Hamstead Soundworks launches Comet – Interstellar Driver

With an incredibly versatile tone shaping EQ and gain stage with switchable order, a simple control set, different voicing and clipping options – the Comet – Interstellar Driver provides Overdrive versatility, with its own voice. From a tone-enhancing ‘always on’ preamp, to boutique overdrive and all the way to rich, creamy fuzz tones, the design uses complex analogue engineering on the inside, to be simple and instinctive to use on the outside.

SolidGoldFX launches EM-III – Multi-Head Octave Echo

Building on SGFX’s Electroman Delay legacy, EM-III is the smallest, most powerful and by far the most versatile SolidGoldFX delay pedal to date. With itss wide-ranging yet ultra-intuitive control set, warm analog-voiced echoes, precise and modern delay, as well as experimental and futuristic sound designs, are all just a single stomp away.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors launches Expression Ramper – Parameter Mover

Wishing for a simple automated expression control device, OBNE has created their latest utility device, Expression Ramper. This new pedal allows you to pick two expression settings and move between them, either in one motion or as a continuous LFO activated by a footswitch. The mini enclosure size takes up minimal space, while creating new sounds out of any pedal with an expression input.