Peterson Tuners and Metronomes

Peterson Tuners and Metronomes

Pinpoint renowned accuracy

you’re only really ‘in tune’ when you are tuned by Peterson

You just can’t say Peterson without saying pin-point-precision. Those words have been fused together since the brand released their first tuning device back in 1952.

Based in Illinois USA, Peterson has a solid reputation for reliability, quality and precision. With their strobe tuning products, they are the default and preferred choice for industry professionals all over the globe, where functionality and flexibility are staple requirements.

The current product line-up features everything from super high-end mechanical strobe tuners for the discerning instrument builder, to the Stomp Classic compact pedal tuner, StroboRack rack tuner and the StroboPlusHD compact tuner with optional metronome upgrade.

The latest StroboClip HD clip-on tuner allows pro musicians, techs and weekend warriors who want nothing but the best when it comes to tuning exactly the same quality that Peterson is renowned for, but at a fraction of the cost.

In addition, Peterson’s BodyBeat Sync and BodyBeat Pulse tactile metronomes and accessories truly represents the ultimate in musical tempo reference devices.

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From the start, Peterson have revolutionised the world of tuning again and again and continue to do so with their amazing line of Strobe tuners, which have become the industry standard for all serious musicians and techs who rely on ultra-fast and deadly accurate tuning when playing live or laying down tracks in the studio.

That’s why artists such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Nils Lofgren and Carl Verheyen all swear by Peterson’s tuning technology.

Sweet ‘n tune

All Peterson digital strobe tuners now feature their unique Sweetener™ presets, not found in any other brand of tuner, this comes from a legacy that reaches back many years, in fact to the dawn of popular music as we know it today.

Decades of research and the experience of international musicians, has led Peterson to create a system of preset tuning offsets that have been designed for specific instruments and used worldwide wherever precise and professional results are expected.

Sweetened tuning offers a number of alternate temperaments to suit a variety of string and wind instruments. A Sweetener preset is a set of cent offsets or a deviation from generic Equal Temperament interval spacing traditionally used in tuning, in other words, several presets with differing interval spacing relevant to the instrument being tuned. If you’ve never been happy with how your instrument tunes up with your present tuner, a Sweetener could be just the thing to change that without any modifications whatsoever. The offers unique and very accurate “tweaks” which often make all the difference and also brings life to recordings like stacked guitars etc. Try it!

StroboClip HD™

The Perfect Tuner

For the Peterson StroboClip HD™, Peterson took the same tenth-of-a-cent accuracy and pin-point precise strobe tuning technology known from their state-of-the-art pedal and rack tuners, crammed it into a new small and sleek-looking enclosure that’ll fit straight on your instrument and all at a fraction of the cost!

Besides sporting that amazing accuracy, this versatile tuner also comes complete with a new bright high-definition screen, over 50 Sweetened™ tunings, alternate temperaments for a vast array of string and wind instruments and soft rubber-lined jaws to protect your instrument’s finish, all while offering a firm grip for maximum signal tracking.

Amazing things come in small packages!

  • True-Strobe 0.1 cent accuracy
  • Handles down to an octave below the Low-B on Bass
  • High-definition backlit display
  • Wide viewing angle – visible in direct sunlight
  • Sleek and stealthy design
  • Adjustable Hz calibration – From 390Hz up to 490Hz
  • Drop Tuning and Capo Settings
  • Over 50 SweetenedTM Tunings with USB
  • Ships with supplied CR2032 battery

Being truly “in tune” is a finite point. Many Tuners can only display enough accuracy to be near that point, but “near” is not good enough! You’re either in tune or out of tune. The Peterson StroboClip HD is not just accurate, it’s 0.1 cent accurate (1/1000 of one semitone or 1/1000th of a fret), which can only be seen on a high definition, real strobe tuner display. There’s no jumpy display or flashing lights here, just an ultra-smooth, real-time, immediate reading of your tuning adjustments exactly as they happen. Plus, the high contrast LCD display is visible in all environments, even direct sunlight.

What truly sets the Peterson StroboClip HD apart from the competition, besides it’s blinding speed and precision of course, is its ability to use Sweetened Tun- ings. A Sweetener is a set of cent offsets or a deviation from generic Equal Temperament interval spacing traditionally used in tuning. If you’ve never been happy with how your instrument tunes up with your present tuner, a Sweeten- er could be just the thing to change that without any modifications whatsoev- er. Hence there’s more than 50 “Sweetened Tuning” presets included with the StroboClip HD, customized for your instrument type. Just select your instrument and tune away.

Peterson Strobe Tuners have been tuning all of music’s heroes and legends for over half a century. Now you can enjoy that same precision with the smooth, bright, high definition display of the StroboClip HD and tune with the most trusted name in tuning for 70 years. Peterson!

Peterson StroboPlus HD™

The Peterson StroboPlus HD is THE premier desktop digital tuner on the market!

Equally as comfortable on a tech’s workbench as it is in a player’s guitar case, this tuner, with all of its features, is no exception to Peterson’s reputation for being the most accurate in the industry — don’t let its demure palm size fool you! Players of both acoustic and electric instruments can rest assured— a built-in electret condenser microphone and ¼” input jack provide excellent connectivity.

Gone are the days of having to carry extra batteries and tripping over power cables during a performance! This tuner is rechargeable via computer bus or outlet power, and its large, circular screen is easily viewed in both the darkest and brightest environmental conditions. Features such as Auto Off, easy menu navigation, tripod mounting capability, over 90 of our Sweetened Tunings, tone generation ability via built in speaker, and a headphone output jack round out the package. Finally, future-proof updating and parameter editing is made possible by the tuner’s unobtrusive side-mounted USB jack.

And for those feeling exceptionally adventurous, this tuner can be upgraded to also feature our super flexible BodyBeat metronome option, along with both audible AND tactile mode operation. Hear the beat or feel it… the power is in your hands. This tuner is fit for the most discerning of players and technicians for sure!

StroboStomp Classic™

The Peterson StroboStomp Classic Tuner is the most fully-featured pedal tuner made by anyone to date – period.

A high-contrast LCD screen makes this tuner the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use as well as for anywhere that lighting conditions are less than ideal. Integrated, fold out, steel mounting lugs at the unit’s bottom rubberised plate keep it in place on your pedal board without unsightly tape or messy adhesives. Its ultra-robust die-cast chassis and Switchcraft brand input/output jacks assure a quality tuning even after the roughest of voyages. Also, its unique quick- release battery-access door steers you far away from having to deal with delicate, easily broken, battery lead wires. Battery changes are a breeze!

The professional-quality active DI on board is mutable and lets you select one of three stages of signal attenuation—all while remaining 100% true bypass.

Finally, the tuner’s side mounted USB jack makes your unit future-proof and custom tailored to be exactly what you need it to be by allowing Mac or PC connectivity for updates and unit user programming/modifications.

Peterson StroboRack™

Most tuning and studio musicians/technicians around the world agree that the Peterson StroboRack Tuner is the preferred rack mounted digital tuner!

This tuner’s cast chassis makes it a workhorse you can count on for performance after performance, and its Neutrik brand connectors assure a rock solid connection every time. Connect your favorite BNC light and latching type foot pedal to enjoy remote muting capabilities as well as rear illumination in even the darkest of environments.

StroboRack’s easy-to-read screen also offers customisable text programmability to ready your fans for the main attraction…you! Just add our optional expansion module (the SR-EX Pro Expander) and you will have balanced/unbalanced stereo/mono functionality, channel switching options and an active D.I. Gone are the days of line lumps and wall warts—this power supply is built right in! Do you only play an acoustic instrument? No problem, Peterson have you covered! There is an integrated, built-in, electret condenser microphone on the front panel.

Rack up and join the revolution!

BodyBeat Sync®

The BodyBeat Sync® represents the ultimate in musical tempo reference devices.

As a fully featured metronome, it is capable of transmitting the beat by visual, aural and tactile means. Wireless functionality allows two or more BodyBeat Syncs to work in synchronicity with one another, allowing the networking of multiple units on stage, in the recording studio, band room or anywhere the precise synchronisation of a performance and its performers is required.

The BodyBeat Sync can store up to 100 user presets consisting of tempo, meter, subdivision and accent pattern. All preset information is transmitted to each synchronised unit as well as the current bar count of the active preset. If the 100 user presets do not provide enough versatility, the “tempo map” from an entire musical score can be stored in the BodyBeat Sync via the mini USB cable.

A standard MIDI file can be used or a custom “tempo map” can be designed via the free application on the BodyBeat Sync website.Additionally, the BodyBeat Sync can be driven by a DAW using MIDI Clock via the mini USB cable. The mini USB connection is not only used to charge the BodyBeat Sync, but provides a means for always keeping the unit’s firmware current.

You will never need another metronome!

BodyBeat Pulse Solo™

Metronomes haven’t changed much over the years. Since the early 9th century, they’ve helped to improve a player’s musical performance by producing an audible click at a desired tempo. But, recently Peterson suggested a new method. Since the introduction of Peterson vibe-clip technology, musicians all over the world are now experiencing a way to internalise tempo rather than merely playing along to a robotic wood block or cowbell.

Peterson BodyBeat products provide a tactile pulse that can be felt but not heard, can be worn discreetly and allows your ears to focus on the music you’re creating. Introducing the Peterson BodyBeat Pulse Solo. This rechargeable active clip-on device gives every electronic metronome the capability to silently convey tempo.

Connect the standard 3.5mm stereo plug and give your favourite metronome whole new level of functionality. The BodyBeat Pulse will even work with the metronome apps on your mobile device. Use the pulse with the Peterson BodyBeat Metronome App and you’ll also feel three different levels of intensity for downbeats, accents and subdivisions.

Tempo should be felt and the loud click of a metronome was never intended to accompany your music. Experience the freedom of playing to an exact tempo without your metronome playing with you.

Peterson Tuners and Metronomes

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