Death By Audio launches OCTAVE CLANG V2 – Fuzz and Octave Up

Mar 6, 2024 | Bass Products, Guitar Products, News, Products

Fuzz and Octave Up

The OCTAVE CLANG V2 is a pseudo-ring/distortion/noise/octave pedal that creates its unique sound from a specially sourced transformer and precision-matched diodes. This generates extremely rich harmonics and pure totally analog octave up.h

The octave effect is created by adding two out-of-phase half-wave rectified copies of your signal together.

This works well for single notes, but when complex chords and waveforms are presented to the circuit, it mangles and twists them in an organic and beautifully chaotic way.

Main Features:

  • Fuzz effects pedal with Octave-Up
  • Enhanced version 2 of Death By Audio’s OCTAVE CLANG circuit with switchable octave using specially sourced transformers and precision-matched diodes
  • Creates a unique pseudo-ring/distortion/noise/octave sound by adding two out-of-phase half-wave rectified copies of your signal together
  • Provides up to +39dB of gain
  • Powerful pre-gain tone circuit with tilt EQ.
  • Internal Bias control – allows misbiasing the distortion circuitry, for a rougher sound
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Top-mounted jacks for easy pedalboard mounting
  • Made in the USA
  • Powered by regular (opt.) 9 V DC PSU
          (centre -, 2.1 mm, ~10 mA current draw)

Available: Late march 2024



OCTAVE CLANG V2 provides up to 39dB of gain and features a powerful pre-gain tone circuit using a unique tilt EQ. Internally the pedal offers a Bias control that allows the distortion circuitry to be misbiased for an even rougher sound.

Use this pedal as a great distortion with the octave off, and then kick on the octave to bring down the house!


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