilla and Funk Lite, the new Supa Funk pushes envelope filtering to a whole new level with dual blendable low pass filters a tuneable envelope generator, as well as selectable direction of the filter sweep.  ... Read More
Red Panda

Announcing distribution of Red Panda in Scandinavia and Italy

We are extremely excited to announce that Audio Distribution Group has added another exciting brand to our portfolio, with ADG distributing Red Panda in several European countries ... Read More
CIOKS release Superpower Bundle

CIOKS release Superpower Bundle

Following the overwhelming response to their Future Power Generation DC7, as well as that of the CIOKS 8 Expander, CIOKS is releasing the Superpower Bundle, containing both these exceptional multi-outlet power supplies ... Read More