Dynaudio PRO launch Core Series Studio Monitors

Jan 24, 2019 | News, Pro Audio Products

Dynaudio PRO is launching a brand new series of studio monitors today at the 2019 NAMM show.

The Dynaudio Core series are truly groundbreaking and will be shipping to Europe from Audio Distribution Group in late March 2019.


Dynaudio Core Series
Core 59 and Core 7

Dynaudio PRO is proud to introduce the Core Series. Marking Dynaudio’s 30-year anniversary in Pro Audio, since the original ‘Crafft’ monitor was introduced to the market in 1989, Core is the latest high-end extension to Dynaudio’s range of premium studio monitor speakers.

Launching with two models, the 2-way Core 7 and the 3-way Core 59, both feature intelligently designed, yet simple-to-use DSP, the highest quality Pascal Class-D amplification, digital and analog connectivity, easy mounting options, the best non-fatiguing drivers in the business and so much more. They simply are the finest studio monitors the brand has ever produced. 

Core is also the first Dynaudio PRO range that benefits from having been fully developed within Jupiter, Dynaudio’s new advanced R&D centre. Having the absolutely best speaker measurement facilities in Europe and a large, highly skilled team to operate it, all has enabled Dynaudio to bring their renowned custom driver technology even further forward for this new series. Each driver is made in-house in Denmark, where more than 1.4 million drivers are manufactured by hand each year. Furthermore, Dynaudio secure the absolute highest consistency possible, which will allow for 100% uniformity – not just between different pairs, but also when crossing pairs or relying on pairs in different locations.

Dynaudio has long been known for their sweet-sounding soft-dome tweeters, which provide hours of pinpoint imaging and detail without the tiring quality that’s common to many other designs. The Esotar Pro tweeter stands at the absolute pinnacle of Dynaudio’s soft-dome tweeter design and builds on this heritage with the ingenious Hexis device. It’s an inner dome that sits just behind the diaphragm and optimises airflow, smooths the frequency response and eliminates unwanted internal resonances. The result is unparalleled imaging, transient detail and an effortless high frequency response that simply won’t give you ear fatigue. 

The acclaimed LYD range was launched in 2016. The Core range is in every respect the next level up from this series, but Core also is a considerable step up from the now discontinued AIR range. With their significantly improved driver technology, more power and additional features, these new monitors give you absolutely everything you need to hear.


Main Features:

  • Professional handcrafted reference monitors
  • Advanced DSP – powerful DSP made easy to use for positioning, sound balance and bass extension
  • Power to spare – Pascal Class D Power modules
  • Analog and AES Digital inputs (with word clock and through connections)
  • Esotar Pro tweeter – the already-legendary Dynaudio HF reincarnated
  • Mounting options – easy to mount for any situation and ready for VESA brackets
  • Soffit mounting – dedicated mode for soffit mounting to control enhanced lows 
  • High-resolution 192 kHz / 24-bit signal path.
  • Flexible designs – Core 59 vertical or horizontal, with the tweeter/midrange on the outside or the inside. 
  • Made in Denmark

Available: Late March 2019


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Audio Distribution Group is the exclusive distributor for Dynaudio's range of professional studio monitors across most of Europe.

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