Announcing distribution of Hamstead Soundworks in mainland Europe

Apr 8, 2021 | ADG News, Bass Products, Guitar Products, News

Hamstead Soundworks
British Engineering meets Tone

Fusing the Obsession of Sound with British Electronic Design

We are very pleased to announce that Audio Distribution Group has added another exciting brand to our portfolio, with ADG now distributing Hamstead Soundworks in mainland Europe.

This well respected range of high-quality amplification and effects pedals is shipping from ADG shortly.


Hamstead Soundworks Launch PR


Established 2012 in Cambridgeshire in the UK, Hamstead Soundworks builds on the decades of experience of its founder Peter Hamstead. Peter brings a fresh approach to amps and pedals, having a background in avionics and radar, as well as many years in electronic design and development. His varied career boasts an impressive CV with projects ranging from audio switching systems to non-destructive testing equipment for the super­sonic airliner, Concorde.

Building their products in the UK, Hamstead Soundworks take great pride in their products’ quality and manufacturing precision. Their unique approach to amps and pedals – to design and engineer not for the sake of it, but because they believe there is to be a better way to do things – is reflected in each of their incredible creations.



Supremely Versatile Effects Pedals
All-analogue Design meets Modern Versatility

Hamstead Soundworks was born out of the fusion of two obsessions – electronic design and tone. On top of their all-tube amps and fantastic vintage-voiced cabinets, the brand offers a range of supremely versatile effects pedals that offer only the best tones.

Main Features:

  • Odyssey Intergalactic Driver – versatile analogue drive pedal
            Boost/Overdrive/Distortion and EQ with 3 clipping circuits
  • Subspace Intergalactic Driver – versatile analogue drive pedal
            As Odyssey, tuned for bass and low frequency guitars
  • Signature Tremolo MKII – ultimate analog tremolo pedal
            3 Waveform types, Wave-shaping and external Expression control
  • Zenith Amplitude Controller – EQ/Boost/Compression pedal
            All-analogue design under digital control
  • Top Mounted Jacks – for easy pedalboard integration
  • Meticulously hand-built in Cambridgeshire, UK

Available: Early April 2021


Amplifiers and Cabinets
The Ultimate Pedal Platforms

Heralded by many pro players and industry leaders alike as the ultimate pedal platform, Hamstead’s Artist Series tube amplifiers feature a single channel design. Their take on the iconic British sound of the 60s is enhanced by modern versatility and features for maximum tonal flexibility, without compromising on tonal quality.

The Artist 20+RT and Artist 60+RT series of amplifiers are available as either a combo with 12” Celestion drivers (the Artist 20+RT Combo with a UK G12H Anniversary speaker for the best all-round boutique tone, while the Artist 60+RT is fitted with Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speaker for warm midrange tones) or as a stand-alone head. In addition, two models of Hamstead Extension Cabinets are also available, making a complete rig to undoubtedly help players attain remarkable results.

Main Features:

  • Single Channel EL34 amplifiers
  • 20 or 60 Watt models, with additional low Power Modes
  • Incredible Versatility
  • Superb Pedal Platform
  • Signature Reverb & Tremolo Circuits
  • 4-Way Quad Footswitch Included
  • Available as Heads or 1×12” Combos
  • Matching 1×12” and 2×12” cabinets available
  • Meticulously hand-built in Cambridgeshire, UK

Available: Mid April 2021


Authorised ADG dealers can visit the ADG Hub dealer portal for additional information, product pictures, webtexts etc.

Audio Distribution Group is proud to be the distribution partner for Hamstead Engineering in mainland Europe.