CIOKS SOL – 5DC Outlet Future Power Generation Power Supply – NOW SHIPPING!

Sep 14, 2022 | News

5 Outlet Future Power Generation Power Supply

The CIOKS SOL is the ultimate solution for bringing life to a small to medium-sized pedalboard setup, especially if you are using power-hungry pedals. It is CIOKS’ smallest fully integrated mains-powered switch-mode power supply – no wall-warts here!

Featuring the same switchable voltage outlets with four selectable output voltages as its bigger brother the DC7, SOL offers five outlets with up to 660mA max. power output at 9V each. This makes SOL the most powerful small form-factor power supply available today with a total of 30 watts of DC power on tap.

SOL’s no-frills design plus massive power will leave you free to focus on your creative spark.

Main Features:

  • Future Power Generation multi-outlet power supply unit
  • Profile of only 2.5 cm
  • Ultra-low noise achieved by multistage filtering
  • A total of 5 outlets with 6 W – up to 660 mA (at 9V DC) each
  • 4 selectable voltages on each outlet
    • 9V DC at 660 mA
    • 12V DC at 500 mA
    • 15V DC at 400 mA
    • 18V DC at 330 mA
  • 30 Watts total maximum output power from all 5 DC outlets combined
  • Three LED power meter showing the total load of both power supplies
  • Mounting hardware for Pedaltrain and Templeaudio boards and hex-key included
  • Compatible with CIOKS GRIP V2.0 for drill-free mounting on Pedaltrain boards (sold separately)
  • 9 Flex cables included:
    • 3 x Flex 1030 – black with 5.5/2.1 mm centre negative DC plug, 30 cm
    • 2 x Flex 1050 – black with 5.5/2.1 mm centre negative DC plug, 50 cm
    • 1 x Flex 2050 – red with 5.5/2.1 mm centre positive DC plug, 50 cm
    • 1 x 4050 – green with 5.5/2.5 mm centre positive DC plug, 50 cm
    • 1 x Flex 1035 – splitter, black with two 5.5/2.1 mm centre negative DC plugs, 30 and 50 cm
    • 1 x Flex 1533 – 3-way daisy chain, black with three 5.5/2.1 mm centre negative DC, plugs, 30 + 30 + 50 cm
  • Designed in Denmark, assembled in Poland

Available: Now

The SOL power supply unit was designed as a natural evolution of the CIOKS DC5 model to offer features perfect for smaller but demanding pedalboard setups.

It is compatible with CIOKS GRIP v2.0 for hassle-free mounting underneath Pedaltrain boards

If you sport a smaller pedalboard, but still need a ton of power for your pedals, SOL has got you covered!.


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