Announcing exclusive European Distribution of Stringjoy – Finest Guitar Strings

Jun 15, 2022 | ADG News, News

We are extremely excited to announce that Audio Distribution Group has added another exciting brand to our portfolio, with ADG distributing Stringjoy across mainland Europe.

  • Wide range of electric, acoustic and bass guitar strings
  • Various string materials, gauges and scales
  • Made by hand by a small team, one at a time
  • Rigorous quality control in all parts of the manufacturing process
  • Resonant strings with a fuller tonal range and excellent durability, excellent tuning stability as well as more pronounced sound and more balanced playability across the neck of the instrument
  • Finest-quality materials
  • Made in Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Chris Gilchrist, Stringjoy VP of Global Sales commented, “As we have seen demand for Stringjoy strings rise exponentially in Europe, it has become clear that we need a partner on the ground who can bring the service and presence we are known for in the US to continental Europe. We have had ADG on the whiteboard as our ideal EU distributor for some time, so we were incredibly excited when we found out the admiration was mutual. We expect this partnership to take Stringjoy to the next level in Europe, and we are very excited to work with them to get our strings in more stores, and on more guitars, than ever.”

Steve Russell ADG’s CEO added, “ADG is heavily focussed on offering brands which provide that ‘special something’, as well as offering exceptional reliability, consistency and the best performance. Stringjoy’s products fulfil all of these heavy expectations (and more) and are simply the best strings we have ever had the pleasure of playing. We’re excited to be able to support our European customers with a product that represents a simple but highly significant upgrade to any stringed instrument.”


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Finest Hand-Made Guitar Strings

Founded in 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee U.S.A. by Scott Marquart, Stringjoy crafts the finest guitar and bass strings from all-American high-quality materials, by hand, one at a time.

After spending some time experimenting with his own guitar strings, combining sets and gauges to make a set that did what he wanted it to do, Scott discovered one major reason that strings had been overlooked as a tone-sculpting tool for so long by many – they just weren’t all that good. As much as players thought of strings as something cheap they could grab off the rack, to Scott it felt than many manufacturers felt pretty much the same way about them.

Stringjoy was therefore formed to make the best quality strings accessible to players, at all levels. Although the fledgling firm started small, it didn’t take long for word about the world’s finest guitar strings to spread around and for players to come rushing into the fold.

Making a Stringjoy string takes time, so Stringjoy’s manufacturing plant was designed to optimise the production process for string performance, not manufacturing speed. The resulting strings are designed and made to sound fuller, perform better and last longer than anything else out there.

From metal players wanting a tighter bottom end for dropped tunings, to country players who want to achieve the perfect twang, to prog and fusion shredders looking for a perfectly balanced set of strings to optimise their technical efficiency, Stringjoy offers the perfect set for any player.

From Stringjoys’ modern sounding, high output Nickel Wound Signatures and vintage-inspired Pure Nickel Broadways electric guitar strings, to the authentic woodiness of their Phosphor Bronze Naturals, present and punchy 80/20 Bronze Brights and seemingly ever-lasting Coated Phosphor Bronze Foxwoods, as well as their smooth and balanced Nickel Wound Bass Signatures bass strings, players are bound to find a string to their taste among their wide variety of sets and gauges.



Authorised ADG dealers can visit the ADG Hub dealer portal for additional information, product pictures, webtexts etc.

Audio Distribution Group is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Stringjoy in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, the Benelux, Denmark, Finnland, Iceland, Italy, San Marino, Malta, Spain, Portugal Gibraltar, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia