EarthQuaker Devices launches SpatialDelivery V3 – Envelope Filter with Sample and Hold

Apr 4, 2024 | Guitar Products, News, Products

EarthQuaker Devices Spatial Delivery V3
Envelope Filter with Sample and Hold

We proudly present to you the new and improved Spatial Delivery V3 Envelope Filter!

We took the already cosmic, original Spatial Delivery and added six available preset slots for you to store your preferred settings – whether they be dissonant sweeps, rhythmic auto-wah frequencies, oscillating robot gibberish or honestly whatever filtered frequency fun you want.

Even the expression jack assignment can be saved and recalled in any of the slots so that the signature sounds you dial in are readily available with a quick tap of the switch.

Main Features:

  • Envelope Filter effects pedal with Sample and Hold
  • 6 easily user-editable and accessible preset slots
  • 3 effects modes
    • UP – Sweeps the Filter Up
    • SH – the filter is controlled by random voltage and the range controls speed
    • DN – sweeps the filter down
  • 2 modes of operation:
    • Live Mode – Green LED – pedal will operate exactly where the controls are set, any changes will have no effect on the presets unless saved
    • Preset Mode – red LED – recalls stored settings for each control, actual control settings will be ignored
  • Silent soft-touch relay-based switching with True Bypass
  • Flexi-Switch Technology for latching and momentary operation
  • EXP jack for user-assignable expression pedal control over Range, Resonance or Filter controls
  • Made in Akron, Ohio, USA
  • Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU
                        (centre -, 2,1 mm, 75 mA current draw)

Available: Now


Save your settings confidently on the go thanks to the two modes indicated by the LED Save/Recall switch. Green means you’re in Live Mode so what you see is what you get; current control settings will be what you hear. Red means you are in Preset Mode, where your selected pre-saved setting will be what’s taking the journey through your amp.

You didn’t think this pedal could get any better, and then, bam! We go and surprise you with this.

And of course, for all of you Spatial Delivery diehards, all the familiar features of the original are still in place. This baby has three modes with the switchable Up Sweep, Down Sweep, and Sample and Hold functions, along with Range, Resonance and Filter controls.

Get some wild filter sweeps with the Up and Down modes and adjust the Range to control the sensitivity and reaction time of the envelope, which alters the width of the frequency sweep. The higher the Range and harder the attack equals a faster reaction time and higher frequency sweep and vice versa. But again, you’re a smart player, you get this stuff.

In the Sample and Hold mode, the filter is controlled by random voltage and the Range controls the speed. The filter can be crossfaded between high pass (counterclockwise), band pass (center) and low pass (clockwise) for a wide variety of voices. The Resonance control goes from zero to the brink of oscillation and adds more body and ring to the filter voice.

Due to its envelope control, we recommend placing the Spatial Delivery first in your signal chain, however, experimenting with pairing and signal chain placement can take the potential of the Spatial Delivery even further. How far will you take it? Only time will tell.

Each Spatial Delivery pedal is handmade in Akron, Ohio, USA and is hand delivered… espatially for you.


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