Fulltone Custom Shop launches OCD Ge – Obsessive Compulsive Drive Germanium

Jul 23, 2019 | Guitar Products, News

Must-have overdrive – now with Germanium diodes

The OCD pedal is the only pedal that uses 2 x Mosfets configured as “hard clipping to Vref.” The earliest OCDs used 2 x Mosfets plus 1 x Germanium diode, but very quickly these diodes became harder and harder to find, and they became expensive.

Fulltone recently got their hands on a reasonably large stash of the right kind of Germanium diodes and decided to do a small run of the ultimate OCD: a Fulltone Custom Shop offering with a few circuit tweaks, 2 x Mosfets plus 2 x Germanium diodes, and one hell of a beautiful paint job… Metallic Teal with a chrome undercoat! In terms of sound, the OCD-Ge has great definition, more tube-like feel, a bit wider dynamic range, more sustain, and a more focused single-note tone. And as with all Fulltone pedals, it is 100% Built in the USA.


Main Features:

  • Germanium diodes
  • Audio (Log) taper volume pot
  • Internal selectable True Bypass or Enhanced Bypass.
  • Fulltone 3PDT footswitch.
  • Current draw: ±8 mA.
  • Runs on any voltage between 9 and 18 Volts DC
    (centre -, 2.1 mm)

Available: Early August 2019



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