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Originally started as a boutique effects company in 2012, Dreadbox are known for insane engineering plus crazy coding out of their headquarters in Athens, Greece.

Dreadbox founders, Yiannis and Dimitra, were penniless amateur musicians at the time and therefore were led to experiment with DIY creations to build their own effects and later synthesizers.

Today, Dreadbox’s team of musicians, synthesizer enthusiasts, programmers and engineers design some of the most innovative, yet affordable, electronic musical devices on the market. With a highly skilled workforce, they craft, build and assemble all they create. From empty PCBs, to complete products everything is made in their Athens workshop with infinite love. Dreadbox’s core focus is on affordability and reliability. Each point of assembly also serves as a quality control checkpoint, so that the work of the previous stage is inspected. This way mistakes are minimized and only intact items will become a product.

The latest Dreadbox range of effect pedals takes the company back to their roots and follows their creators’ philosophy of only making products they like using themselves. These products are packed with innovative effects that are highly suitable for not just synthesizers but also for guitar, bass and other stringed instruments.

LETHARGY takes 8-Stage Phase Shifting to new heights (and lows) and the KOMOREBI provides true analog Bucket-Brigade Chorus and Flanging with a twist. The TREMINATOR brings VCA-based Tremolo in many wave shapes. For those hungry for grit and compression or synthy filtering, Dreadbox offer the KINEMATIC, which pairs a VCA-based compressor with an Envelope filter and the DISORDER, a pairing of Fuzz and an oscillating filter. The range is rounded off with two ambience powerhouses. DARKNESS offers superb true stereo reverberation, while RAINDROPS provides all the dreamy delayed and pitch-shifted soundscapes you can imagine.

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Stereo Reverb

Darkness is the deficiency or absence of light. I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness… Dreadbox DARKNESS is a Digital True Stereo Reverb effect pedal and it is a result of Dreadbox’ collaboration with Sinevibes. By combining two exquisite Sinevibes Algorithms, Dreadbox team took this even further by extending the code and making these suitable for use as an effect pedal. Dreadbox favours open architecture in most of their devices, so instead of having several switched algorithms, DARKNESS has a single versatile and flexible formula, that can create from Small and Smooth Reflections up to Huge Shimmering and Endless Reverbs. Technically, DARKNESS is a Granular Pitch Shifter, followed by the famous large Reverb found on the Typhon synthesizer and ending up to a gate generator. In addition to this, there is also a micro looper that can hold up 150ms of the input signal, in order to create a freeze effect. Experimenting is strongly suggested.


Oscillating Fuzz / Filter

“The disturbance in physical or mental health or functions. It could be defined as a set of problems, which result in causing significant difficulty, distress, impairment and/or suffering in a person’s daily life.”


Dreadbox DISORDER is a very aggressive fuzz pedal with a twist. It is equipped with a self-oscillating filter, that allows you to produce oscillating fuzz sounds.

Additionally it has a low pass and high pass filter, that makes it suitable for guitar and bass as well. Finally an envelope follower is also present, allowing you to create wah wah sounds.


Compressor / Filter

KINEMATIC is a Greek based word (Κίνημα), which describes motion – of points, bodies or systems of bodies, without the consideration of the forces that cause them to move.

Dreadbox KINEMATIC is a VCA based Compressor and an Envelope Filter effect pedal suitable for fretted instruments and synthesizers, with eurorack compatibility.


Chorus / Flanger

Komorebi is a japanese, untranslatable word, which eloquently captures the effect of sunlight streaming through the leaves of the trees.

Dreadbox Komorebi is a BBD Chorus Flanger effect pedal suitable for string instruments and synthesizers, which is also eurorack compatible.


8-Stage Phase Shifter

Lethargy derives from the greek word for forgetfulness, “Lethe”. It is a state of being drowsy and dull. The feeling of having little energy or of being unable or unwilling to do anything.

Dreadbox LETHARGY is an OTA based Phase Shifter effect pedal suitable for fretted instruments and synthesizers, with eurorack patch compatibility.


Stereo Delay

Dreadbox RAINDROPS is a Hybrid Delay/Pitch Shifter/Reverb pedal that takes the concept of short echos on a different level

It is equipped with multiple delay stages and different chips and you can choose between 3 different play modes, where in each one you can have a whole new experience and alternative soundscapes. You can achieve from simple short echos, to long, dirty and lo-fi delays and from simple pitch shifting bursts to extensively lasting reverbs.


Smashing Tremolo

Dreadbox TREMINATOR is based on the synthesizer’s last signal flow stage, called the VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier).

The Dreadbox development team took this simple circuit and adapted it to a really expressive effect pedal, which is combined with an LFO that is controlled by Envelope Generators.
Forget everything you knew about tremolos and prepare to be amazed…

Audio Distribution Group is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Dreadbox pedals across Europe (in the UK and all of the EU/EEA, excluding GR).

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