KMA Machines releases WURHM – Limited Edition HM Distortion

Calling a pedal legendary or a cult classic is often stretching the truth, but when it comes to the Boss HM-2 MIJ it’s just spot on. From its absolutely brutal and grinding distortion tones it birthed an entire metal genre, while its thick walls of gain and sustain also saw it solidify its place within shoegaze and prog rock. KMA have never tried to hide the fact that their WURM Distortion is their unabashed sonic love letter to this filthy box of doom and gloom, but taking it much further and pushing the envelope

Bergantino launches Forté D bass amplifier with BFT drive

Taking all that made the original, award-winning Forté bass amplifier such a well-defined tone champion, the Forté D adds Jim Bergantino’s Big Fat Tube (BFT) and Parallel Dynamic Circuity™ technologies and in the process moves this compact amp platform up a whole other notch.