Audio Distribution Group takes on UK and European Distribution of Emma Electronic

Oct 13, 2016 | ADG News, Bass Products, Guitar Products, News

We have great pleasure in announcing that we’re now the official Pan-European distributor of Emma Electronic and their full range of fun and inspiring pedals.


Emma Electronic – Sonic Danish Dynamite

Since 2000 Emma Electronic’s founder, electronics engineer and owner of one of Denmark’s best music shops, Jan Behncke has been creating superb pedals for the true tone aficionados out there.

His first creation, the DiscumBOBulator still stands as the standard of reference within the auto-wah world. With its ultra-fast attack, plethora of smooth tones and wide frequency response, it’s perfect for lead-lines as well as chords and will sound beautiful on anything from guitar to bass to keys.

Riding on the back of the success of the DiscomBOBulator, Jan created the awesome TransMORGrifier compressor, plus a powerful line of amp-like drive and distortion pedals. From the versatile boost and crunchy drive tones of the OnoMATOpoeia and StinkBug to the righteous roar and heavy grind of the ReezaFRATzitz and PisdiYAUwot. The names may be hard to pronounce, but the organic tones are more than easy to love!

  • Makes one of the best, if not the best envelope filter pedal in the world
  • Broad range of amp-like drive and distortion pedals that just sound and feel right
  • High-Quality components and connectors
  • 9V operation (optional battery or regular PSU)
  • Top-mounted I/O
  • Handmade in Denmark


With Emma now being much more accessible in Europe, it means everyone can now put a piece of real sonic-dynamite on their board! These are Danish-made pedals, not only desirable but affordable too.

We at ADG are extremely pleased with this new partnership and can’t wait to give these amazing pedals the push across Europe that they deserve. Plus, knowing what Jan and the rest of the Emma team are currently working on, we’re very excited about the future ahead.


All emma electronics products are available and shipping now!


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