KMA Machines launch Cirrus – Spatial-Temporal Modifier

Sep 19, 2019 | Guitar Products, News

With KMA Machines’ first step into the fully digital realm, the brand didn’t just want to do a regular and run-of-the-mill type of product.  So, what KMA came up with is truly special and a game-changer in the combined reverb/delay pedal market.

Meet Cirrus Delay and Reverb, a versatile, dynamically modulated combined Delay and Reverb pedal that will forever change musicians’ perceptions of time and space. Both Reverb and Delay sides sport the most important regular controls you would expect, however with the modulation and pitch options and dynamic features on tap, creative players can truly find their own voice and all at a price that is hard to beat for the quality and flexibility on offer.

This little Spatial-Temporal Modifier gives you three different Delay AND Reverb modes, which all sport a special dynamic feature that is controlled by your picking attack. This enables you to create sounds that are certifiably out of this world!  To set the sensitivity of how the sound reacts, every section has its own sensitivity control. 

The different Delay and Reverb modes cover vastly different modulated areas. 

Modulated Delay Mode (MOD) fluctuates the Delay signal for a dynamic dancing tape echo-inspired modulation that’ll deliver everything from subtle sways, to crazy pitch-bends. The Sample & Hold Mode (S/H) adds a sequencer-like filter in front of the Delay line, perfect for synthy textures. Play softly for subtle filter action or hit it hard for more pronounced electro-vibes. The third Delay Mode (OCT) blends in a high octave as your notes decay for unique shimmery dimensions, shining through like tiny stars in the cloudy night sky.

Over to the Reverb section, Modulated Reverb Mode (MOD) will decorate your trails with silky smooth movement, whereas the two other Modes deliver either an opening Low-pass Filter (LP) or a closing High-pass Filter (HP). The harder you pick the more the Low-pass will open up and bring in those shimmering highs, as if you’re opening and closing portals to far away galaxies simply through your playing. Contrary to that, the closing High-pass will cut your lower frequencies when picking harder which will create cool lo-fi textures.

Engage Cirrus and ride the atmospheric high clouds. But be aware – there’s a big chance you’ll get lost in its stunning beauty for hours when up there!



Main Features:

  • Creative and inspiring Delay and Reverb pedal
  • Multiple and extensive independent modulation features:
       Reverb – Modulation, Low-pass and High-pass Filters
       Delay – S/H, Modulation and Octave
  • Reverb/Delay position order switch and individual mix controls
  • Tap Tempo with additional momentary switch options
  • Expression input
       allows selectable foot control of most Reverb and Delay tone shaping functions
  • FX Loop
    add additional pedals within the signal chain for a world of other spatial tones
  • Made by hand in Germany
  • Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU
    (9 V DC, centre -, 2.1 mm, ~220 mA current draw)

Available: Mid October 2019


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