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Keeley Electronics

Timeless effect pioneers

that push right into the future

It’s hard to imagine where the pedal world would be today without Robert Keeley and his immense contribution to our industry.

Since 2001, Robert (AKA the Godfather of the boutique pedal movement) has been building effects pedals out of Edmond, Oklahoma, where he quickly solidified his name with his now legendary Keeley Compressor.

Keeley Electronics is now synonymous with high-quality effects, which combined with their adventurous spirit have seen them create some of the most iconic pedals in the industry, perfectly bridging the gap between classic and modern.

From modernised and refined takes on classic drives, to an unmatched selection of studio-quality compressors, the wild selection of powerful modulation and ambience devices and all the way to their signature workstations that perfectly capture the tones of the greats, the ever-expanding Keeley selection is a true treasure chest for blues players, bassists, classic rockers and experimental tone chasers alike.

However, with the recent venture into high-powered DSP with the ECCOS Delay/Looper and the HYDRA Stereo Reverb & Tremolo, Keeley prove once again that they are one of the true pedal pioneers.

In celebration of their 20th Anniversary Keeley Electronics have released the next generation of Keeley Compression, the Keeley Compressor Mini, which harkens back to their roots in pedalboard compression.

The HALO – Andy Timmons Signature Dual Echo is much more than a one-trick pony – it is a compact true-stereo delay workstation that comes loaded with Andy Timmons’ mysterious “Halo” effect. 

Latest Keeley News

Keeley Electronics launches Noble Screamer - 4-in-1 Overdrive

Keeley Electronics launches Noble Screamer – 4-in-1 Overdrive

The Keeley Electronics Noble Screamer is a 4-in-1 pedal that gives you two very familiar drive circuits and two brand new amp-like overdrive and distortion tones. Using 100% analog circuits, this new pedal let's you decide which tone-control or clipping-section you want to play through, helping to create hybrid sounds that no one has ever played through before ...


Andy Timmons Dual Echo

Andy Timmons’ mysterious sounding “Halo” effect is a modulated dual echo sound that has long been kept a secret by the tone wizard himself.  Andy spent decades combining and crafting the sounds you can now get from the HALO. Notes from the HALO dance rhythmically, almost creating a reverb diffusion.  Those notes are held together with tape-style effects like modulation, saturation and compression. The results are stunning!

The pedal comes loaded with his signature delay tone and you can program your own sounds and save them as presets. Easily bounce between Side A and B on the fly, essentially giving you two delay pedals in one. In addition to Andy’s signature “Halo” sound, there are numerous other rhythmic delays including: quarter note, dotted 8th, stereo rack mount analog delay, and a vintage multi-head tape echo. Stunning stereo and pristine sound quality are further enhanced with controls for saturation, tone, and shelving filters that give you the ultimate delay pedal.

  • Stereo Dual Delay effect pedal
  • Stereo Dual Delay effect pedal
  • Andy Timmons signature “Halo” sound saved as a factory preset!
  • Functions as 2 delay pedals with up to 1500ms of available delay time with different sounds savable to sides A and B – then switchable between on-the-fly
  • 5 delay rhythms
    • Quarter Note
    • Dotted Eighth
    • Andy Timmons HALO
    • Bucket Brigade – stereo rack analog BBD delay
    • Tape Delay – vintage multi-head tape echo
  • 8 factory presets loaded with new delay and modulation sounds
  • Status light indicates when you’ve adjusted a knob from home settings
  • Soft stomp switches for tap tempo, infinite hold, preset save/recall, and more
  • Remote switching and programmable expression pedal control
  • DREAM multi-core DSP for stunning sound quality

Think of HALO as two delay pedals that work in tandem, letting you switch between your main delay (side A) and an alternative (side B). With up to 1500 ms of available delay, set sides A and B for different delay times, then simply foot switch between the two. Keeley’s Smart Stomp System allows you to press and hold either stomp switch to engage tap tempo mode. Press and hold the alternate stomp switch for infinite repeat/hold.  

Each Preset bank gives you 2 delays settings for a total of 8 user-storable effects. Use the Rhythm control to select between different echoes like HALO, Analog, Tape, Quarter and Dotted Eighth.

HALO’s Saturate control adds tape compression texture to your tone. The Tone and High Pass Filter controls your overall delay shape and mix. The Rhythm Mode selector delivers 5 delay types, including Andy’s unique “Halo” sound. Set the Time and Feedback controls low, and you can open up a world of ambient chorus and flanger effects.

Run the HALO in stereo for incredible true-stereo imaging or save your favorite combination of settings as a preset and the HALO becomes an incredibly compact multi-effect workstation!

Compressor Mini

The next generation of Keeley Compression
The next generation of compression is here! The Keeley Compressor Mini is designed to make the magic of compression simple and easy to use. Featuring Manhattan-style compression, the Compressor Mini intuitively and automatically delivers the perfect blend of dynamic and compressed guitar signal. This is how the Compressor Mini retains all the subtlety and dynamics in your playing, making it effortless to play and sound your best.

Main Features:

  • Mini-sized Compressor pedal
  • Offers Keeley compression in a small, simple and easy to use package
  • Increased sustain range for even more subtle Manhattan-style compression
  • Auto-blend to enhance clarity and note definition
  • New transient release time that makes hum-buckers sing and single coils pop
  • Automatic tone recovery, a treble clarifier for high compression settings
  • A built-in pre-amp for incredible guitar tone
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • Powered by a regular 9V DC PSU
            (centre -, 2,1 mm, 10 mA current draw)

An all-new transient release time is set to make both single coils or humbuckers sound lively and expressive.

The new automatic tone recovery circuit ensures crystal clear highs, even with high compression settings.

The Compressor Mini’s pre-amp tone is legendary; pushing both pedals and amplifiers to their greatest potential.

With any style of guitar, playing live or at the recording desk, the Compressor Mini is your secret weapon. Keeley have done the math for you, this is the new calculus for great tone.

Keeley Sustain and Transparency – 20 Years Worth of Toneful Compression.
Plug into the Keeley Electronics Compressor Mini, feel inspired to play and sound your best.


Delay and Looper

ECCOS is Keeley Electronics first venture into high-powered Digital Signal Processing and after spending almost 4 years customizing and meticulously refining their Dream DSP platform, they’ve managed to create nothing short of a delay and looper masterpiece.

Sporting up to 1.5 seconds of beautiful tape-flanged and vibrato-modulated stereo tape delays, ECCOS will create everything from classic vintage slapbacks to worlds of modulated ping-ponging dreamscapes.

But that’s not all. ECCOS can also be used as a full-blown stereo looper with creative features such as Reverse, Half-Speed and One-Shot, making this compact pedal a true performance powerhouse.

And with expression control, remote bypass, 3 presets, analog-dry-through, kill-dry and a ridiculously low power-draw at only 115mA, this pedal is sure to add immense flexibility and gorgeous sounds to any rig.

  • Studio quality delay with tape flanged modulation
  • 3 memory presets, subdivisions, trails, runaway feedback
  • Huge array of tone and time-based controls with the Alt Hold feature
  • Full-featured Looper with reverse and half-speed loop effects
  • 2 minutes of looping in mono, 60 seconds in stereo,
  • Endless layers of recording!
  • True-Bypass and Tap Tempo on-board or remotely with any style pedal-switcher
  • Expression pedal assignment over any parameter and in any direction
  • Pro Rig designed, remote control thru 1/4″ jacks for live use with pedal switcher systems
  • 100% analog dry signal, audiophile designed input to output
  • Stereo True-Bypass/Trails, switchable on the fly
  • 9 Volt DC, 115 mA low-current design
  • Made in Edmond, USA

HYDRA Stereo Reverb & Tremolo

Stereo Reverb & Tremolo

Combining both high-fidelity Reverb and Tremolo, the Keeley Electronics HYDRA Stereo Reverb & Tremolo adds space and dimension to your guitar, bass or synth. After completing the powerful, versatile and stellar ECCOS delay and looper, the Keeley Electronics team set out to craft the perfect companion pedal and with this feature-rich little blue box, they have well and truly accomplished exactly that and so much more.

Featuring gorgeous Spring, Plate and Room reverb algorithms, plus a tap-tempo enabled Harmonic, Vibrato and Sine Wave Tremolo – are all accessible at the press of a button – HYDRA will add space and dimension to any instrument.

To alter the response of this killer Tremolo/Reverb combination, the effects order can be easily changed. In addition, the HYDRA’s Alt Controls let you access in-depth parameters to shape the character of both sound engines. Plus, Hydra even offers an Infinite Reverb Trail! With expression control, remote bypass, 3 presets, analog-dry-through, kill-dry and a ridiculously low power-draw, this pedal is sure to add immense flexibility and gorgeous sounds to any rig.


• Stereo high-fidelity Reverb and Tremolo effect pedal
• 3 memory presets, subdivisions, trails, infinite hold reverb trail
• 3 reverb (Spring, Plate and Room) and 3 tremolo modes (Sine, Harmonic, Vibrato)
• Huge array of tone and time-based controls with the Alt Hold feature
• Bypass and Tap Tempo on-board or remotely with any style pedal-switcher
• Expression pedal assignment over any parameter and in any direction
• Pro Rig designed, remote control thru 1/4″ jacks for live use with pedal switcher systems
• 100% analog dry signal, audiophile designed input to output
• Stereo True-Bypass/Trails, switchable on the fly
• Made in Edmond, USA
• Powered by a regular 9V DC PSU
       (centre -, 2,1 mm, low ~115 mA current draw)

Drive & Distortion

refined dirt boxes

We know the world is full a good drive pedals, but you haven’t really lived until you’ve played through one of the heavenly refined Keeley drive and distortion pedals.

Hear the Tubescreamer perfected in the Red Dirt Overdrive and Red Dirt Germanium, bathe your tone in flawless bluesy crunch with the Super Phat Mod or Oxblood, kick things into punchy and precise high-gain with the Filaments or El Dorado or add divine drive tones along with powerful flexibility to your board with Keeley’s dual combo pedals such as the D&M Drive, DDR or Aria.

Your tone will soar like never before through one of these beautiful dirt devices.

Keeley Compression

the industry standard

Keeley really cut their teeth on compressors in the beginning of their pedal journey and now boast an impressive collection of industry leading devices to help level out your sound.

From the now legendary classic comp tones and sweet sustain of the Compressor+, the extreme studio-style clarity of the compact GC-2 and Bassist Limiting Amplifier to the in-depth control and precision of the Compressor Pro.

Their latest release the Compressor Mini is designed to make the magic of Manhattan-style compression simple and easy to use with a pedalboard-friendly footprint.

Your tone will always be perfectly balanced with Keeley onboard.

Modulation & Filters

add some movement

Modulation is that secret sauce you pour on your tone when you want it to stand out with authority and Keeley truly have some of the most spellbinding filters and multi-modulators out there.

From classic lush chorus and vibrato tones in the Seafoam+, lively dynamic tremolo tones in the DynaTrem, ultra-wide double tracker tones in the 30ms, super rich chorus, rotary and flanger sounds in the DynoMyRoto all the way through to the sweeping funky filter tones in the BubbleTron and Neutrino.

Whether you’re going for alien modulated landscapes, special fx or just a touch of pristine chorus for width and depth, Keeley’s impressive modulators are sure to make you feel all bubbly on the inside.

Tone Workstations

compact gigging mutli pedals

Whether you’re looking to channel the tone of the greats or make your own mark on the music landscape, then the Keeley Workstations are the perfect tools for the job.

From Gilmour’s iconic soaring lead tones and melodic modulation sounds in the Dark Side, to the reverberating walls of shoegaze sound in the Loomer or the legendary Hendrix fuzz and vibe tones in the Monterey, the sound of guitar giants is just a stomp away.

While the myriad of modulation, delay and drive sounds in the SuperMod, Delay and Tone Workstations are perfect for musicians who require unprecedented versatility and soundscaping abilities at their feet.

Your rig is simply sure to take on new creative life with the amazing Keeley Workstations at the center of it all.

Reverb & Delay

add ambience to your rig

No pedalboard is complete without a touch of ambience at the end to add life and dimension to it all and Keeley have managed to carve a true niche for themselves here, with some of the most unique reverbs and delays currently on the market.

There’s era-defining vintage studio verbs Memphis Sun, swirling and twirling ambience in the Nocturner, Vibe O Verb, Aurora, Hooke Reverb and Verb o Trem, warm tape-style delays in the Mag Echo and ECCOS and waves of epic ethereal washes in the combined delay and reverb powers of the Caverns.

Whether you’re on the hunt for classic subtle delays and reverbs or out-of-this-world texture tools, then Keeley got the goods.

Keeley Electronics

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