Old Blood Noise Endeavors launches Updated Utility Series Pedals

Jul 9, 2024 | Bass Products, Guitar Products, News

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Utility Series:
Expression Ramper HK, Expression Slider HK and Split | Meld HK

Old Blood Noise Endeavors introduces three new revitalised devices to their to their popular range of affordable and high-quality Utility Series.

With a new unified look, the brand has, once again, teamed up with the OKC art duo Holey Kids, one half of which also works at OBNE in their Oklahoma headquarters. At the same time, these new models are more than a mere graphical overhaul, with updates and new features increasing their usefulness, to better fit musician’s pedalboards.

The Expression Ramper HK now also offers a new Tap Tempo button for easy and precise tempo input, as well as three new ramping waveshapes that were previously only available in the recently released Expression Ramper X3, bringing OBNE’s updated concept of expression control ramping into their mini format pedal design.

In addition, Old Blood Noise Endeavors are re-introducing their famed expression fading device as the Expression Slider HK, as well as updating their little stereo-routing helper as Split | Meld HK, with a smaller chassis aligned to the new graphic design.


Expression Ramper HK

Parameter Mover with Tap Tempo

Following the success of the Expression Ramper X3 released in early 2024, OBNE are yet again expanding on the concept of expression ramping and present to you the Expression Ramper HK, an enhanced version of the expression movement shaper capable of manipulating expression-controlled devices with even more copious control and options.

With the Expression Ramper HK, Old Blood Noise Endeavors not only clads their top-selling utility device into a new graphical design originated by OKC art duo Holey Kids that makes it perfectly fit in with the rest of OBNE’s latest utility series releases. Additionally, the familiar Expression ramper gets a Tap Tempo switch that can be used to tap in the desired LFO speed, overriding the knob setting for Rate.

Main Features:

  • Expression Control Pedal, with storable settings and tap tempo
  • Footswitch activated motion, create modulated effects on the fly
  • Ramp between the two user-defined expression control settings (A and B)
  • 6 waveforms for movement between settings (alternative wave shapes accessibly by pressing the TAP button while changing the shape toggle)
    • Triangle – linear motion between A and B starting and ending at a and B at halfway on the LFO cycle
    • Square – snaps between A and B spending half of the LFO cycle in each position
    • 1 Shot – moves linearly from A to be or B to A, depending on the starting point
    • Smooth Random – repeatedly moves to a random spot between A and B in linear fashion
    • Sharp Random – immediately moves to a new random spot between A and B at the start of each cycle
    • 1 Shot Random – moves linearly from either A to B or B to A and then stops
  • Rate control or Tap Tempo button – for quickly and accurately inputting the desired movement speed
  • 50K digital potentiometer compatible with the most expression-control-capable pedals on the market
  • User-configurable EXP output (TRS, TRS reverse polarity or TS)
  • LED indicates which setting is currently active
  • Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU
            (centre -, 2.1 mm, ~50 mA current draw)

Available: Now!

Expression Slider HK

Portable Expression Fader

The Expression Slider HK is a portable fader for use with any pedal or device that has a regular expression input.

Featuring artwork created by the OKC art duo Holey Kids, one half of which also works at the brand’s Oklahoma headquarters, this new version is perfectly dressed up to fit in with the latest pedals in the OBNE’s Utility series.

It is built for convenience and tactile experience, allowing external control where you need it – on the desk of your studio, velcroed to a guitar strap, or wherever else a TRS cable allows.

Main Features:

  • Expression Control slider
  • 6.3 mm TRS output (tip connected to the wiper) – for connecting anycompatible EXP or external control enabled pedalRamp between the two presets (A and B)
  • 50K extra smooth slide potentiometer
  • Designed to work with Old Blood Noise Endeavors effects pedals
  • Also compatible with any device capable of accepting a 50K Expression Control debice with Tip connected to the wiper
  • Compact form factor
  • Graphic design by Holey Kids
  • No power required

Available: Now!


Split | Meld HK

Passive Stereo-Routing Device

A discovery born out of necessity, the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Split | Meld is a practical non-destructive way to manage parallel dual-mono and stereo signal paths and adds to the OBNE line of pedalboard friendly utility devices.

The 2024 updated design of the Split | Meld HK features a smaller even more pedalboard-friendly layout in a mini-sized enclosure and artwork created by the OKC art duo Holey Kids, one half of which also works at the brand’s Oklahoma headquarters, to perfectly fit in with the latest pedals in the OBNE’s Utility series.



Main Features:

  • Simple stereo TRS to dual-mono TS splitter / combiner for pedal boards
  • Updated, smaller design with mini-sized enclosure
  • Practical routing solution for use with stereo pedalboards and setups
  • 1 x TRS to dual TS jacks
  • Graphic design by Holey Kids
  • Useful for many situations
  • Splits stereo TRS signals to two mono TS signals
  • Combines two mono TS signals to one TRS stereo signal
  • Replaces TRS splitter cables when using TRS FX loops of effects pedals
  • Passive electronics – no power needed

Available: Now!


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