Announcing Distribution of Source Audio – Advanced high-powered DSP Effects Platforms

Jul 3, 2023 | ADG News, Bass Products, Guitar Products, News

Source Audio
Advanced high-powered DSP Effects Platforms

We are very happy to announce that Audio Distribution Group has partnered with innovative DSP-effects brand Source Audio to add this superb brand to our portfolio, with ADG handling exclusive distribution in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Greece and Cyprus.

Main Brand Features:

  • Broad range of highly versatile effects pedals
  • Innovative and unique features, multiple effects type combinations
  • Pedalboard-friendly footprints with simple and easy-to-use, yet multi-layered control layouts
  • Full connectivity for interacting and interfacing with other gear

The entire updated Source Audio range is available and shipping from Audio Distribution Group now!


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Source Audio

A Tradition in Innovation

Initially founded as a collaborative project between veterans from Kurzweil and Analog Devices, Source Audio first introduced their motion sensing effects control to guitarists back in 2006.

Since the start, the brand has constantly evolved, even creating their very own SA601 DSP chip in collaboration with Analog Devices, as many off-the-shelf chip designs were just not up to their requirements. This high-powered 56-bit DSP platform is the brand’s secret weapon and now sits at the core of Source Audio’s digital effects devices, offering a huge amount of processing power and unparalleled sonic fidelity.

Paying homage to time-honoured gear of the past, Source Audio creates spot-on replications of vintage effects in the digital realm, with exceptionally realistic response and unparalleled sonic details. However, the brand is not only about recreating classic tones. By offering in-depth tone-sculpting tools, any musician can design their own unique and highly customised sounds.

The One Series line of intuitive and easy-to-use compact pedals helps to build a bridge between simple and easy-to-use devices and full-featured DSP monsters. These are jam-packed with modern features including MIDI, stereo connections and in-depth customisation of a sheer unfathomable amount of effects parameters, plus the ability of sharing these custom creations with a global community of sound creators via Source Audio’s Neuro mobile app and desktop editor.

The brand’s award-winning Delay and ReverbDistortionModulationPreamp, EQ and Compression, as well as Filter and Synth devices in Source Audio’s lineup, simply gives musicians the tools they need to explore previously uncharted sonic territories.

Ray Maxwell, CEO of Source Audio commented, “as admirers of Audio Distribution Group for a number of years, we are very excited to partner with Steve and Bruce and their talented, well-organized staff. We are sure that ADG’s familiarity with Source Audio pedals, combined with their market and support expertise will take our unique pedals to the next level. We anticipate a long and mutually beneficial partnership and look forward to working with them on spreading the word of Source Audio products”.

While Bruce Davidson, ADG’s COO added, “all of us at ADG have been big fans of the tonal quality of Source Audio’s products and algorithms for many years. It is a pleasure to be working with Ray and his team and we are looking forward to help make the brand even more visible in our markets in the years to come”.


Authorised ADG dealers can visit the ADG Hub dealer portal for additional information, product pictures, webtexts etc.

Audio Distribution Group is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Source Audio
in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Greece and Cyprus.