Old Blood Noise Endeavors launches BL-44 – Variable-Clock Reverser

The BL-44 Reverse – Variable-Clock Reverser is a true reverse effect, based on the reverse section in OBNE’s popular minim. It will play back anything you play into it, but in reverse adding depth and harmony. Its immediate and tactile experience encourages experimentation to create anything from fast and fidelitous to slow and degraded reverse effects.

Stringjoy launches RANGERS – Stainless Steel Roundwound Bass Strings

The RANGERS Stainless Steel Roundwound Bass Strings take all of Stringjoy’s experience gained from developing their Signatures Bass Strings and apply it to strings with stainless steel wrap wire, to give bass players the piano-like bass tone full of rich harmonics they have been craving. With a bright top end and full low end they are perfect for standing out in the mix.

SolidGoldFX launches 76 MKII – Multi-Voiced Silicon Octave-Up Fuzz

SolidGoldFX 76 MKIIMulti-Voiced Silicon Octave-Up FuzzWhile the Western world was preoccupied with smooth and soulful Fuzz Faces and Muffs, the Orient was bubbling up with gnarly mystical fuzzes, heavily imparted with earthshaking Godzilla DNA. This very distinct era...