KMA Machines launch Stokkur – Treble Booster

Nov 30, 2017 | Guitar Products, News

A Force of Nature

Iceland, a place full of myths, miracles and fairy tales. Mighty forces are hidden underneath the barren valley of Haukadalur. A geyser so graceful, that sees you stand still in awe of the pure power of nature. Its name is Strokkur, the namesake of KMA Machines’ Germanium Treble-to-full-range Booster.


Main Features:

  • Germanium Treble- to Full-Range Booster – Up to 17dB of boost
  • Uses NOS AC 125 transistor – true to the original Dallas Arbiter
  • Rangemaster design
  • Two-band EQ and Range knob – For sculpting your perfect boost tone
  • Internal 9V to -9V converter
  • Handmade in Berlin, Germany
  • Powered by 9V PSU
  • (9V DC, centre -, 2.1mm, ~3mA current draw)

Available: Now


Strokkur is KMA Machines’ inspired take on the iconic Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster. Well known for its power and exploding harmonics when pushing a tube amp on the edge of breakup, this pedal has helped shape and define legendary guitar tones throughout the ages. Now with Strokkur’s updated and refined feature-set, these tones are ready to rock and inspire a new generation of players.

Strokkur is equipped with hand-selected NOS AC125 Tungsram transistors in order to stay true to the power and tone of the original, all while standing out from other germanium treble boosters on the market with its additional RANGE control and its two-band EQ-Section. This allows players to perfectly sculpt their own boosted tone, so it’ll suit any amp, any instrument and any style!

With its RANGE control, you can dial in anything between the classic treble booster sound to a full range boost, giving you a meaty sound with tight low-mids. The BOOST control, although not in need of much explanation, is very powerful. Set it low and simply use Strokkur as a subtle tone shaper, or begin cranking it and hear your tone shoot and soar into Rock ‘N Roll heaven with its mighty 17dB of boost on tap.

KMA added a passive TREBLE and BASS control to fine-tune your sound. TREBLE tames the high frequencies and the transients (>2.4kHz) when the boost is fully cranked, which helps you to quickly find the sonic sweet spot in combination with your amp.

BASS helps to prevent overloading the amp by cutting lower frequencies (<240Hz), but leaves the low- mids untouched. Works especially well with humbucker guitars.

Unlike most germanium boosters on the market, Strokkur is fitted with an internal DC converter and hence works with every regular 9V DC supply without fuss.

So, plug in your guitar and feel the force of nature!


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