EarthQuaker Devices launches Afterneath Retrospective – Special Edition Pedal and Eurorack Module

Mar 16, 2022 | Guitar Products, News, Pro Audio Products, Products

Afterneath V3  and Afterneath Eurorack Module – Retrospective Special Custom Edition
Otherworldly Reverberation Machines

To celebrate the release of EarthQuaker Devices upcoming Afterneath Retrospective, they have created an extra special custom color Afterneath v3 pedal and Afterneath Eurorack Module available for a limited time only. The Afterneath Retrospective marks the fourth chapter in EQD’s pedal documentary series, taking a deep and often hilarious dive into how some of their top-selling pedals came into existence.

Watch the EathQuaker Devices Retrospective Ep. 4  about the Afterneath below:

With their Afterneath V3 EarthQuaker Devices has taken everything that was great about the original Afterneath and made it even better: 9 new Modes, CV/expression pedal control over the Drag parameter, Trails/No Trails Switching, helping to push the already unflappable Afterneath into a whole new realm.

The Afterneath V3 sounds a lot like it looks – a wizard bursting forth from ethereal cave and ready for the ambient battle. You are the wizard (or sorceress, if you prefer) and the cave is your instrument’s signal, vast, expansive and magical. Do you go inside? Roll a D20 to proceed!


The Afterneath Eurorack Module brings the otherworldly sounds from the effects pedal world right into your modular synthesizer. Featuring one main audio input, one main audio output, an audio send and return for the Reflect feedback path and nine controls, four of the Afterneath Module’s parameters are controllable via CV and each has been equipped with a dedicated inverting attenuator.

With these features, a completely analog dry signal path and a totally digital wet signal path, the Afterneath Module is an ambient powerhouse and an instrument unto itself, helping to push the already unflappable Afterneath into a whole new realm. 

Available: Now at participating dealers – only for a short time!


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