NOW SHIPPING: Peterson StroboPLUS HDC – Handheld Strobe Tuner and Metronome with Adjustable Color Display

Building on the success of their StroboPLUS HD, the StroboPLUS HDC is a stroboscopic multi-functional tuner, tone generator, metronome and timer equipped with a large high-definition colour adjustable display. Packed with countless features and tunings, this amazing tuner brings the unparalleled tuning accuracy Peterson is known for to a whole new level of useability.

For optimal protection on the road for the members of the StroboPLUS product family, Peterson also offers the separately available, hard-wearing StroboPLUS HD/HDC Carry Case.

KMA Machines launches GUARDIAN of the WURM – Metal Distortion with easy-to-use Noise Gate

Fusing together the latest powerful evolution of KMA’s highly regarded WURM Distortion circuit with an intuitive, yet versatile and ultra-fast Noise Gate, GUARDIAN of the WURM is the perfect metal monster. But through its highly tweakable control set, the pedal can be tamed to provide impeccable clarity to your riffs, making this the definitive dirt pedal for metal, prog-rock, shoegaze, indie and beyond.

Hamstead Soundworks launches Comet – Interstellar Driver

With an incredibly versatile tone shaping EQ and gain stage with switchable order, a simple control set, different voicing and clipping options – the Comet – Interstellar Driver provides Overdrive versatility, with its own voice. From a tone-enhancing ‘always on’ preamp, to boutique overdrive and all the way to rich, creamy fuzz tones, the design uses complex analogue engineering on the inside, to be simple and instinctive to use on the outside.