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Bergantino Audio Systems

From Massachusetts, U.S.A.

World-Beating Lightweight Bass Amplification

Many brands in our industry claim to produce equipment of the highest quality and in a number of cases, many in fact do.

In relation to Bergantino Audio Systems however, that claim isn’t just a piece of marketing noise. With many industry accolades and a large number of respected professional users that rely on the brand’s products daily, it can totally be justified

Founder Jim Bergantino has worked in a number of fields in his career – from hi-tech electrical engineering to high-end hi-fi and the professional audio world. After designing custom bass cabinets for many other leading brands, he went out on his own to start Bergantino Audio Systems in 2001.

To this day, the company remains a tight-knit firm which lets them focus on being an engineering driven company, rather than being solely a sales driven venture. This allows them to look forward with their designs and their unique approach to developing products. Many others brands in the bass amplification category chase very high quantities, which dictates that their product design decisions are subject to ‘unit cost’, rather than engineering excellence. All products are designed and engineered by Jim Bergantino, absolutely nothing is contracted out.

Jim sources the very finest custom transducers and materials for his speaker cabinets from all over the world. By doing this, it enables Bergantino to meet specific design and engineering goals for each product and he continues to develop their own electronics with a ‘forward-looking’ approach, rather than just slavishly following the crowd.

From the ground-breaking B|Amp Mk2Forté D and Forté HP bass amplifiers models, to the incredibly lightweight NXT – Neo Extreme Technology and NXV – Neo Extreme Vintage Neodymium cabinets , Bergantino truly is world-beating in every respect, with the highest quality of design and manufacturing, all proudly built in the USA.

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B|Amp Mk2 Bass Amplifier

The ultimate working musician’s toolbox

In late 2015, Bergantino Audio Systems founder and head engineer Jim Bergantino launched the original B|Amp. This award-winning, ground-breaking bass amplifier broke a new mold, winning a host of awards and accolades, not only from the industry, but from the bass playing community worldwide.

With the B|Amp Mk2, this updated model gives the modern bassist even more tools for their sonic armory. Time never stands still, so Jim has taken all the goodness from the original B|Amp design and brought it forward, not only updating its look with a gorgeous new OLED screen, but also adding new and powerful features in the process, based on players’ feedback and suggestions.

Perfect for the studio, rehearsing at home, recording or playing live, the highly-advanced B|Amp Mk2 is incredibly flexible and delivers maximum performance in a lightweight, compact, yet intuitive package.

More than suitable for electric, electronic and amplified acoustic bass tones, B|Amp Mk2 plays well with any genre of music. With its 800 W RMS output, unique Speaker Profile System, 4-Band Multi-function EQ, Programmable Filters, built-in Chromatic Tuner, Variable-Ratio Compressor and BFT Drive Effects, it truly is a chameleon in the world of bass amplification.

  • DSP Embedded System Controlled Bass Amplifier
  • 800W RMS output (@ 2.67/2 Ω), 700W RMS (@ 4Ω), 350W RMS (@ 8Ω)
  • 4-Band Multi-function EQ with adjustable frequency range and “Q”
  • Programmable Filters: Bright Switch, Variable High-Pass, Low-Pass and Feedback Filters
  • Built in Chromatic Tuner
  • On-Board Variable-Ratio Compressor (VRC)
  • Scene-savable choice of Serial and Parallel compression settings (NEW!)
  • Multi-Effects – Overdrive, Distortion 1 or Distortion 2 (Fuzz)
  • Scene-savable Clean/Dirty blend percentage for Drive effects (NEW!)
  • User-Programmable Memory Settings
  • Revolutionary Bergantino Speaker Profile EQ System
  • Auxiliary Input and Headphone jacks – ideal for personal monitor and practice use
  • Effects send and return loop
  • Dual Speakon Outputs
  • Studio-Quality DI – selectable Pre or Post EQ
  • Line Output – pre-amp or tuner out
  • Selectable Phase Output (Normal or Reverse)
  • Software Speaker impedance matching, for optimal power transfer
  • USB port: allows software upgrades/profiles, optional wireless footswitch connectivity and portable device charging

Bergantino Forté D

Driven to succeed

Taking all that made the original, award-winning Forté bass amplifier such a well-defined tone champion, the Forté D adds Jim Bergantino’s Big Fat Tube (BFT) and Parallel Dynamic Circuitry™ technologies and in the process moves this compact amp platform up a whole other notch.

Combining the BFT circuit with Parallel Dynamic Circuitry™ delivers exactly what bass players crave out of tube amplifiers but all in an easy to use, compact and lightweight format. From pristine and sparkling clean tones, to mildly pushed tube drive, to super heavy, mix-shredding saturation and everything in between, it’s all here and in spades.

BFT (Big Fat Tube) Technology

The world of bass tone can mean many things to different people and often it can be hard to replicate the desired essence and tone of a real tube amplifier. While you can get part of the way with distortion circuits and pedals, but to truly master the ultimate bass tone, this can’t just be solved by distortion alone. It needs to involve the way the amp module compresses, sags and reacts to load.

We’ve painstakingly analyzed those core drive attributes to give the modern bass player all of the good and none of the bad. You want that sweet, intoxicating soft clip purr? It’s in there.  How about grit and growl to give you some more presence in a mix?  Yep, it’s there too.  What about a massively saturated tube amp pushed within an inch of its life?  You’ve absolutely got it with the Forté D.

This drive is just as tight and controlled at a soft clip as it is full bore. Try it at low settings for just the right harmonic chime or max it out to really saturate your bass tone. With just a single knob, Bergantino has distilled drive and its nuances right down to the lowest common denominator – TONE. Tone that you don’t have to spend hours dialing in – we’ve done all the hard work for you!

But what if you desire pristine and sparkling clean tones? Not to worry, simply turn off the BFT technology and you’ve more than got it.

Parallel Dynamic Circuitry™

Bergantino’s new Parallel Dynamic Circuitry™ builds on all of the best attributes of our compression wizardry found in some of our other products, then optimizes it for bass automatically for a sweet, note-thickening magic. 

This new technology seamlessly integrates with the BFT drive feature, allowing for a very sensitive, touch dynamic that inspires, not only to achieve that pushed tube amplifier tone, but get the wonderful FEEL of total interaction between the player and amp. 

Power on Tap

Many brands sadly often rate their amps without real world verifiable figures. Forté D features a custom tuned, yet powerful amplifier module and will provide up to genuine 800W RMS power depending on the speaker load. At 8Ω (for example: a single small cab) Forté D will provide 350W RMS, @ 4Ω this is increased to 700W RMS, while at a 2 or 2,67 Ω load the power output goes to 800W RMS.

Speaker impedance of the connected cabinets can also be matched from the front panel, this permits for optimal power transfer and allows the Forté D to function safely right down to a 2-ohm minimum load.


  • Lightweight, yet powerful compact bass amplifier

  • One-knob BFT (Big Fat Tube) Drive circuit

  • Built in Parallel Dynamic Circuitry – adds note definition and thickening

  • 800W RMS output (@ 2.67/2 Ω), 700W RMS (@ 4Ω), 350W RMS (@ 8Ω)

  • 4-Band EQ

  • Bright switch

  • Auxiliary input and headphone jacks – for personal monitor and practice use

  • Effects send and return loop

  • Dual Speakon outputs

  • Studio-quality DI – selectable Pre or Post EQ

  • Line output – tuner out

Forté HP

Hyper-Powered Lightweight Bass Amplifier

The latest member of the Bergantino Audio Systems family, Forté HP takes bass amplification to a whole new level of performance. Ideal for the modern bass player who requires massive headroom and control over their sound, Forté HP delivers a formidable and authoritative tone, combined with top level ease and confidence.

In essence, the difference between how most regular Class D amps and in how a Forté HP performs, is similar to the performance comparison between a good 8-cylinder vs a 6-cylinder engine. This amp harkens back to the incredible thump that classic lead sleds were known for and that many players have been seeking, but without the weight – it just has to be experienced and is certainly an amplifier that offers unprecedented “slam”.

Make no mistake, the Forté HP will cruise along while other amps beg for mercy. It has the ability to control every inch of the note with a quickness and command that will not only be heard, but felt. With 1200 watts of ultra-reliable, Class D power, Forté HP’s provides this and more but in a lightweight, portable package.

  • Built-in Parallel Compression
    With our unique VRC (Variable Ratio Compressor), simply take the mystique out of compression to give you a better tone and all from just a single knob
  • Built- in Drive Circuit
    Featuring our new proprietary BSD technology (Bergantino Smart Drive), a single control provides everything from a Soft-Clip purr, to massive, mix-shredding Distortion
  • Variable Low-Pass (VLPF) and Variable High-Pass (VHPF) Filters
    Critical for precise tone shaping and taming your tone within the most challenging gigging environments
  • 4-Band easy-to-use Tone Controls
    Bass: +/-10 dB @65 Hz – Lo-Mid: +/-10 dB @250 Hz –  Hi-Mid: +/-10 dB @1 kHz -Treble: +/-10 dB @3.5 kHz 
  • Bright and Punch Switches
    Bright selectable between 2 kHz @ +6 dB and 7 kHz @ +8 dB, Punch +4.5db @ 100 Hz 
  • Auxiliary Input and Headphone Jacks
    Ideal for personal monitor and practice 
  • Studio quality XLR DI Output
    Selectable Pre or Post EQ 
  • Wirelessly Foot-Switchable
    Via optional Bluetooth Switch II kit (*coming soon) – switchable features include Drive, Effect, Bright and Mute 
  • Front USB port
    For Software Upgrades – also useful for charging your phone/tablet at gigs! 
  • Rack Mountable  – with optional rack ears (takes just 2U space)
  • Effects Send and Return Loop
  • Line/Tuner Output
  • Dual Speakon Outlets 
  • Versatile Power Output:
    600 W RMS @ 8 Ohms
     1200W RMS @ 4 or 2 Ohms

NXT Series Lightweight Bass Cabinets


It has been a little-known industry secret that Jim Bergantino has been responsible for many of the industry’s best bass amplification innovations in the past few decades. Introducing the Bergantino Audio Systems NXT ‘Neo-Xtreme-Technology’ Series of bass cabinets. Now that high end, high-performance bass amplification innovation the brand is known for takes another quantum leap.

For this new series, Jim developed a notary and leading edge, neodymium-based motor technology and partnered with Celestion, manufacturer of many of the most renowned and sought-after MI speakers in the world. This is an exclusive new driver technology, unique to Bergantino, a one of kind in the industry and designed specifically for bass amplification.

With Berganitino’s new NXT motor system, close attention was paid to the driver’s nonlinear behaviour and the resulting harmonics produced. These harmonics give the NXT speakers a very unique and musical tone not available from any other transducer on the market today. No longer will the bass community have to depend on the PA industry for its transducers, where SPL/Watt, not tone, is the primary design objective. Plus, they’ll be right at home with any musical genre – from Rock to Country, Jazz to Blues and Prog to Metal.

In addition, the precision-tuned, ported cabinetry in this new series is a combination of lightweight Italian poplar plywood and Baltic-Birch baffles. These cabinets are harmonically rich, alive and very present in any kind of live mix. The NXT series also feature Bergantino’s celebrated Reference tweeters with constant directivity horn, for crystal clear and natural highs.


The Neo-Xtreme-Technology series is available in four driver configurations, all with Tweeters and a 1×12 configuration without Tweeter and are designed to be mixed and matched, to cover bass players portability and tone goals:

  • NXT 112 – 1×12” with HF driver/crossover
  • ENXT 112 – 1×12″ without HF driver/crossover
  • NXT 212 – 2×12” with HF driver/crossover
  • NXT 210 – 2×10” with HF driver/crossover
  • NXT 410 – 4×10” with HF driver/crossover

Plus, they are a perfect match for Bergantino’s award winning line of B|Amp, Forté and Forté HP amplifiers.

  • Range of lightweight bass amplification cabinets
  • All new class-leading Neo-Xtreme-Technology drivers
  • Reference tweeters with constant directivity horn, for crystal clear and natural highs
  • Custom Phase-Coherent Crossover, with Tweeter Control
  • Italian Poplar plywood and Baltic Birch ported cabinetry
  • Durable Bronco Tolex covering – for long life and cabinet protection
  • Rigid black grille – minimises colouration and tone reduction


NXV Series Lightweight Bass Cabinets

Solid Vintage Tone that won’t break your back

The Bergantino Audio Systems NXV Series (NEO X-Treme Vintage) of lightweight bass cabinets retain that great Bergantino tone, but in a more classic vintage looking and sounding package. Taking its cue from our award-winning NXT Series of cabinets, the NXV Series was designed with more of an ‘old school’ and vintage-inspired playing experience in mind, but with our new and exclusive lightweight NXT driver technology!

For almost two decades, Neodymium and Ceramic magnet-based speaker technologies have essentially been the only offerings to bass players. Both technologies have their benefits.

While the properties of Neodymium-based drivers mean that there is a significant weight saving, especially in multi-speaker designs, many professional users have found that they much prefer the solid tone and punch of traditional Ceramic magnet drivers.

Our NXV Series is based on the same innovative NEO X-Treme Technology drivers, but lends itself to a more vintage vibe both in looks and sonic delivery. Perfect for those players who don’t need or wish for that percussive top-end sparkle that the NXT range offers, the vintage voicing of the NXV Series means that no tweeter was needed to be implemented in the design, as NXV’s driver’s HF response extends high enough to please those players who want a solid and classic bass tone.

Ideal for blues, soul, rock, metal and many other styles of music, the premium components in the NXV series will bring your sound to life, sit you in the mix with the punch and quality tone you crave, yet give you the flexibility to cut through when it is your time to shine. Additionally, the front-facing tuned ports of the NXV’s offer high performance and extended low-frequency support in a very manageable sized and lightweight package

By combining poplar and birch plywood construction in precision-tuned, ported cabinetry of exemplary build quality along with a durable black bronco tolex covering, these rigid cabinets will not only sound great and stand the test of time on the road, they also will offer you significant weight savings over vintage offerings of yesteryear too.

The NXV series is available in four configurations: 1×12″, 2×10″, 2×12″, and 4×10″.


Both the looks and tone of our new NXV Series cabinets will evoke feelings that harken back to a time of raw, exciting music energy and warmth in bass tone, but deliver it with the latest in high-performance driver technology. That means you will spend less time struggling with troublesome sound and more in creating great music.

  • Range of lightweight bass amplification cabinets, with an eye-catching look
  • Class-leading Neo-Xtreme-Technology drivers 
  • Designed for players who demand a classic, yet solid bass tonality 
  • Italian Poplar plywood and Baltic Birch ported cabinetry 
  • Durable Bronco Tolex covering – for long life and cabinet protection 
  • Hard-wearing grill cloth and chromed metal cabinet corners 

Bergantino Accessoires

Amp Gig bag

Protect the investment you have made in your amplifier with this custom carry bag. Constructed of rugged, water-resistant nylon and lined with shock-absorbent materials, this lightweight, yet super strong bag offers excellent protection from the rigours of the road.

Featuring a black nylon exterior, shock-absorbent lining, heavy-duty nylon zippers, molded hardware, web shoulder strap and a Comfort-Grip™ handle, the main internal compartment is padded and is made to fit your Bergantino amp exactly, allowing extra space for the knobs and encoders for safe transport. Plus, an extra zippered pouch on the side has a large opening designed for cables and accessories.

  • Custom-fitted bag for B|Amp and Forté Amplifiers
  • Durable, Water-Resistant Black Nylon
  • Comfort-Grip™ Handle Wrap
  • Providence Forge® Zippers & Easy Grip Zipper Pulls
  • Spacious Accessory Pocket
  • Shoulder Strap


Custom Padded Covers for Bergantino Cabinets

Protect the investment you have made in your Bergantino cabinet with these custom designed padded covers.

This range of premium padded covers offers a tailored fit for the following models of Bergantino cabinets 
ENXT-112 / NXT-112 / NXT-210 / NXT-212 / HG-310 / HG-410

Constructed of a rugged, water-resistant brushed black nylon exterior and lined with padded shock-absorbent materials, these lightweight, yet super strong covers are made to fit Bergantino cabinets exactly, for safe transport and offers excellent protection from the rigours of the road.

For the 112 models, a stitched slot in the top of the cover is provided for the top-mounted handle, for easy one handed carrying. While the rest of the range has a slot on each side to easily grip the cabinet.

  • Custom-fitted cover specifically made for the Bergantino HDN and HG range
  • Offers 3 layers of protection
  • Durable, Water-Resistant Brushed Black Nylon Exterior
  • 5mm Foam Padding
  • Thick Plush Inner Lining
  • Made in the UK
  • Bergantino Logo


Bergantino Audio Systems

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