Emma Electronic launches AmARHyll range of pedalboards

Oct 30, 2018 | Bass Products, Guitar Products, News

Since the turn of the millennium (that’s the year 2000 for you guys who like numbers) Emma Electronic out of Aarhus, Denmark have been making some of the most fun and awesome-sounding pedals known to musickind.

Emma’s founder, Jan Behncke just didn’t feel that any of the existing pedalboards on the market really offered a good enough solution to house and transport his own pedal collection or his own creations. Although there are indeed many options on sale today, many are inflexible, heavy and/or not built to withstand the rigours of transportation.

So, looking at the engineering challenge, Jan took it on himself to make the perfect modern pedalboard – something that looked elegant, all while being lightweight and sturdy, yet still flexible enough to serve musicians and their changing needs for a lifetime on the road.

The result? The super classy AmARHyll range of pedalboards. Originally sold only in kit form, now each board is fully assembled, comes with a durable lockable hardcase and is ready to be filled with pedals!

The line-up features 4 different sizes, AmARHyll 44, AmARHyll 61, AmARHyll 61 Deep and AmARHyll 76.
All sport a stylish minimalistic Scandinavian design and are built from high-quality powder-coated aluminium, which results in a highly roadworthy yet lightweight board. The boards angled designs leave ample room for even big and clunky power supplies underneath, so they don’t end up taking precious pedalboard real estate. On top of that, each board comes supplied with velcro, cable strips and a torx wrench to loosen/tighten the board’s tension should it be needed.


Main Features:

  • High-quality powder-coated lightweight aluminium pedalboards
  • Comes in four sizes (44, 61, 61 Deep and 76)
  • Classy Scandinavian design
  • Will easily house most power supplies underneath the board
  • Supplied with rugged, dual-lockable roadworthy cases

Available: Now



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Emma Electronic

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