Dynaudio PRO launch LYD-48 – Three Way Studio Monitor

Jan 19, 2017 | News, Pro Audio Products

 set out to redefine the game of personal reference monitoring with the LYD range in 2016. Now the award-winning and review-topping range is expanded further with a brand-new 3-way studio monitor design. LYD-48 couples a 4” midrange and an 8” woofer with a 1” soft-dome tweeter, making the monitors well suited for nearfield as well as midfield monitor applications.

LYD-48 features custom hand-made and consistent legendary non-fatiguing Dynaudio drivers. Each driver is powered by a dedicated state-of-the-art Class D amplifier. This delivers 80W for the LF, 50W for the MF and 50W of power for the HF per monitor, with a 96kHz/24bit signal path and selectable input sensitivity, as well as a ‘Standby Mode’ to help cut down on power usage when the monitor is silent.
Dynaudio PRO LYD-48

Just like with the rest of the LYD series, a DSP used in just the right way allows the ‘Bass Extension’ option to extend or curtail the low frequency response by 10Hz where needed, while both ‘Position’ and ‘Sound Balance’ controls ensure the best possible performance for any environment.

The perfect choice for unrivalled accuracy at any volume, LYD 48 brings precision to passion, delivering all the power needed and at the right time.

Available in the sleek white and black design as with the rest of the LYD range, LYD-48 will also be available in a classic all-black version.


Main Features:

  • Handcrafted personal reference monitors
  • Tri-amped Class D speaker design (50/50/80w)
  • Bass Extension control – extends or curtails the low end frequency response
  • Position Mode control – better sound when monitors are placed close to a wall
  • Sound Balance control – influence the overall response of the speaker
  • Made in Denmark

Available: Late March 2017


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