Aston Microphones launch Aston Starlight and Aston Halo Shadow

Jan 19, 2017 | News

Aston Microphones has already proved that not only can a British team design some of the best microphones in the world, but they can build them in the UK and make them affordable for everyone too. Within the space of the company’s first year, the Aston brand has found global success from Europe, the USA to Japan and beyond and the Aston Origin (Cardioid LDC) and Spirit (Multi-Pattern LDC) have been nominated for numerous awards, including the prestigious 2017 NAMM TEC Award.


Aston Starlight

The first ever laser targeting pencil microphone, the Aston Starlight allows for recall of mic position in studio use and is incredibly quick and easy set up in live applications. The microphone also showcases Aston’s unique variable voice switching for sound contouring, nearly indestructible build quality, a signature sintered head and Aston’s, now famous, tumbled 100% stainless steel chassis.

The Starlight features a cardioid capsule and just like all Aston microphones, this was hand-picked by a panel of more than 50 top producers during double blind listening tests conducted during 2016. 

Aston StarlightMain Features:

  • Small Diaphragm Condenser cardioid microphone with gold-sputtered 20mm capsule
  • Unique laser-alignment sight for placement accuracy and recording recall, powered by 48V Phantom
  • 3-position Voicing (Vintage, Modern, Hybrid), Pad (-20dB/ -10dB/ 0dB) and 3-position Low-Cut Filter switches
  • Available as a Stereo Pair or Individual mics
  • Matched pair comes complete with Rycote full custom suspension cradle kitstereo mounting barwindscreen and mic clips
  • Rycote accessories available as optional SKUs (details TBA) 

Available: Now


Aston Halo Shadow

With its stunning design and sound performance, the purple Aston Halo has quickly become a ‘must have’ tool for professional recording artists and studios.

We are now proud to unveil the stunning new Aston Halo Shadow in an all black finish as an additional option.The award-winning Aston Halo reflection filter is a huge leap forward in reflection filter technology.

Originally Halo was available in the distinctive Aston purple colour that was designed to create a more ‘organic-feeling’ space for the performer to work with. The new Aston Halo Shadow is manufactured in an all black finish – same superb performance as Halo, but with a new look for those who want a more ‘moody’ space to work in. 

Main Features:

  • Hi Tech construction with patented PET felt
  • Patented British architectural design, enhanced performance
  • Radically improved Isolation
  • Hemispherical ‘360’ filtering (top and bottom – not just horizontally)
  • Much bigger surface area and depth of acoustic treatment
  • More linear absorption and diffusion
  • Incredibly Lightweight
  • Proprietary ‘easy-mount’ hardware 

Available: Now


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Aston Microphones

Audio Distribution Group is proud to be the Pan-Continental European distributor for this fabulous microphone brand.

(Germany, the Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg), Denmark, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, San Marino and Lichtenstein)