EarthQuaker Devices launches Disaster Transport Legacy Reissue – Limited Edition Delay Modulation Machine

Jun 1, 2023 | Guitar Products, News

EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Legacy Reissue
Limited Editon Delay Modulation Machine

The Disaster Transport Legacy Reissue is based on one of the first EarthQuaker Devices ever made – the Disaster Transport – now with some serious upgrades to make it sound even better than the much-loved original.

This one-time limited edition is part of EarthQuaker Devices’ series of legacy reissue series, which resurrects some of their most beloved but long gone legacy pedals and is limited to only 4,000 units worldwide.

Main Features:

  • Modulated Delay Effects Pedal
  • Analog-voiced modulated digital delay
  • Reissue of the first version of the classic EQD modulated delay circuit
  • Upgraded circuitry with reduced noise floor, boosted output and cleaner mixing section
  • Added Mod Mode switch – chooses between bending (Bend) and stretching (Stretch) the modulation
  • Added 3-position Mod Speed toggle switch – for instantly switching the Delay Modulation speed
    • Slow (S)
    • Fast (F)
    • Medium (M)
  • All-analog signal path
  • True bypass
  • Silent relay-based switching with Flexi-Switch™ Technology
  • Made in USA
  • Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU
                (centre -, 2,1 mm, ~35 mA current draw)

Available: Now from participating dealers



This limited edition version of the Disaster Transport™ pedal has been redesigned so the delay line reduces the noise floor and improves the quality of the delay. The output is boosted with a cleaner mixing section; it’s now filtered to sound more like an analog delay than any of the previous versions.

This delay pedal sits perfectly in the background with more of an evolved ambiance to it, but it can be dialed in for more of a dramatic effect of your choosing.


A Mod Mode switch has been added that allows you to choose between bending (Bend) and stretching (Stretch) the modulation wave. The Bend setting offers a subtler vibe closer to a traditional chorus sound, while the new Stretch option gives you loads of pitch-stretching modulation to run wild with.


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