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CIOKS was founded in 1991 by Poul Ciok, who still runs and owns the Danish based business today.

The first and still the only company on the planet to specialise exclusively in creating the finest power supplies for effects pedals, each and every Cioks PSU provides the utmost in quality, innovation, performance, flexibility and reliability, all designed to make your pedals sound the best they possibly can.

The CIOKS philosophy is simple. Using a great power supply is absolutely the best way to get the most out of any combination of your pedals:

“We at CIOKS want your playing to be heard without any power-related noise issues – regardless of whether you are headlining the largest festivals in the world or rocking out at home. A truly great power supply should be flexible enough to power any pedal configuration you may have, using the highest quality components and the most cutting-edge technology in existence in order for the player to get the best and most consistent sound. Many competing and lesser products fall in those simple terms.”

From the innovative, lightweight and incredibly powerful Future Generation Series to the affordable Classic Series, the CIOKS range of power supplies caters to everyone from beginners to seasoned touring pros. All PSUs are handmade in CIOKS’ own factory in Europe and are backed with a 5-year warranty.

While each PSU is supplied with a comprehensive kit of cables, a range of optional FLEX Cables is also available to cover pretty much every power connectivity need.

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Future Power Generation

The latest “Future Power Generation’ series of power supplies from CIOKS are the thinnest and most flexible noise-free pedalboard power solutions on the market today. Perfect for powering pedals with a multitude of different voltage/current requirements, these models will allow whatever you have on your pedalboard to perform at its best.

Thanks to the pure 2-stage switch-mode technology inside, the ground-breaking DC7 features a 25.4mm profile and weighs just 500 grams. The profile may be low but the power ratings are certainly not – DC7 puts out a total of 48W from its 9 outlets and allows the user to connect multiple high-current digital effects. Featuring 7 isolated DC-outlets for effect pedals each with four selectable voltages (9V, 12, 15 and 18V), all of DC7’s DC outlets can put out 6W which at 9V corresponds to a huge 660mA of current. Additionally, DC7 also has a handy 5V USB outlet and an auxiliary 24V outlet. This allows you to further expand DC7s power connectivity and outlet count with a CIOKS 4 or CIOKS 8, as well as with other compatible 24V DC power supplies, for even more flexibility.

The CIOKS 4 and CIOKS 8 are not only the perfect companions for expanding the CIOKS DC7, but also can be powered by pretty much any other PSU putting out anything from 9V to 24V DC or 9V to 12V AC. This means you could easily power it with the type of adapter you would normally use to run a single effects pedal, a laptop adapter or any other common unit you may have laying around, but cleaned up and without all the noise. To get the full output power of all 8 isolated outlets the supply voltage to CIOKS 8 should be 24V DC however.

If you are looking for a super powerful power supply setup to power a large pedalboard, the combination of CIOKS DC7 and CIOKS 8 (or 4) will definitely be an outstanding solution, giving you 15 (or 11) isolated outlets in total with huge current ability on tap for modern digital pedals, clean fuss free power for the fussiest of analog units, plus a 5V USB outlet to charge your smartphone or tablet, all in blissful silence to let your effects pedals shine their finest and without the weight and size of any other pedal power supply sold today.

Let the future begin!

Classic Line

While the new Future Generation Series are the ultimate PSUs available on the market today, if you need a good honest but solid PSU, without breaking the budget, CIOKS’ classic line is there to help juice up your board.

From the small, yet versatile CIOKS Schizophrenic link, the diminutive Adam link, the powerful and dependable DC10 or AC10 units, right up to the 16-outlet monster CIOKOLATE PSU, you are sure to find a quality power supply that fits your needs and your wallet, all providing solid and noise-free quiet power to your pedals.

Flex Cables

All CIOKS power supplies are supplied with their own sets of Flex power cables, often with more than the actual number of outlets. However, Flex cables and adaptors can also be purchased separately on their own, to fulfil additional needs and connectivity, whatever the power requirements or setup of your own pedalboard.

Whether it be regular 2.1mm DC plugs, mini-jacks, 2.5mm plugs (Line 6), 9v battery clip, 2-pin DIN, centre positive or a simple extension, as well as more elaborate cabling functions such as combiners to use 2 outlets for even more powering options, the Flex range of adapters are made to cover any conceivable power setup.

CIOKS also has all the accessories available to link up the PSUs which have the LINK function available, as well as options for enabling simple mounting on or under Pedaltrain or Temple Audio pedalboards.



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Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy for CIOKS.

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