Dynaudio PRO launch 9S and 18S Subwoofers

Sep 26, 2017 | News, Pro Audio Products

There is bass and then there is… True Bass!

Dynaudio PRO’s latest 9S and 18S subwoofers are designed to be equally efficient for stereo and surround monitoring applications, handling the ultra-low frequency range. The 9S features a single woofer, while the 18S has two in a push-push opposing dual design with a woofer on each side.

Both subs feature brand new and custom long-throw 9.45in (24cm) woofers developed specifically for the heart of each model. In addition, the new subwoofers come with double front baffles, adjustable low-pass filters from 50Hz to 150Hz and SAT outputs with a defeatable high-pass filter, a signal-sensing auto-power circuit that saves energy when not in use and for larger rooms. It is also possible to daisy chain more 9S or 18S subs, having the first unit control the overall volume for all subs connected.

True bass
Studio-level power, control and finesse

The 9S is just as compact as the previous and highly acclaimed BM 9S II model, yet with a performance that is comparable to Dynaudio PRO‘s larger BM 14S II sub.

Regardless of whether you add it to a LYD-5, 7 or 8 stereo or surround setup or use it with the classic BM series of studio monitors, it delivers a full, yet focused and revealing performance. You’ll be able to make accurate mixes that translate great to any format and playback system.

Powered by a hi


gh-end 300-watt Class D amplifier, 9S also features a new long-throw MSP driver that delivers low-end extension and SPL performance significantly outperforming the BM 9S II it replaces, while still preserving detail and precision that Dynaudio is famous for.  


Main Features:

  • 24 cm (9.5”) custom long-throw MSP woofer
  • Accurate low-end frequency reproduction
  • 300-watt state-of-the-art Class D amplifier module
  • Sealed, black-vinyl cabinet
  • 37mm front baffle
  • Master/Slave feature for daisy-chaining multiple subwoofers
  • Adjustable lowpass filter to set the perfect crossover frequency
  • SAT output with defeatable highpass filter
  • Hand-crafted in Denmark

Available: October 2017

High-end low end
The ultimate upgrade for any system

The 18S is powered by a 500-watt amplifier and features a powerful DSP engine and built-in presets for Dynaudio PRO studio monitors, as well as time-alignment functionality and a three-band EQ to defeat specific room modes which makes it perfect for a larger surround monitoring system.

However, coupling with LYD-48 essentially turns this combination into a powerful four-way monitoring system, one that’s equally capable of delivering both high SPL and low-volume precision.

Dynaudio has also designed a brand-new driver for the 18S. The new MSP+ Hybrid Drive unit has been developed specifically with deep bass in mind for the best low frequency performance possible, right down to 16Hz in this case, using an innovative dual-action dampening method. It has paper at the back of the aluminium driver and Dynaudio’s MSP material in a dampening cap on the front, which will counter any ringing from the aluminium.

Main Features:
  • 500-watt state-of-the-art Class D amplifier module
  • Dual 9.5in MSP+ Hybrid Drive long-throw woofers for accurate low-end frequency reproduction
  • Advanced DSP with presets for a wide range of Dynaudio PRO studio monitors
  • Preset speaker crossover filters
  • Time alignment for adjusting, according to position
  • Three-band, built-in Parametric EQ
  • Dual opposing driver design principle
  • Master/Slave feature for daisy-chaining multiple subwoofers
  • Hand-crafted in Denmark

Available: October 2017


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