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Known for their DSP-based effects for experimentally minded musicians, Red Panda crafts powerful algorithms to plug directly into your creativity.

Founded in Detroit, Red Panda was formed in 2009 with a mission to bring granular synthesis from the computer to the stage. Their first product, the industry-defining original Particle granular delay pedal, was released a couple of years later. With their focus on algorithms that behave in an organic and natural way, Red Panda create effects that can warp, twist and bend your sound in new ways, but stay musical and in control. Their effects combine modern signal processing techniques with the character of classic digital hardware.

Based on an intentionally small team with an engineering-focussed, methodical approach to product development, built around deep algorithm research and user-centered design, Red Panda’s manufacturing process is a perfect balance of craftsmanship and highly accurate automated manufacturing. Every single pedal is assembled and tested in their workshops to ensure the highest reliability.

These stellar effects fit perfectly into any modern-day rig, be it simple grab-and-go fly-boards or elaborate MIDI-controlled sonic spaceships. Whether you are into advanced pitch-shifting granular delays, like those of the Particle 2, 1980’s rack unit inspired reverberations such as densely packed into the Context 2, or the unabashedly digitally pitch and frequency-shifted repeats of their latest marvel – the Raster 2, Red Panda makes it easy to find all the ambient goodness that your heart could desire.

However, if you are looking for more extreme sounds Red Panda has you covered too. Sample-rate reduced and fractally bit crushed distortion from the Bitmap 2 or pitch-shifted reverse tape stop effected looping madness found in the Tensor all can increase your aural soundscapes. In addition, Red Panda offers a smart range of compact switching and signal routing utility devices helping to make your pedalboard life easier.

Latest Red Panda News

Red Panda Raster 2 - Pitch and Frequency Shifting Digital Delay - NOW SHIPPING!

Red Panda Raster 2 – Pitch and Frequency Shifting Digital Delay – NOW SHIPPING!

Initially previewed by the brand in 2020, Raster 2 is inspired by the magic of classic rack mount digital delay units. This update to the original Raster delay pedal adds even more new performance-friendly features ...

Bitmap 2

Fractional Bit Reduction and Sample Rate Modulation

The Bitmap 2 is a bitcrusher with fractional bit reduction and sample rate modulation. The Bitmap 2 adds waveshaping, wavefolding, and a window comparator for extreme digital distortion to your arsenal of tones.

A drive control handles everything from single coil guitars to synthesizers, with +8 dBu maximum signal level and enough gain to sound like an overdriven mixer channel. Modulation and envelope control create dynamic, responsive distortion and digital artifacts.

The Bitmap 2 is tuned to provide maximum sustain without sputtering on staccato notes. Less extreme settings add layers of nonlinearities that interact in subtle ways, giving you the warmth and grit of 8- and 12-bit samplers. Sample rate reduction turns your guitar into 8-bit video game sounds or twists scales into inharmonic melodies. Sample rate modulation adds subtle motion or morphs your guitar into entirely new textures.

The Bitmap 2 works with guitar, bass, synthesizers, drum machines, and other instruments or line level sources.

Main Features:

  • Bitcrusher pedal with fractional bit reduction and sample rate modulation
  • Fractional bit reduction from 24-bits down to 1-bit
  • Sampling rate reduction from 48 kHz down to 110 Hz
  • Sample-rate modulation with triangle, square, and random waveforms
  • Adjustable wavefolding and waveshaping functions
  • Mix control to maintain bass or add subtle crushing
  • Envelope control over sampling rate or mix
  • Drive control to accommodate single or dual coil pickups and line-level signals
  • 4-pole lowpass filter
  • Stereo input/output (TRS)
  • Soft touch bypass (momentary or latching), user replaceable
  • footswitch assignable to tap tempo or preset selection
  • Assignable expression pedal, remote switch, remote tap, or MIDI port
  • Additional parameters via MIDI (USB or TRS)
  • MIDI clock synchronization
  • Presets (4 on front, 127 via MIDI)
  • Web-based editor for editing presets and accessing hidden parameter
  • Designed and assembled in USA
  • Powered by a regular 9V DC PSU
    (centre -, 2,1 mm, 250 mA current draw)

Context 2

1980’s Rack Unit inspired Algorithmic Reverb

The Context is a reverb pedal inspired by 1980’s rack mount reverbs.  It has 8 algorithms, including room, hall, cathedral, gated reverb, reverse reverb, plate, spring, and a granular reverb.  Each algorithm features separate high and low frequency damping controls, pre-delay, modulation, dynamics (duck/expand), and infinite hold.  In addition, delay is always available, along with tremolo in spring mode.

The modulation knob changes the amount and character of the internal reverb modulation, specific to each algorithm.  It gives you a mix of different modulation types from 1980’s and early 90’s reverbs, including chorus modulation, random modulation that keeps the pitch stable, and deep modulated reverbs.  Holding down the shift button adjusts the modulation rate.

Reverse reverb fades in louder and brighter over time, giving the impression of playing backwards.  Modulation adds a wash of normal reverb.

The spring reverb was designed using the techniques and algorithms that were used in 1980’s reverbs, but with enough DSP power to drip and feel like a spring tank. You can adjust the length of the decay, high and low frequency damping.  The modulation is tremolo with adjustable intensity and speed.

Grain mode is a granular reverb inspired by the Ursa Major SST-282 Space Station.  The SST-282 was released in 1978 and used multiple delay taps with modulation to create reverb effects.  The Context can create ghostly reverb effects, slowly sweeping resonances, and at higher modulation settings is a multi-voice granular processor that creates clouds of detuned sound fragments for entirely new reverb sounds.

When the shift button is held down, the top row of knobs adjust delay parameters. The low and high damping knobs adjust dynamics for ducking reverb or an expander for more reverb on louder notes, with adjustable threshold and recovery time. Holding down the foot switches gives you two different types of infinite sustain.

One preset available on the left footswitch, 4 using a remote footswitch, and 127 via MIDI.  The expression pedal can be assigned to any combination of parameters. We also have a web-based editor for tweaking and managing your presets.


  • Reverb pedal inspired by 1980’s rack units reverbs
  • 8 reverb algorithms
  • ROOM – fast buildup, good for thickening sounds
  • HALL – slower buildup with longer initial delay
  • CATH(edral) – emulates a large, reflective space
  • GATE(d) – gated reverb with non-linear decay
  • REV(erse) – reverse reverb
  • PLATE – bright, dense studio plate reverb
  • SPRING – spring reverb
  • GRAIN – granular reverb
  • Reverb modulation with different character specific to each algorithm
  • Additional built-inDelay effect on top of Reverb – accessible via the shift button
  • Adjustable Pre-Delay and Decay
  • Separate High/Low frequenc damping knobs – adjusting dynamics for ducking expansion reverb or more reverb with adjustable recovery time and threshold
  • Reverb Hold/Freeze Function for infinite Sustain accessible by holding down both footswitches
  • Independent note divisions for delay time, reverb predelay, and tremolo speed
  • Stereo input/output (TRS)
  • Soft touch bypass (momentary or latching), user replaceable
  • footswitch assignable to Tap tempo with independent note divisions for delay, predelay, and tremolo rate
  • Assignable expression pedal, remote switch, remote tap, or MIDI port
  • Additional parameters via MIDI (USB or TRS)
  • MIDI clock synchronization
  • Presets (1 on front, 4 via remote footswitch, 127 via MIDI)
  • Web-based editor for editing presets and accessing hidden parameter
  • Designed and assembled in USA
  • Powered by a regular 9V DC PSU
    (centre -, 2,1 mm, 250 mA current draw)

Particle 2

Granular Delay and Pitch Shifting Synthesis in Real Time

Particle 2 is a granular delay / pitch shifting pedal. It chops your signal into small grains and then rearranges, shifts, and mangles it, using the techniques of granular synthesis in real time. Results range from radical pitch and delay modulation to shimmering repeats to time stretching, stutter, and glitch sounds.


Five delay and three pitch modes give intuitive control over random delays, bubbling textures, time stretching, and rhythmic glitches. Take a unique approach beyond conventional delay, pitch, flanging, and chorus sounds.  Freeze notes with adjustable threshold for stutter, punch in, or drone-line effects.  Lock multiple parameters to tap tempo or MIDI sync with independent note divisions for intricate rhythms.  Access all parameters via MIDI, tablet, or “modeless” front-panel operation for full control over granular processing.


The Particle 2 is performance friendly, with controls spaced for real-time tweaking and designed so you can explore new sonic territory while remaining in control.  Use the assignable expression pedal or DIY-friendly remote switch for hands-free control.  The Particle 2 is pedalboard-friendly with all jacks on top.  With full MIDI control, stereo input/output, and +8 dBu maximum input level, it is also at home in modular setups or the studio.


  • Granular Delay and Pitch Shifting Pedal
  • 3 pitch modes: detune, density, LFO
  • 5 delay modes: random, density, LFO, random pitch, reverse
  • Modes can be combined for control over all granular parameters
  • Adjustable grain size and density
  • Pitch shift +/- 1 octave
  • Delay 0-2.5 seconds
  • Feedback with adjustable lowpass filter
  • Auto-freeze/stutter with adjustable threshold
  • Tap tempo/momentary freeze footswitch
  • Independent tap divisions for delay time, grain size, grain density, and LFO
  • Soft touch bypass (momentary or latching), user replaceable
  • Stereo input/output (TRS)
  • Assignable expression pedal, remote switch, remote tap, or MIDI port
  • Additional parameters via MIDI (USB or TRS)
  • MIDI clock synchronization
  • Presets (4 on front, 127 via MIDI)
  • Web-based editor for editing presets and accessing hidden parameters
  • TouchOSC template for iOS and Android
  • Designed and assembled in USA

Raster 2

Pitch and Frequency Shifting Digital Delay

The Raster is a digital delay with a pitch and frequency shifter integrated into the feedback loop.  Forward or reverse delay can be shifted once or have continuously shifted repeats. It delivers a wide range of sounds including modulated and harmonized delays, reverse delays, chorus, arpeggios, infinite descents, chaotic self-oscillation, and continuously evolving soundscapes.

The core of the Raster is a clean delay with up to 1600 milliseconds of delay time. Three delay ranges allow you to precisely dial in resonant feedback sounds and instantly change delay time with rhythmic shifts. The feedback control has infinite repeats at 3 o’clock and chaotic, textured feedback loops at higher levels.  Knob responses are carefully tuned for exploration of self-oscillation and feedback on the verge of blowing up. A tone control sweeps from dark analog-style repeats to digital clarity and emphasizes the attack at higher settings. The left and right delay times can be set as a ratio, so a single knob changes both in sync. The two delay channels can be arranged in series, parallel or ping pong.

Pitch shifting repeats up or down in semitone steps creates tempo-synced arpeggios and alien organ sounds.  The detune setting can dial in micro pitch shifts and chorused repeats.  The left and right channels can be shifted by the same amount, a ratio, or opposite directions. At subtle settings, repeats evolve in a way that sounds natural, but different from analog delays.

Beyond pitch shifting, a combination phase/frequency shifter creates subtle evolving repeats, dissonant harmonies, and barber pole flanging.  It can be pushed to extremes for ring modulation and inharmonic shifted delays that distort and break apart.

The Raster’s modulation section has seven waveforms that can be assigned to delay time, pitch shift, or effect level (for tremolo). There are two random waveforms for glitchy pitch jumps, wow and flutter, and broken tape deck effects. Envelope and inverse envelope enable dynamic flanging and pitch bent delays. Stereo controls adjust the modulation amount and phase between channels, for subtle shifts or swirling psychedelic washes.

Capable of extreme sonic mayhem, the Raster can also be used with restraint to add unique character to your sound.

The Raster 2 is performance friendly, with 6 knobs and 9 switches. The original Raster was praised for its knob response and immediacy, and the Raster 2 maintains that simplicity while adding flexible modulation and extensive stereo functionality. Alternate knob settings are related to the primary knob function, labeled, and off at the center position. Both footswitches can be latching or momentary, for instant pitch jumps or quick blasts of echo.  The bypass switch can also mute the output in bypass while always listening, to catch, repeat, and manipulate what you just played.

While designing the Raster 2, we wanted to enable as many classic rack mount digital delay tricks as possible while keeping the fast and intuitive control that made the original Raster so fun to use.  Instead of multiple modes with generic knob names, all of the parameters are always available, so you can mix and match different effects and explore new sounds in between.


  • Digital Delay Pedal with integrated Pitch and Frequency Shifter
  • 1600 ms stereo delay time in three ranges
  • 3200 ms forward delay available via editor
  • Micro pitch shifting and detuning
  • Tuned pitch shifting, +/- 12 semitones
  • Phase and frequency shifting
  • Repeats shifted once or continuously
  • Reverse delay
  • 7 modulation waveforms, envelope, and reverse envelope
  • Most parameters have left/right controls for stereo delay
  • Parallel, series, or ping pong structure
  • Tone control
  • Stereo input/output (TRS)
  • Soft touch bypass switch with selectable momentary, latching, or mute output
  • Shift footswitch momentary, latching, or assignable to tap tempo
  • Assignable expression pedal, remote switch, remote tap, or MIDI port
  • Full MIDI implementation with additional parameters (USB or TRS)
  • MIDI clock synchronization
  • Presets (4 on front, 127 via MIDI)
  • Web-based editor for editing presets and accessing hidden parameters
  • Designed and assembled in USA
  • Powered by a regular 9V DC PSU
    (centre -, 2,1 mm, 250 mA current draw)

Utility Devices

Aside from stellar effects pedals Red Panda offers a range of cleverly designed utility devices that do not use up a lot of real-estate to make pedalboard life a lot easier. 

Bit Buffer is a super small footprint buffer that uses a high-quality Burr-Brown OP amp for ultra-low distortion and noise. Always on when power is connected, the Bit Buffer is the ideal solution to place at the beginning of your pedal chain, or right before a long cable to prevent high-frequency signal loss, and maintain your tone.

Bit Mixer is a small, high-quality mixer designed for pedalboards. It features ultra-low distortion, low noise op amps. High-impedance inputs are designed for guitar, but work with line level signals as well. Each input has a volume knob that goes from off to unity gain.

The Remote 4 offers a simple and easy to configure remote and preset switch with 4 footswitches that can access presets and extended pedal functions on Red Panda pedals. Its simple and ingenious design features scribble strips above each switch that can be labeled with a Sharpie and erased using isopropyl alcohol. 

Red Panda

Audio Distribution Group is proud to be the distributor for Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway), Finland and Italy for Red Panda.

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