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Legendary Elastic Guitar Straps

Developed in Germany, manufactured in the USA

Created by Bernhard Kurzke and his team from effects wizards at Nobels, the No1 Stretch Strap became more than a phenomenon and a rock-n-roll icon

In the early 1980s, engineers in Hamburg, Germany, developed a new and revolutionary guitar strap. Their main goal was to create an ultra-comfortable strap that offered optimal weight distribution of the instrument with just the right amount of stretch and strength.

The result was the No1 Stretch Strap, as used by greats such as Frank Zappa, Howard Roberts, Pete Townshend, Jeff Beck as well as pickup-mastermind Seymour Duncan and many more. Praised and appreciated for decades by pros and amateurs alike for the relief to strain on their shoulders, even after hours of playing, the original No1 Stretch Strap is finally back in production and ready to rock!

The No1 Stretch Guitar Strap

The 80s Original is back!

Made from the same elastic, engineered and made in Germany as the originals, the latest versions of the No1 straps are manufactured to the highest specifications in the USA, without any metal or plastic parts that could damage the finish of your instrument.

The unique elastic material can stretch to up to double of its original length, without resulting in the instrument being bouncy across your body making these straps the most comfortable to use on the the market by taking the weight away from the shoulder. In addition, the stretch can also be useful for interesting and fun stage actions, if you so desire.

Main Features:

  • Unique Elastic Guitar Strap
  • Distributes the weight of the instrument evenly across a wider area
  • Takes the pressure off the shoulder
  • No wobbling, even with heavy instruments
  • No metal or plastic parts that could damage the guitar’s finish
  • Can stretch up to 100%
  • Solid ends made of genuine high-quality, heavy-duty leather
  • Width 6 cm
  • Available in 4 lengths (adjustable via 7 equally spaced holes in lower leather part):
    • M: 89 to 118 cm – well suited for higher slung instruments, smaller statures or children
    • L: 109 to 138 cm – most popular for regular build players
    • XL: 129 to 158 cm – perfect for low slung guitars
    • XXL: 149 to 178 cm – great for tall players or those of larger stature
  • Manufactured in the USA from elastic material engineered and made in Germany

Audio Distribution Group is proud to be the UK and European distributor for No1 Stretch Straps (excl. DE).


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