Old Blood Noise Endeavors launches Expression Ramper X3 and SCOOCH Tap Tempo

May 9, 2024 | Bass Products, Guitar Products, News

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Utility Series:
Expression Tramper X3 and SCOOCH Tap Tempo

Complementing their range of affordable and high-quality utility pedals, Old Blood Noise Endeavors introduces two new stunning looking devices to their Utility Series.

Based on the Triple Expression Ramper (a very limited-edition run of simply putting three regular Expression Ramper pedals in a double-sized enclosure), OBNE has revisited the concept as a full-time product, while at the same enhancing the device with a host of new and creative features. This enables the manipulating multiple expression-enabled effects pedals simultaneously.

The Expression Ramper X3 is not just three Rampers in a single box, it introduces a plethora of additional controls for tempo syncing multiple Rampers, three new wave forms, on top of the ones available in the original Expression Ramper, as well as options for synchronisation of the different Ramper circuits in the pedal.

In addition, Old Blood Noise Endeavors is introducing the SCOOCH Tap Tempo, a deceptively simple, yet incredible useful external tap tempo switch. Not only a companion to the Expression Ramper X3. SCOOCH is compatible with OBNE’s Whitecap and Blackcap pedals, but also works with a wide variety of other devices, for Tap Tempo, Remote Switching or many other purposes.

With both pedals featuring artworks created by the OKC art duo Holey Kids, one half of which also works at the brand’s Oklahoma headquarters, they are perfectly dressed up to fit into the OBNE range of pedals.


Expression Ramper X3

Syncable Triple Expression Control with Presets

Expanding on the concept of our Expression Ramper, we present the Expression Ramper X3, an expression movement shaper capable of manipulating three expression jacks simultaneously with copious control.

This utility device brings new sounds out of your old favorites, reinvigorating the sonic possibilities of your collection.

The Expression Ramper X3’s allows you to set the shape of the LFO (the thing that determines the expression motion). There are three standard shapes (Triangle, Square and One Shot), and three random variations of those shapes.

Main Features:

  • Expression Control Pedal, with storable expression preset settings
  • 3 expression separately adjustable and syncable outputs to create footswitch activated motion on up to three external devices
  • Ramp between the two presets (A and B)
  • 3 new random shapes (Smooth, Sharp and 1 Shot) in addition to the classic shapes (Triangle, Square, and 1 Shot) for movement between settings
  • Ability to sync across all three Rampers, with subdivided rate or direct output matching
  • Tempo syncing via tap switch on the device, external tap switch, and tap out in order to sync multiple Expression Ramper X3s
  • Expression input for Ramper 1, allowing X3 to become a 1-in-3-out Expression splitter
  • Rate control, sets the speed of movement
  • Configurable EXP output (TRS, TRS reverse polarity or TS)
  • LED indicates which setting is currently active
  • Smart footswitching for momentary or latching operation
  • Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU
         (centre -, 2.1 mm, ~50 mA current draw)

Available: Now!


SCOOCH Tap Tempo

Tap Tempo Switch

SCOOCH is an external tap tempo footswitch designed for use with our Expression Ramper X3, Whitecap, and Blackcap.

Simply plug scooch into the Tap In/Ext Tap jack with a TS cable and start tapping in your desired tempo! The pedal you plug SCOOCH into will handle the rest.

SCOOCH Tap Tempo can be used with a wide variety of other devices as well, for Tap Tempo, Remote Switching, or other purposes: anything expecting a momentary, normally open footswitch signal through a TS cable (connecting Tip to Sleeve when pressed) will be compatible.

Main Features:

  • Tap Tempo Footswitch
  • 3 mm TS output (configured as normally open) – for connecting any compatible tap-tempo or external switching enabled pedal
  • Designed to work with Old Blood Noise Endeavors effects pedals
  • Also compatible with any device capable of accepting momentary, normally open TS footswitch signlals connecting Tip to Sleeve when pressed
  • Compact form factor
  • No power required

Available: Now!


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