Announcing exclusive European and UK Distribution of KSR Effects Pedals – High Gain Made in the USA

Jan 10, 2023 | News

High Gain paired with supreme Quality and Features

from Cincinnati, USA

We are excited to announce that Audio Distribution Group has partnered with KSR to add another superb brand to our portfolio, with ADG handling distribution of the brands effects pedals across the EU, UK and all other countries in Europe.

Main Brand Features:

  • Supreme quality effects pedals with unique and useful features
  • High-gain and clean Preamp solutions suitable for many genres
  • Boost and EQ pedals for complete sculpting of your amps’ tone
  • MIDI controllability with compact simple-to-use MIDI interface
  • Made in USA

The entire KSR range of pedals, is available and shipping from Audio Distribution Group now!


High Gain Made in USA

Based in the Cincinnati area, KSR Amplification was founded by Kyle Rhodes in 2009 as a custom amplifier and gadget builder for local musicians. Today, KSR is primarily known in the guitar industry for their versatile high-quality guitar amplifiers, all of which are loaded with unique and useful features. In addition, KSR’s range includes sophisticated switching systems for professional users.

However, with the introduction of KSR’s supremely versatile pedal board preamps and effects pedals, it becomes even easier for an all new audience to access the level of tone and quality that professionals in the know have been enjoying for years.

The KSR pedal range consists of their multi-channel preamps the CERES and VESTA, which distil the signature tones of three KSR high-gain amps, as well as those of all-time favourite 80s and 90s amps respectively, into pedalboard-friendly enclosures for ultimate mobile tone versatility. The EROS and HERA offer amp-friendly Boost and 3-band EQ solutions that cover clean boosting, to a little grit or complete sculpting of any amp’s distortion response. While the EX5 adds MIDI control to the KSR preamps pedals or almost any foot-switchable amplifier.

Pedalboard Preamps

The CERES offers three channels of preamp gain, that distils the signature tones of three of KSR’s amplifiers into a pedalboard friendly enclosure. Providing many of the same functions present on the amps, such as Mode, Feel and Bright switches, CERES offers the ultimate mobile tone versatility.

VESTA takes this concept, but is voiced after all-time favourite amps from the 80s and 90s, to bring the classic crunch tone of that era directly to the pedalboard, yet with the unprecedented natural feel of a real amplifier.


Boost and EQ

EROS offers a Boost / 3-Band EQ combo and provides anything from clean boost, to a little grit or a complete sculpting of your amp’s distortion response. While HERA takes the EROS’ concept to the territory of transparent boost, to help let your own tone shine.


MIDI Switching

In addition to the pedal offering, EX5 is KSR’s compact easy-to-use MIDI Control interface. This little box is perfectly suited for external control of not only KSR pedals, but also allows for control of many non-MIDI amplifiers on the market today.


Kyle Rhodes, founder of KSR commented, “When Steve first contacted me, I was happy to hear our reputation for producing feature-rich, quality, USA made products preceded us. I learned our gear was already an integral part of personal pedalboards of folks within the company and this exemplified they truly appreciate our work. We very much look forward to ADG’s help with our products becoming ubiquitous among the European and UK market”.

While Steve Russell, ADG’s CEO added, “When it comes to preamp pedals, KSR is undoubtedly a class leader in the segment. Having the possibility of a 3-channel preamp or even 4 by adding an EROS or HERA, all with such tonal flexibility available on your pedalboard, has meant that the CERES and VESTA have become in house favourites here at ADG. We’re very excited to be making these products available to our dealer network and as a result, allow many more customers to try these stunning USA made products for themselves.”.


Authorised ADG dealers can visit the ADG Hub dealer portal for additional information, product pictures, webtexts etc.

Audio Distribution Group is proud to be the exclusive UK and European distributor for KSR.