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Baum Guitars

Danish origin. Played worldwide.

High-quality Instruments for Connoisseurs

Baum is a Danish brand designing and manufacturing high-quality instruments in Aarhus, Denmark. 

Led by design and guitar connoisseurs, the Baum team design, and crafts a variety of guitars and basses rooted in Danish design and modern instrument crafts. The Baum signature is new, yet feels so familiar. 

Baum crafts custom instruments in their own workshop in Aarhus, Denmark. The Original Series and VEGA Series complement the Danish-made guitars and basses by offering more accessible and available Baum instruments designed by Morten Bau in Denmark and crafted in South Korea and Indonesia. Baum guitars come with the classic Baum proprietary elements: Goldsound pickups, Levitator Roller-bridge, and a Baum Modern C Neck.

Baum quantifies niche. The Danish way.  

The Original Series

The Original Series is designed in Aarhus, Denmark, and is intentionally envisioned to make you feel comfortably confident.

To us, a good design connects with you. It invites interaction. Design just matters. It’s all about getting the details right to start the conversation between the player and the instrument.

With The Original Series, Baum Guitars never compromise on the unique Baum features, classic tone woods, and high-grade components that make a Baum.

Each instrument comes with Baum’s own specially designed Goldsound pickups and Levitator roller bridge – only available in Baum instruments.

The Original Series strikes the balance of contemporary versus classic. By combining old-school familiarity with our Danish simplicity, our instruments are top-tailored for today’s players.


Iconic. Classic. Statement.

The Wingman is Baum’s new classic. With its contemporary edge, Danish design, and classic sound, the Wingman model is an incredibly versatile model.

The Danish design is simplistic and sophisticated at the same time and combines visual appeal and functionality into one special Wingman guitar. It invites you to play something new. Something you. The Wingman is different, yet so familiar. That’s a powerful statement and it’s the players’ best sidekick. Wherever the player goes, the Wingman follows.


Whole Lotta Attitude.

The Backwing is our nod to the classic bird, now in a well-balanced and sleek Danish design. Prepare for takeoff with this reverse-winged guitar. The Backwing is built for speed and attitude on stage.

It’s a high-performance rock machine that keeps you playing all night. Just let your fingers fly on the Backwing. Speedy. Substantial. Epic.

Conquer 59

Swooping curves, Simple forms.

The Conquer 59 is our classic offset model with a semi-hollow construction.

The guitar combines the Danish design approach to aesthetic curves and joyful effortless handling. Its sophisticated look makes it fun to rock and that invites you to keep playing and creating. It embraces the modern perception of playability and auditive artistry, so you can create captivating music, funky rhythm, or soulful leads.

Leaper Tone

Look sharp, sound great.

The Leaper Tone is a classic semi-hollow body guitar with a colorful note, airy sides, and solid core. It’s comfortable and stylish. Make your best impression on stage while the seamless comfort lets you focus completely on your music.

Rooted in 50s and 60s aesthetics with a touch of Danish simplicity, the Leaper Tone is a timeless guitar for today’s music.

Baum Guitars Logo

Audio Distribution Group is proud to handle the European, UK and US sales for Baum Guitars.

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