Jackson Audio launches FUZZ Modular Fuzz with Octave and four Fuzz Replacement Plug-in Modules

Jan 15, 2021 | Guitar Products, News

Modular Fuzz Pedal with Octave
Replacement Fuzz Modules

The Jackson Audio FUZZ Modular Fuzz pedal takes faithful recreations of multiple historic and sought-after fuzz circuits, bringing them all together in a modular pedal format that allows you to create classic fuzz sounds, as well as new fuzz sounds for the modern age that would have been impossible with just the original circuits. With the FUZZ, the overall tone can be completely customised with analog plug-ins, turning the pedal into a whole new device with a simple and affordable swappable plug-in daughterboard. In addition, Jackson Audio designed the FUZZ with a 3 band, fully parametric EQ to give a more effective tone control than is found on any other fuzz pedal on the market today.

A good fuzz and a good octave pedal go hand in hand, so the FUZZ includes an outstanding switchable octave circuit that covers everything from perfectly pure octave up, to screaming splattering sonic mayhem. FUZZ’ octave circuit is the perfect marriage of vintage and modern thanks to its unique octave BLEND control.

Supplied with two analog plug-in boards – the MODERN FUZZ board (installed) gives a modern take on all that is good from a spluttery vintage pedal, while the FUZZ CLASSIC/VINTAGE board recreates the classic and loved ‘Fuzz Face’ tone. So right out of the box you have two completely different and versatile circuits to choose from.

In addition, Jackson Audio will offer a growing range of other analog plug-ins for the platform.

Right from the get go, the optional MODERN FUZZ DELUXE expands the stock module with additional clipping options, FUZZ CLASSIC/MODERN brings the classic ‘smiley face’ fuzz so beloved of later Hendrix tones, FUZZ PAGE MARK II recreates the classic ‘Tone Bender MKII’, while the GOAT HEAD brings the legendary ‘Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi’ to the platform.


Bring the legendary sound of fuzzes through the ages to your board and find YOUR exact tone, all in the one device!

Main Features:

  • Analog Octave Fuzz pedal
  • Unique modular and replaceable Fuzz plug-in concept
  • Installed MODERN FUZZ plug-in module – a modern take on all that is good from a spluttery vintage pedal
  • Additional included FUZZ CLASSIC/VINTAGE plug-in module – based on the classic Fuzz Face circuit
  • Separately switchable Octave circuit with Blend control
  • Other plug-in modules available for a world of fuzz tones
  • Active 3-band Parametric-EQ – for optimal tone shaping
  • Small footprint and top-mounted jacks – for ease of pedalboard mounting
  • Powered by 9 V DC PSU
            (centre -, 2.1mm, ~ 50 mA current draw)

Available: Mid January 2021



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