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Source Audio

A Tradition in Innovation

advanced high-powered DSP effects platforms

Initially founded as a collaborative project between veterans from Kurzweil and Analog Devices, Source Audio first introduced their motion sensing effects control to guitarists back in 2006.

Since the start, the brand has constantly evolved, even creating their very own SA601 DSP chip in collaboration with Analog Devices, as many off-the-shelf chip designs were just not up to their requirements. This high-powered 56-bit DSP platform is the brand’s secret weapon and now sits at the core of Source Audio’s digital effects devices, offering a huge amount of processing power and unparalleled sonic fidelity.

Paying homage to time-honoured gear of the past, Source Audio creates spot-on replications of vintage effects in the digital realm, with exceptionally realistic response and unparalleled sonic details. However, the brand is not only about recreating classic tones. By offering in-depth tone-sculpting tools, any musician can design their own unique and highly customised sounds. The One Series line of intuitive and easy-to-use compact pedals helps to build a bridge between simple and easy-to-use devices and full-featured DSP monsters. These are jam-packed with modern features including MIDI, stereo connections and in-depth customisation of a sheer unfathomable amount of effects parameters, plus the ability of sharing these custom creations with a global community of sound creators via Source Audio’s Neuro mobile app and desktop editor.

The brand’s award-winning Delay and Reverb, Distortion, Modulation, Preamp, EQ and Compression, as well as Filter and Synth devices in Source Audio’s lineup, simply gives musicians the tools they need to explore previously uncharted sonic territories.

Delay and Reverb

Source Audio’s years of intense research, listening and engineering have culminated in a multitude of award-winning reverb and delay algorithms.

Their dual DSP powerhouse, the VENTRIS Dual Reverb, offers incredible recreations of the classics of reverb as well as new and exciting sounds. The NEMESIS Delay provides powerful delay engines with unrivalled tone, while the COLLIDER combines a hand-picked selection of both these pedals’ algorithms into one compact pedal. Rounding up the lineup, the TRUE SPRING Reverb encapsulates Source Audio’s famed spring reverb algorithms it into an even more compact chassis.

Synth and Filter

Building on almost 15 years of filter pedal technology and know-how, the SPECTRUM Intelligent Filter is the culmination of Source Audio’s finest envelope sounds and best thinking on how to easily incorporate those tones into all sorts of rigs. A cleverly integrated, all-in-one funk/psych/electronic/jam machine, SPECTRUM is packed to the brim with features that will satisfy the needs of any guitar, bass or keyboard player.

The C4 Synth unites all the sound creation tools of a classic Eurorack modular synthesizer and packages them in a compact and easy-to-use effects pedal, with supreme lightning-fast tracking for guitar or bass.

Effortlessly nailing the swelling, buzzing sounds of a real modular behemoth, C4 boasts a smorgasbord of real synth options consisting of four parallel voices, three oscillator wave shapes, ten-plus envelope followers, twenty-plus modulating filters, distortion, tremolo, pitch-shifting, intelligent harmonization, programmable sequencing and much more.


When it comes to modulation effects like wow, flutter, amplitude and pitch modulation sounds, Source Audio offers everything there is under the sun.

The GEMINI ChorusLUNAR Phaser, MERCURY Flanger and VERTIGO Tremolo devices provide exactly what is said on the tin, but in great sounding, flexible, yet easy-to-use pedals. Each are packed with multiple effect variations ready at the flick of a switch, as well as deep customization options via the Neuro app and editor. Add in Stereo, MIDI control and much more, these modulation powerhouses offer tones that are fit to satisfy and content any musician’s heart.

Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz

The L.A. Lady Overdrive, KINGMAKER Fuzz and AFTERSHOCK Bass Distortion take the same concept and apply it to dirt pedals, offering drive, distortion and fuzz galore with immense customization and control options.

While the ULTRAWAVE and ULTRAWAVE BASS Distortion Labs open up the realms of multi-band distortion, taking Source Audio’s legendary multiwave distortion engine and putting it into the One Series format of compact pedals.

Preamp, EQ and Compression

Offering a comprehensive collection of compression circuits, the ATLAS Compressor perfectly captures the tone and feel of the industry’s most sought-after compressors. Straight out of the box, ATLAS delivers six different styles of compression. These include modes based on classic stompbox units, high-end rack devices, optical, plus advanced dual-band compression. 

Source Audio’s first venture into the analog realm, the ZIO Analog Front End+Boost is an all-analog preamp/boost pedal. ZIO includes a choice of four distinct preamp circuits, each with up to +20 dB of additional output boost and was designed in collaboration with the venerable Christopher Venter of SHOE Pedals. 

While the EQ2 Programmable Equalizer is simply the most powerful and advanced equalizer pedal on the planet. This 10-band fully parametric graphic EQ builds off the legacy of its predecessor, the Source Audio Programmable EQ – a tremendously popular pedal that landed on the boards of numerous six-string icons including David Gilmour, Steven Wilson and John Mayer to name but a few.

Utility and Control Devices

The SOLEMAN MIDI Foot Controller is a versatile, highly configurable hardware and software MIDI controller that allows you to interface with any MIDI hardware and offers a USB-MIDI interface for direct control of MIDI-compatible software such as DAWs, virtual instruments, synths, or VST plugins, simultaneously.

Additionally, Source Audio offer utility and control solutions for a multitude of uses. The MIDI Adapter is a bus-powered, intelligent device compatible with any standard MIDI Controller with a 5-pin MIDI DIN output. The Neuro Hub brings full MIDI functionality to all of Source Audio’s pedals and the Dual Expression pedal delivers precision response and smooth action, with multiple expression outputs to simultaneously control two effects units. While the Tap Tempo Switch gives you a simple and compact external multi-purpose footswitch that toggle, tap and switch at your heart’s content

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