SolidGoldFX launches BETA-V – Bass Preamp with Drive

SFGX’s renowned and top-selling Beta architecture has been upgraded to deliver a much wider range of solid bass tones. With the new BETA-V and it’s three different low-pass filter settings, a completely reworked Drive section and an active post-gain 2-band EQ, this new compact pedal is a bass preamp with some serious kick.

Jackson Audio launches NEW WAVE – Stereo Analog Chorus

Developed in collaboration with Snarky Puppy guitarist Mark Lettery to create the upltimate Chorus Pedal, the NEW WAVE Stereo Analog Chorus/Vibrato offers real analog bucket-brigade chorus, vibrato and rotary speaker effects, precisely controlled by digital microprocessors complete with presets and digitally controlled LFO wave shapes as well as MIDI control and many other modern features.

Keeley Electronics launches Parallax – Spacial Generator

The Parallax offers the delay side of the legendary Caverns paired with unique Shoegaze inspired reverbs of the Realizer in one pedalboard friendly enclosure.
Three finely-tuned reverb effects for shoegaze and ambient guitarists who have already found their perfect drive or fuzz tone.
The Delay side of the Parallax offers three way switchable modulation that gives you access to even more analog textures.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors launches BL-44 – Variable-Clock Reverser

The BL-44 Reverse – Variable-Clock Reverser is a true reverse effect, based on the reverse section in OBNE’s popular minim. It will play back anything you play into it, but in reverse adding depth and harmony. Its immediate and tactile experience encourages experimentation to create anything from fast and fidelitous to slow and degraded reverse effects.