Announcing distribution of Jackson Audio in Europe

Aug 18, 2020 | ADG News, Guitar Products, News

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We are extremely excited to announce that Audio Distribution Group has added another exciting brand to our portfolio, with ADG distributing Jackson Audio in the United Kingdom as well as several European countries.

The entire range is now available in the UK, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Scandinavia, Finland and Italy, from Audio Distribution Group.



Jackson Audio

analog performance tools

with versatile and digital control


  • Focused range of original overdrive, compressor and boost circuits
  • Fusion of analog tones and digital control
  • Powerful tone-shaping tools
  • Advanced MIDI control options
  • Innovative Gain Cycle circuit for hands-free gain stacking
  • Made in USA

Boost and Tone-Sculpting
With Jackson Audio’s roots in amplifier design, sublime amp-like boosting and overall tone shaping was the logical step to take for their first product to market.

Featuring Active Multiband EQ and multiple Boost circuits, each with individually accessible voicings and levels of gain, the PRISM offers true amp-like MOSFET transistor-based boost, with diverse tone sculpting options for tailoring your sound exactly to the player’s needs.

While the AMP MODE distills the exact same core circuit into a tiny footprint to fit onto any pedalboard with ease.

Either of these pedals can be used as a preamp for your overall signal, a boost to push an overdrive pedal even further into saturation or as a post overdrive boost to clarify and push your guitar forward in the mix.


The cornerstone of Jackson Audio’s pedal offering definitely lies within the field of compression, with a comprehensive dynamic engine that is designed to give guitarists maximum dynamic tonal control in ways never before possible.

The award‑winning BLOOM V2 com­pressor takes subtle, refined, optical compression, amp-like gain boost, powerful active EQ and packs it with modern MIDI control features. Combined with instant footswitch accessibility of all its tonal options and features, it’s all jam-packed into a powerhouse pedal that’s perfect for back-lining musicians on the fly.

For those who just need the essentials, the BLOSSOM is a finely distilled, concentrated version of the Bloom’s most core features, which makes Jackson’s highly praised take on compression more accessible to players of all ranges.




For every dirt pedal on the market, there are ten “wouldn’t it be great, if…” questions.

This is where Jackson Audio’s ethos of combining classic sounds and features with modern-day control technology and accessibility comes to the fore.

From the iconic BROKEN ARROW, which gives all the TS-style saturation with as much, or as little mid hump as you like, to the GOLDEN BOY, Jackson’s inter­pretation of the Bluesbreaker/King of Tone
style circuit and right through to the BELLE STAR, that provides the sound of a wide-open super small low-wattage amp in a small box, none of Jackson Audio’s pedals can be con­sidered mere clones of what is already on the market.

In addition, just like with the BLOOM, all features of BROKEN ARROW and GOLDEN BOY are also MIDI controllable.

Based on iconic sounds and classic circuits, Jackson Audio founder Brad Jackson has taken Overdrive to its logical extreme, with active 3-Band EQs, multiple clipping diode options, integrated boost circuits different tone settings. Add in Gain Cycling, the company’s most unique feature that adds hands free gain adjustment in 4 easy steps, and you can instantly dial in Rhythm, Chorus, Lead, and Solo gain with just the tap of a foot.

Working in collaboration with touring and recording artists on all their Overdrive pedals, Jackson seeks to give the players exactly what they crave.

All Jackson Audio products are available and shipping from Audio Distribution Group now!


Authorised ADG dealers can visit the ADG Hub dealer portal for additional information, product pictures, webtexts etc.

Jackson Audio

Audio Distribution Group is proud to be the exclusive distribution partner for Jackson Audio in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway), Finland, Germany, and Austria.