Fulltone Custom Shop launches Ranger – Treble Booster

Dec 9, 2019 | Guitar Products, News

Fulltone’s Rangemaster treble booster clone

In pure Fulltone fashion, the new Ranger has been made with top- quality components and high-end craftsmanship, with extensive knowledge and great listening skills. Ranger has been thoroughly tested, played, and listened to before being modified, played and adjusted again, over and over until the result was satisfying enough to fit Fulltone’s very high standards.

Just like all the other wonderful effects from Fulltone, all this attention to detail makes the Ranger a unique and truly great sounding pedal and so it may very well be the greatest Rangermaster treble booster clone ever made.


Main Features:

  • PNP (Positive to ground) Germanium pedal
  • Proprietary Power supply design – allows the pedal be powered by any standard NPN (Negative to Ground) PSU
  • 6-position rotary switch – 6 different sounds, including Rangemaster 1 and Rangemaster 2
  • Sexy amber light jewel
  • Top-mounted jacks & DC port
  • Adjustable Transistor Bias trimmer – want it soft or hard? Want more or less chime? Just turn and adjust by ear, there is no wrong setting
  • It’s a tiny pedal (12 x 7.4 cm) yet there’s a battery in it too!
  • 100% Hand-Made in Los Angeles, using full-size components.

Available: Late December 2019


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