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Made in the USA

Founded in 1991 by musician and engineer Michael Fuller, Fulltone established itself as a prominent and renowned manufacturer of innovative, high-quality guitar effects.

With a deep passion for music and a commitment to craftsmanship, Fulltone consistently delivered non-compromising products to meet the needs of both professional musicians and hobbyists alike. In the process, this also helped to make the OCD model become one of the most successful products in the history of the effects pedal category.

However, in 2022 and in pursuit of a more peaceful life, Mike Fuller made the decision to relocate to Nashville and suspend the California operations of Fulltone Musical Products. Moving forward to 2023, Brad Jackson, the founder of highly regarded pedal brand Jackson Audio, contacted Mike about the possibility of licensing the Fulltone Musical Products designs. As a result of the conversations that followed, a new partnership was struck and the formation of Fulltone USA was realised, with all design and manufacturing now taking place in their fully equipped facility located in Texas.

Fulltone USA will be continuing the legacy and complete range of Mike Fuller’s original products, as well as developing a road map for new designs for the future. By faithfully re-creating the original products and adding new features and upgrades to upcoming models, the new era of Fulltone USA promises to bring these fabulous products back into the marketplace, right where they belong.

All Fulltone pedals, from the best selling OCD and the Standard Line to the high-end Custom Shop products, are hand-built and tested by the Fulltone USA team at their factory in the Keller, Texas using only top-notch components.

Latest Fulltone News

Announcing distribution of Fulltone USA - Finest Guitar and Bass Effects - Proudly Made in the USA

Announcing distribution of Fulltone USA – Finest Guitar and Bass Effects – Proudly Made in the USA

Audio Distribution Group is proud to announce the addition of Fulltone USA to their catalogue of distributed products across most of Europe ...

OCD – the number one selling boutique drive pedal in the world!

If there’s one drive pedal that can rival the legendary status and ubiquitous pedalboard presence of the TubeScreamer, then it’s the Fulltone OCD.

The Obsessice Compulsive Drive, named for Mike Fuller’s own perfectionism while tinkering with the circuit, completely revolutionised the world of Overdrive upon its release in 2005. Due to its supreme amp-like tone and feel, all crammed into a compact and affordable pedal the OCD allows players to get that highly sought-after harmonically rich drive tone and dynamic response of a cranked tube amp through any rig.

Its wide gain range and clever voice switch, enables players to extract tones ranging from low-gain blues crunch to ripping Marshall-esque distortion, all served with extreme note clarity, making this pedal the perfect fit no matter what genre you play.

With the release of the OCD V2, this modern classic has got even better. More dynamic and organic than ever and with more natural note sustain on tap, due to its new and improved Enhanced Bypass circuit, will undoubtably continue this pedal’s well-deserved reign as the best selling boutique drive pedal in the world!

Fulltone Standard Line

Besides the iconic OCD, the Fulltone Standard Line holds a plethora of other awesome drives, distortions and fuzz boxes, as well as a range of wah pedals and one of the best analog tremolos on the market.

The Full-Drive2 MOSFET and Full-Drive3 offers a wide palate of smooth overdrive tones that’ll make any blues or rock player jump with joy. If you like things fuzzy, then feast your eyes and ears on the magical ToneBender-inspired tones of the Soul-Bender, the stinging octaves of the OctaFuzz, the classic Silicon tones of the 70-BC or the vintage Germanium tones of the 69 MKII. Looking for something more wild? Then the Mas Malo and its infinite sustain should do just the trick!

But it’s not all about the drive. Fulltone USA also offers lush amp-like analog Tremolo tones in the compact, yet full-featured Supa-Trem Jr., as well as authentic vintage wah tones from their Clyde Deluxe.

Fulltone Custom Shop

Fulltone also offers up flawless recreations of some of the most iconic pieces of gear in rock n roll history, through their Custom Shop.

Maybe you want some of music’s most majestic mod tones? Well, look no further than Fulltone’s Mini Deja-Vibe for faithful recreations of the UniVibe tones that has helped write and define the sound of rock!

But that’s not all – the Fulltone Custom Shop also offers tweaks of Fulltone originals, such as the OCD Ge Germanium Obsessive Compulsive Drive, Signature effects, like the Robin Trower Overdrive and PlimSoul mkII or creations featuring rare NOS (New Old Stock) parts such as the Queen Bee 3 x Germanium Transistor Fuzz.

Audio Distribution Group is proud be to be the exclusive distribution partner for Fulltone USA in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway), Finland, Germany, and Austria.

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